HetaHazard 19 [ENG subs]

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Spain hasn't called me yet... I wonder if he's all right.
I'm so bored... I think I'm going to fall asleep from sheer boredom.
Oh, a call! Maybe it's from Spain? Let's see, where's my cellphone...?
Ah, here it is. It really is a call from Spain.
Sorry I didn't call you before. I've been kind of busy.
You sure took your time, you buffoon! Have you found Romano yet?
No, not yet. Things got a little complicated here.
What do you mean? Haven't you found Germany or anyone else?
I'm not sure what's going on, either, but Romano and everyone who attended the meeting seem to be in some sort of trouble.
Some sort of trouble? If it's an emergency, we should call a rescue team—
No, don't call them quite yet.
Why not? It is an emergency, isn't it?
You see, America's boss is involved... I think he might actually be behind all this. If you're not careful, you could get in trouble, too.
If a head of state is involved, they are definitely in trouble.
Apparently, they're after Romano and Prussia. But the others might be in danger, too.
Romano and Prussia? What does that head of state want with them?
It's a long story, and a complicated one at that. Anyway, I'm going to save them. You can go home—
What are you talking about, you buffoon?! You can't expect me to quietly go home after telling me something like that. Besides, can you really save them on your own?
Finland ran into me and decided to come along. You don't have to worry about me.
Oh, so now you're saying you're dragging other people into this?
I think I understand the situation, though. I'm going to wait awhile, and if you don't call me soon, I'll inform our bosses and call for help!
Okay, you do that if I stop calling you. Until then, I'll keep calling you every once in a while.
Very well. I'll get things ready just in case something happens to you. Hurry up, now.
Thanks. Bye, then.
I don't know what's going on, but I can only hope that everyone is all right.
Okay, so, if something happens to us, Austria will call for help.
I see. That's good.
As I just said, the ones in danger are Romano and Prussia. The others might be in danger, too.
The whole thing sounds unbelievable, but it's actually happening. We have to save them as soon as possible.
By the way, what did you tell Sweden? You were on the phone with him just now, weren't you?
I told him I was going to pay you a visit. If I had told him the truth, he would have freaked out.
We don't know to what extent America's boss is involved. We have to be very careful.
I do feel bad for lying to the others, though, even if it's just to keep them safe.
We can explain the truth to them later. Now we have to focus on saving everyone.
Yeah. Now, let's go to that manor.
I've gathered enough newspapers. Now I have to go to the boss' study.
That reminds me, that device called PC in his study was really interesting! When the boss comes back, I'll ask him to let me use it again.
Come in.
Huh? What do you want? I'm already done with today's investigation.
What? A message from the boss?
"We are going into the second phase of the plan. Make sure the special clones execute their task."
... Okay. You can go now.
The second phase of the plan? Does that mean Romano's injury has healed?
I see. Very good.
Oh, yeah, I have to tell them to take Prussia and Romano to the experiments lab.
We're going into the second phase of the plan. Take Prussia and Romano to the experiments lab. I'll be right there, too.
When you get them there, you can go ahead and start without me. Don't get the type or the number wrong. Bye.
Not much longer until the plan is completed.
*sigh* ... How much longer do we have to stay here?
We can't see the face of the guy who brings us food, and he never opens his mouth. I have no idea what's going on.
Do you think Veneziano and the others are being held prisoners like us?
If I was captured when I was in front of the elevator, maybe West and Hong Kong were, too.
Are you worried about the potato bas—... about your brother?
Of course I'm worried. He took the vaccine, but I don't know if it worked.
Vaccine? Is he sick?
Oh, yeah, you don't know. You see, there are some strange creatures here and—
Hey, what's the big idea?!
Let me go! Let me go! Chigiiiii!!
Damn it, why don't you say anything?!
Where the hell are we?
Brother Dearest?!
That monitor on the wall is showing Veneziano!
What? Itachen—
It really is him... And West and the others are on those other monitors... What's the meaning of this?
Those are surveillance cameras.
Hello, Prussia, Romano.
Th-there's another awesome me right in front of the awesome me...
Wh-what's the meaning of this? Is he your brother?
The only brother I have is West. I think...
This is the first time we've met face to face, so I guess I should introduce myself. Hello, I'm Prussia.
What? Prussia? Even your name is the same... What the hell are you?
I'm your clone. I was made to become you.
A clone? Made to become me?
Are you fucking kidding me, you fucking bastard?! Fuck this, let us go!
I'm afraid I can't let you go. That would cause us a lot of trouble.
None of this is making any sense... Why can't you let us go? What are you going to do to us?
What's the fun in telling you everything right here? Besides, I have things to do, so we'll talk later, okay?
I don't care! Just let me out of here!
Ugh! What the fuck are you doing?!
What was that... injection for...? Shit... I'm starting... to feel...
I can't... Dammit...
This anesthesia works really fast. Very effective.
Let's do it while they're subdued. If we don't hurry up, we'll fall behind schedule. Put them to sleep on the devices.
Is everything ready? Then administer the drugs—
[???] Wait.
Boss, you're back! We were just about to give them the drugs to—
[Boss] Hello, Prussia. I'm sorry, but we'll have to suspend the drugs.
Really? Is there a problem?
[Boss] No. There's just been a slight change of plans. We're going to parasite them with the Plagas.
Huh? The Plagas? Why not just manipulate their memories—
[Boss] You don't have to worry about anything.
B-but isn't that dangerous? What if something happens to them—
[Boss] Didn't you hear me? I don't care for your compassion; just don't disappoint me.
Boss... that's not...
[Boss] Well, now, start injecting the Plagas. Prussia, you go back to your room.
... Yes, sir...
[Boss] It's such a bother when a fake puppet has feelings.
[Boss] What are you doing? Go back to your room and wait there.
Yes, boss.
(I don't know what the boss is thinking... We could just take their memories... Besides, using the Plagas is dangerous...)
(What's he going to do with them? Maybe he has a different plan, since I don't know about it?)
He called me a fake puppet... But he had told me I was the real one before...
So, Kuma, you can smell something from upstairs, right?
It's so dark and creepy there... Maybe it'd be safer if we waited for them here?
I know how you feel, Italy, but if we just wait here, who's going to come save us all?
I don't know, I'm just so scared... Germany, Japan, I miss you...
Italy, don't be such a useless crybaby. Put your chin up! *slap, slap, slap*
Um, Kuma?
Ow! That hurts, Kumajirou! Stop hitting me!
Shut up, you useless crybaby. *slap, slap, slap*
Don't hit me! I'll do anything you want! Veeeeeh!!
You'll do anything I want, huh? Then start searching!
Veh, okay, I will.
Huhu, you guys are so funny!
I'm sure Germany and Japan will get here eventually. Now, let's look for a way out.
Okay, thanks, Russia...
The door is locked from the inside.
The door is locked.
We can't open it with the key we have.
We can't open either door on the second floor. And they're pretty solid, so I don't think I can break them down.
The smell is pretty strong around here, though. It's the same scent I picked up downstairs.
Well, let's search downstairs, then. There was a door there, anyway.
Oh, this one is open.
Hm? There's someone there.
I wonder who it could be. Maybe it's the person who lives here?
Good! Let's ask them for help!
I don't know if they're human. Be careful.
R-right, they could be those strange things we just saw.
Yes, that's possible. Let's go... carefully.