V fris: Madlena Zepter

Uploaded by 2012Lifetouch on 16.02.2012

Art is always beauty.
If it is true, it comes from the truth.
It is hard to live in today's world,
so I think art is essential for everyone.
It is crucial for people to retain their humanity potential
and only art can correspond to that.
It's my greatest pleasure to help artists: young ones to express themselves
and established artists to keep expressing themselves.
I believe they need help the most,
because their vulnerable introvertedness makes them
the most incapable of dealing with reality, pressing us all today.
I'm satisfied with everything I've created,
that it lives on and proves itself daily.
But I think this success and power should be viewed as a potential
and not as capital, so the potential for ongoing creation.
Strive for what you want, or else you will be forced to like what you get.
I like to think of the old Chinese wisdom that said
the lovers of gardens are worthier than gardeners themselves.
Or Marina Cvetajeva who said that supporting art and inspiring it
is a much greater gift from god that to sit down and create.
That helps me with my mission.