The Knife-interview in Headspin to Backspin (with English subtitles)

Uploaded by brugner on 26.06.2009

What changes have been made since the last album?
We wanna make music that is right on the issue...
the message in our music has been kind of hidden below the surface.
Our last CD might have been kind of introverted.
Full of secrets, and I feel that we should do something opposite.
In some songs you sing like a woman and in others lika a man. Why?
Our opinions and the issues we sing about
get a twist and a better effect when I sing as a man.
For example there are a lot of issues on
feminism that women have been talking about for ages.
So if I do it with a male voice something happens.
Plus, sometimes when we remix my voice it's something inbetween man and woman, kinda androgynous.
You never know where you have it, and that's kind of exciting.
What do you say?
it's fun to make a twist on Karin's voice so it makes the whole thing a lot funnier.
How important is it to have a message in your music?
For us when we have created music it has become more and more important.
So we're exploring that and trying to take up questions about society. That's something we're exploring this time and I find that quite interesting.
If you are interested in politics and how it is around you, why wouldn't you use that when you create music?
It's connected.
Music isn't something we do just's what we do. [laughter]
it's such a big part of what we do so it must reflect what we're thinking about.
How come you've never performed live?
When our rescent CD was finished we thought about doing a live show.
But we were tired of the songs on the CD beacause we had been working with them so much.
So it didn't feel natural, because we've done the music on a computer and not in a garage with instruments.
We've been a studioband from the beginning,
but we record and make the songs at the same time in a small room somewhere.
So we've never done anything to show something visual
that would fit in on a stage or so...
but it's possible that we figure something out [sneaky smile]
What are you doing now, what's your current project?
Now we're making music to Kristina Olofsson new movie "Hannah med H"
we've been doing that since fall (autumn).
We're making the music to the entire film,
all the music that is in the film...and is soon to be done.
What kind of movie is it, and is it hard? What do you think about when making music to a film?
Is it like usual or are you trying to think your ways into the characters' heads?
It's a movie about youth, drama/thriller
and it's about a girl, it's alternative
and when we do the music, it's very different from how we usually work.
Now it's about illustrating,
try to strengthen the emotions the director wants to mediate
or so that we can understand what the director wants
It's a lot of atmosphere music and maybe a whole song when a character in the movie is listening to music.
But it's mostly about reinforcing feelings and moods in the movie so...
it's kind of different than our other work.
We like movies a lot...ehmn...
watch movies a lot...
There is a lot of interesting directors:
David Lynch,
Richard Kelly,
who made Donnie Darko,
and we're very inspired by Peter Walbäck
and his earlier performances, theathre for all, and balet etc...
his ability to combine...
humor ...
with a really strong and clear political message.
That's really exciting.
Ok, this is something we always ask our guests:
What music did you listen to during your childhood?
It was a lot of reggae
Bob Marley
...and jazz