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Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 18.08.2012

We're getting pretty close now to the official Samsung Galaxy S3
Jelly Bean 4.1 release
As you'll know, Google have now released
the new Jelly Bean operating system
and Samsung pledged to get their flagship devices upgraded really quickly.
So some of the leaks have started to come out
thick and fast over the last couple of days
This particularly is the latest one I believe that's available
It's from the 14th of August.
Previous ones were going back to like, mid July.
Not really reflective of what we can expect
quite laggy and buggy.
Now, if you're brave enough and you want to actually install
this rom,
head over to the S3 developers forum, go into the Samsung Galaxy S3 general forum
and have a look through there. You will find various different ways
to get this update onto your phone.
You need to be routed, and you need to be brave.
Your warranty is void if you've not only routed your phone the moment you route so
do be aware of that
This particular one I used an android backup someone put together and
then I flashed the latest radio on as well.
The latest baseband.
So you can see, very smooth.
you've got the buttery smoothness going on
You've got, whoops!
A few set up things that need to be dealt with, but there's Google now.
Weather - UK
It's 22 degrees and clear in London
There you go!
Working quite nicely, you can see the interface is
exactly as expected
buttery smooth.
Let's just pop into settings
and you can see there
and I've added the latest baseband as well. LH4. What you'll find is
if you've not received the latest baseband, as an over the air update yet
and you install
this leak,
you'll then need to flash the right baseband on as well, otherwise you can't make phone calls.
So that threw me for a couple of hours yesterday
trying to ring people but there you go
All of your standard Samsung applications are installed, so if
you are used to a particular app from the ice cream sandwich days
it's available in here, so you've got your keys, you've got your Samsung apps, S planner
S note lite
S memo
S voice I'm afraid is included you can still disable it and you can see there when
I pressed

for the Google search system, the voice search, it actually asked me which device I wanted to use
which was nice, I don't think it did that on ice cream sandwich
and obviously once you've set that whenever you use the
voice activation on the phone, it will default to whichever one you have picked. Very nice.
There's not a huge amount here if you are already used to or have already seen Jelly Bean
Really it's just a touch
of overlay
That's been heavily incorporated. If you didn't like touches,
You are not going to like it on here.
It's as simple as that. Personally, I don't have a major problem with it. I quite like it.
The new notification pane is available
If you've got various Google cards, those will appear in there as well
So you can then pull up your cards.
Samsung have added a notification bar
with brightness slider
That's the only other major change and obviously, you've got all your other items across the top there.

quick access to settings
etcetera. Now, I've just spotted something and I'm just intrigued to see what that is.
it's a note change.
I'm not sure whether this was available on ice cream sandwich or not
but that is quite cool.
So let's go easy mode.
Yes, for a first time user, that's quite cool
for anyone who is
getting one of these phones for a relative
there's now an easy mode.
I don't remember that being available on ice cream sandwich. Maybe they had some feedback
that the phone was more difficult to use for people who weren't used to android devices.
Possibly it emulates more of the iphone-esque
nature of smart phones.