HetaQuest 34 - Part 1/2 [ENG subs]

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So, which way to the ruins of Regeec?
They're east of Gypte... a village in the desert, way south of here. The chimeras in the desert are even stronger than the ones around here, so we've got to be careful.
Then I think we should get some supplies in Gypte first.
Right. I don't want to keep the research group waiting, so let's make it quick.
This is the village of Gypte. If you go east, you'll find the ruins of Regeec.
This is a weapons and armor shop. How can I help you?
Thank you.
[Flame Shield]
[Wind Bow]
[Staff of Earth]
Hello! This is a curio shop.
Thank you! Have a nice day!
The man selling pots over there is called Gupta. His family has been selling pots there for generations.
Rumors have it that he's waiting for someone. I wonder who it could be.
Would you like to buy a pot?
(Oh, it's Egypt. I kinda had a feeling I'd find him here.)
Hmm, a pot, huh? I think I like that one better!
I can't sell that one. I'm supposed to deliver it to a certain person.
It's reserved, huh? Too bad.
The person who must take this pot will be here soon. The fateful moment is drawing near.
I have no idea what you mean.
Hurry up! We haven't got all day.
There's a fortress city in the south called Zeldwintsar. Its lord is young, but apparently, he's a very diligent person.
Welcome. The head of the research group, Adnan, is in the ruins. He might be a little boisterous, though...
I came along to escort the research group. We couldn't risk letting them get attacked by the monsters along the way.
The group members have been facing a lot of problems, too. Lately, the monsters have been showing up even in the ruins. I care about them and try to help them out.
Head Wizard? I'm so glad you're here. Even we can analyze simple spells, but this time, it's beyond us.
Sadiq and Herc are inside. Please help them.
These ruins used to be a place of ceremony. The huge country that sank into the desert had even more advanced techniques to handle precious stones than we do nowadays.
What happened to those techniques? Why did this country perish? The answers are still buried under the sand.
There are monsters inside, so be careful. Then again, with the Head Wizard on your side, I don't think you have much to worry about.
... They're fighting again? I wish we hadn't brought along that punk...
What the...? Who's yelling in the ruins?
My fault?! How dare you say that!
It's because you won't shut up...
(Turkey and Greece? Even here, they're fighting.)
The man with the mask must be Adnan.
Why are they fighting?
Huh? Who the heck are you?
I am Head Wizard Arthur Kirkland. Are you Adnan, head of the research group?
Oh, I was waiting for you, Head Wizard.
So, what do you need me for?
There's a portal over there, see? I want you to open it for me.
How can we open it if there's no way to get there?
That's because his fucking cat stole the pieces that pull out the bridge!
She didn't steal them. She was just playing with them.
I told it to quit it! And then it fucking ran off as soon as it saw me...
That's because you're ugly.
I'm ugly?! How dare you say that to my face, you fucking bastard!
They're fighting again...
Jeez, what do we do now?
I guess we've got to find that cat first.
What's up, Matthew?
I thought I'd seen something moving over there...
Let's check it out, then! It could be that cat!
Just drop dead, Sadiq.
If we can't find them, I'll hold you responsible!
Here it is! Good job, Matthew!
It's holding something in its mouth. ... It looks like a blue gear.
This must be the piece that he said pulls out the bridge. Let's take it back to them, quickly!
Then again, won't the cat get eaten by chimeras if we leave it here?
According to a recent study, chimeras don't eat. Therefore, they don't attack animals. They only attack people.
But didn't you go to Polar Bear Village because the bears were being attacked?
We've put some animals in front of captured chimeras, but they didn't attack them. That means chimeras don't attack animals unless they have some kind of purpose.
If the polar bears were attacked, we have to find out why at any cost. It's possible that they were trying to make some people go to that remote place.
Okay... So, chimeras exist just to make people's lives harder?
Exactly. And it's only going to get worse, if the one who made that teleportation spell is involved.
It's no use thinking about it here. Come on, let's get back.
And anyway, you had no business bringing a cat to a place like this!
I didn't have the heart to leave her alone at home.
What are you talking about, you freeloader?!
(They're still at it...)
Hey, guys! We found the cat!
Tsk, what a fucking waste of time...
Here, give me that gear.
It's a bridge!
Um, it's a little too short, though.
There are three more cats. We also need three more gears.
I'm sorry. We are the ones who should be looking for them. But all we do is fight...
I'll try to be serious now. Can you just give us a little hand?
All right. We'll split up and look for them. I want to get this job over with as soon as possible, anyway.
Let's split up into three - me, Herc, and you guys - and I'm sure we'll find them in no time.
My name is Heracles. Stop calling me Herc.
Will you two be all right on your own?
I can take care of myself. No need to worry about me.
If you find the cats, put the gears in those stone monuments.
I'm coming with you.
What are you talking about? It'll be easier to find them if we search separately. God, why do you always have to disagree with every single thing I say?
I'd feel sorry for the monsters if they were left alone with you. That's why I'm coming with you.
Whatever, you fucking bastard.
Despite what they say, maybe they actually do care about each other.
Well, then, let's look for the other cats!
This place is huge. I wonder what it was used for.
To purify gems.
Adnan? What happened to Heracles?
He's waiting outside. No need to worry about him.
I see. Anyway, you're saying this is where the gems were made out of ores?
