CGRundertow NFL QUARTERBACK CLUB 2002 for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 31.12.2011

Countless nights my friends and I stayed up late to try and best one another. We’d pick
a game at dusk and by dawn the man with the most victories was dubbed the king of that
game. However, picking a better playcall than your opponent was not the main goal we were
all after in this game during our all nighter… it was hitting that damn moving bulls eye
from thirty plus yards out that determined who the true champion was… This is NFL QB
Club 2002 for the PlayStation 2.
I say it constantly, football games are all the same to me. You can’t really screw it
up if you’re a designer. You throw, you catch, you tackle. Hence, the game of football.
For me I found that there are only a few things that make a sports game relevant. One is the
announcing for the game. The play by play in this game is commentated by Kevin Harlan
and Bill Maas. A couple of the better announcers in football I think. Not the best! But good!
The next feature I look for is the speed of the game. I don’t want to play catch up
or god forbid, slow down with the computer. And finally, I look at the run game. Now,
the way I see it, many of the older pig skin games out there had very little tolerance
for running the football. Some of which are almost impossible to cross the line of scrimmage
without getting pancaked by a linebacker or defensive lineman. To me, running the football
is an art in this sport as well as a key to victory. This game holds true to my expectations.
This game you can run the ball fluently, but almost too well. I really shouldn’t be averaging
almost ten yards a carry with the worst run offense, while playing against the best run
Released in 2001 from Acclaim, NFL QB Club 2002 is a football game that is the same as
any other pigskin game you’ll ever play. I can remember when it was released I was
absolutely in love with the graphics, since all the advertisements did was preach about
how awesome the graphics were at the time of its release. Praising the blinking eyes,
jaw motions, and facial expressions. Now with this game, as far as the games facial graphics
are concerned, I think that I could have done better in Microsoft Paint. I really do! I
just thank god that football players wear helmets.
As far as the gameplay in NFL QB Club, I thought that when you hit someone in this game the
tackling felt a little heavy at times. As you bring an offensive player to the ground,
it almost looked like it was in slow motion. However, the passes were the opposite, sometimes
the second the ball left the QB’s hands the video appears to have a jumpcut upon the
camera following the ball to the intended receiver. I noticed it more on the quick short
passes than anything else. Maybe its just that I’m used to smooth transitioning from
the newer Madden games, but for me it was still an eye sore.
I also didn’t like the fact that nine times out of ten I was able to return the ball to
at least the fifty yard line on a kick off. I know what you’re thinking, maybe you’re
just the man, Jim. Well, I thought so to at first, then I remembered that I never in my
life have consistently gotten the ball past my own twenty yard line consistently. Ever!
Now for the only real reason to ever play this game. Don’t get me wrong the football
game play is fine. But this game was not meant for the first and tens. The Quarterback Challenge
at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii is one of the sweetest features ever to be incorporated into gaming
form. It almost appeared that this entire game was based solely around playing the QB
Challenge. Which is fine in my opinion. I had more fun with it anyway. You’ll make
your way through the competition in series of events which are, the Speed and mobility,
Accuracy, Long Distance Throw, and Read and Recognition, or as I like to call it, I hope
you won the first three events because the AI is going to win if you didn’t, and Recognition.
Each playable quarterback has their own attributes that will help you fair in certain events,
as far as speed and arm strength. The only real reason for playing the season mode is
to unlock all the cool retired quarterbacks for the challenge itself. Like Marino, Aikman,
Jim Kelly, etc. After you’ve unlocked them all, HA! Piss on the season mode, the QB challenge
is where it’s at bro!