Triple, 6회, EP06, #03

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Check out the program I made with the music you gave me.
- Sure. - Thank you.
Triple lutz!
Camel spin.
- Combination! - Combination!
Did you think of all that?
- Of course! - Really?
Actually, my brother helped me. Is it not good?
No, your brother is amazing.
Yes, he is.
- What do you think about this program? - Not bad.
- Kang Sang-Hee! - Yes?
What do you think about this?
Nice color! Is this Jae-Wuk's?
- Is he still living here? - Yes.
Are you out of your mind?
You drink with men every night and sleep with a stranger?
But Jae-Wuk doesn't have a place to stay.
Why not? What about his family and friends?
Why can't he sleep at school?
Forget it. I sound silly.
You're getting worked up for nothing.
Worked up for nothing? Is that it?
After all, we're just friends.
Jo Hae-Yun!
Both of you are too stiff.
Where's your expression, Hye-Jin? Smile!
Think about your emotion!
Ha-Ru, why can't you do a salchow today?
Get up. What's the matter with you?
- Mr. Jang! What are you doing here? - Oh, hi.
Coach Choi!
- What are you doing here? - Learning how to skate. This is hard.
I'm impressed with you.
One, two.
Don't you have work?
Some things are more important than work.
- You look funnier here. - I'm always funny.
Mr. Hyeon-Tae registered for a skating class.
Wait here. Let's go home together after I'm done.
Okay, hurry.
This is harder than I thought.
You're as thoughtless as I am. I can't believe you.
Jang Hyeon-Tae's first charming point. He tries hard.
Second, he sees the world through her eyes.
Third, he's always there when she turns around.
- Fourth... - Fourth.
He's shameless.
Right, he's shameless. Very good.
Su-In's charming point. She's cold.
Wow, you're really hitting on my coach.
I never knew I'd get this close to the rink either.
You don't seem close.
- Yes, I am. - No, you're not.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Lee Ha-Ru, where are you going with this jerk?
- Who are you calling a jerk, you jerk! - Hold on.
Is this the guy you like?
You're childish. Hey mister, let's go.
See you later.
Where are you going? Hey! Hey!
- What's this? - Work, of course.
Shin Hwal!
Remember what the president of Koryeo Plans said?
He started off looking for work by collecting flyers.
I can see it. We're hitting rock bottom.
Why don't we just quit?
I was a fool for following you.
Then go and beg the company to take you back.
- What? - Hey guys!
They have their own set of rules, too. Interesting. Look.
Do you think this is funny? Stop being cheap.
We need every idea we can, even if it's cheap.
Lee Ha-Ru! Lee Ha-Ru!
Lee Ha-Ru!
Lee Ha-Ru, where are you?
I'm coming inside!
You're dead meat.
Stupid bike.
You're so dead.
Here you go, guys.
Lee Ha-Ru!
You're that jerk!
That jerk?
Who are you?
You must be hot. You're sweating a lot.
Drink this. What's your name?
I'm Lee Ha-Ru's boyfriend Ji Pung-Ho.
- We even kissed. - You!
What? How dare you kiss her!
Who are you guys, anyways?
I don't think you're her brothers. Are you her uncles?
Ha-Ru's married.
- What? - I'm her husband.
She was very mature for her age, so we got married with her parent's consent.
What about him?
He's... her ex-husband. This is how we live.
We have a very cool relationship. Life is cool.
- That's right. - Cool.
No way...
What about him?
He's... Ha-Ru's little brother.
He looks old, but he's seventeen.
- It's premature aging. - Premature aging.
He's in his teens. Did you teach him sex education?
What the heck is going on here?
- Sit down! - Okay.
Just fold your shoes.
You're cute even when you're fretting.
I'm off now.
Guy #1, guy #2, and guy #3.
Goodbye. I'll visit again.
Let's go.
Hey there, rude kid. Bye. Don't come back.
- Okay! - Goodbye, Ha-Ru's little boy.
Let's go!
Oh, yeah.
Can I be Ha-Ru's first husband later?
Shave and enlist in the military first.
- Yes, Sir. Bye. - Let go!
- Let's go. - Hey!
- Go away! - No!
Hey, Su-In.
- What are you up to? - Nothing.
Same here. I just called.
Don't ever come back here