The Great Hero destroyed them all, though, so we don't know much about it.
All we know for sure is that the Jewels were made in this land. The stones with records about the Jewels are that way.
You may not believe this, but they say that this wasn't always a desert; this used to be a green land.
All the five types of gems were mined in this land. Thanks to that, it was a lot more developed than other nations at the time.
Even this place of ceremony used to be a huge building. What you see now is the uppermost part of it. The rest is still buried under the sand.
They must have been an amazing civilization! Like the Romans!
What happened to this land? And why did it sink into the desert?
We've been studying these ruins for about twenty years. Maybe we'll finally find the answers to those questions behind that portal across the bridge.
I can't wait, Head Wizard.
Yes. I'll endeavor to live up to your expectations.
There are letters engraved in ancient stone.
I have no idea what's written there.
They must be ancient letters, right?
Okay, let's ask Mr. Walking Encyclopedia here. Arthur, can you read that?
Who are you calling a walking encyclopedia?
I'm not an archeology expert, so I can't read it perfectly.
It's okay, I didn't really expect you to!
Why, you--!
There are letters engraved in ancient stone.
White Power, the Recorder. Enveloped by every single mem(...), you who record will (...) painting
the accumulated memories will become too heavy, and you will be (.......).
I have no idea what that means.
The Memory Stone has the power to record one's memories and surroundings, but what does it mean by "heavy"?
What exactly has the White Jewel recorded? If we find out, the mystery will be solved.
Wasn't the White Jewel in the Empire of Vyek?
You actually remember that? Its User is probably the Emperor of Vyek, the one you picked a fight with.
I don't think he'll disclose any information about it, then.
Besides, I've heard that the situation in his empire is still very complicated. In fact, he was here to seek aid from Âge.
(He can be strangely compelling with that Russia face.)
There are letters engraved in ancient stone.
(...) Power, the Destroyer. Pulled into constant destruction, you who destroy will lose your mind.
Your (...) that hates you will guide you to hell.
Now that's just disturbing! If someone really has this kind of power, they could take over the world!
But the way I see it, they would pay a big price for it. They would go insane and eventually die.
They could also make a fine living weapon. Where the heck is the person with that Jewel?
In the Empire of Ära.
They're starting to sound more and more like an evil empire! Now I'm worried that the peace meeting won't go so well.
Then why do you look kind of happy?
What do you mean, why? That increases my chances of playing the role of hero!
The User of the Black Jewel is from the imperial family. I'm sure they wouldn't make a member of the imperial family of their own country a living weapon.
That's why we don't have to worry about the Black Jewel.
That's a relief!
There are letters engraved in ancient stone.
Red (...), the Stopper. Time will not consider you. You who stop will (...) bonds.
Behold the ages. Sense danger. Because History will (...) back.
This is about how people you knew a long time ago died and you were left alone... I think I understand.
It's also about the power to stop time and how it also comes with a price.
Who is that User now? They must be lonely...
Where's the Red Jewel? It's not on this continent, is it?
If I'm not mistaken, the Red Jewel is in the region of Saia, in Leben.
Saia is under the rule of the Empire of Ära, so it's similar to Elgnand in that sense.
However, they're surrounded by mountains, which gives them an advantage, so they aren't under tight control.
So, it's just like an island that is very far from mainland. Maybe you could actually get along with those people.
There are letters engraved in ancient stone.
Green Power, the Wanderer. If you (...) search within yourself, you who wander will have no bonds.
Wander, wander all you wish. The (...)er will protect you.
Judging from this, the Green Jewel doesn't have any price.
The Green Power comes from the User's own abilities. Unlike the other Jewels, it doesn't seek anything else than their own abilities.
Even its other power works differently depending on the individual.
Compared to the disturbing things written in the other stones, the Green User is pretty lucky.
There are letters engraved in ancient stone.
Blue Power, the Cr(...)or. The power of a god, untouchable to people.
A fool who does not know the limits of his own body, you who create will be (...............), for you can never be a god.
How disappointing. The most important part is missing.
I had been sort of hoping to figure it out if I came here...
But if anyone figured out the price for this power, the news would surely spread. Even the researchers don't know what it is yet.
I guess we'll just have to trust Francis.
There are letters engraved in stone.
What does it say?
"Blue path for bird wings, red path for bat wings."
That must have something to do with these two crystals!
They don't seem to be working, though. It's been two thousand years, so it's no wonder...
Can't you do something?
Hold on, this shouldn't be hard.
Ooh, they're sparkling!
The words were just a little jumbled. Good thing I could easily fix it.
The blue one is moving. What does that mean?
I don't know. The stone said something about paths, so maybe a room somewhere has changed.
Okay, let's keep looking for the cats!
The magic in the blue crystal is working.
Activate the red crystal? - Yes - No
Obtained Silver Angel!
[Silver Angel] By praying into it, it restores 200 drive points. It will break into pieces after use.
Activate the blue crystal? - Yes - No
Mew! Mew!
It's a kitten! How cute!
... You like cats better?
I just thought it was cute! But you're even cuter, Kumakichi!
Who are you?
I'm Matthew!
Found second cat!
Let's take the gear back.
Let's go back to that portal.
Disable random encounters? - Yes - No
The gear doesn't fit.
America inserted the gear into the cavity.