Markeloff Summer Secrets - Episode 7 - Meeting the parents (with Eng subtitles)

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- We are now at his dacha, a summer house
Hello. Nice to meet you. Iëm Polina.
Wow! Thank you!
- However, according to the etiquette
hands are kissed only when youíre inside.
- Really?
- Yeah. But for such a beautiful womanÖ with pleasure and outside.
- Thank you very much!
- Iím a son of this famous man. Thanks to those famous guys
daddies also get recognized. Iíve recently come from ìX-factorî
and one guy comes to me and says:
ìYouíre Markelov, arenít you? ñ Yes, I reply.
- I know your son from Na`Vi.
And when I was interviewed at ìX-factorî I told them
about myself, my sons, and the younger one,
as a matter of fact, is a famous person.
He plays computer games.
And then the cameraman says: ìHeís from Na`Vi. I know him.î
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Crazy! Super!
- OK. Why donít we come inside?..
I am fond of flowers. I really like it.
- My mom likes flowers too.
- Have a look. Thereís a little seed plot.
I do that all myself too. And over there thereís a football field.
- Wow.
- See? This is what I do.
- Cool! How beautiful!
- On my lot I have these flower corners. I really like that.
- Fantastic!
- There are my dogs over there. Iëve got lots of them.
You canít see them now. Theyíre hiding.
- Oh yeah? Iíve already heard about the shepherd.
- And as soon as they see a beautiful woman
they get shy and hide right away.
- Nice.
- Letís go that way.
- OK.
- You said hello as if youíve known me already.
- Ha-ha. Iíve heard so much about you already.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- ComeÖ Our lot is quite big. We have a little vegetable garden.
But mostly itís all lawn. HereÖ The whole football field.
- Wow! Look at that! How beautiful!
- And thatís our ìchayhanaî over there.
- Whatís that?
- ìChayhanaî? Itís from Tatar language.
Means ìtea-houseî. We drink tea there.
We have Tatar friends and they drew us
a scheme how to make one,
so we built it and now we can enjoy our tea there.
- Incredible! Beautiful! Iíd play football with you too.
- Really?
- Yeah. Iíd play a forward.
- And Iíd be a fullback. You wouldnít get past me.
No way. I would fight to the bitter end.
OK. Letís keep going. And this is our cinema.
Weíre renovating it now though.
Weíre redoing the floor.
- So thereíll be no movies todayÖ kitty-kitty-kitty.
- So weíve just made the floor hereÖ Paving tilesÖ
- I see. So there will be a cinema here.
- We already have a cinema. We put up a plasma TV.
Thatís where we cheered for the Ukrainian national team at the time.
- So what are your impressions from the Euro-2012?
- Euro 2012? We gotta learn to play football. What else can I say?
- Learn to run huh?
- Yeah. What a shame! It's very frustrating for Ukraine.
And of course we donít have enough patriotism. Like weÖ
(What is he talking about? ñ Euro 2012)
Öwe arenít taught patriotism.
Itís gotta be done in a different way.
Say when the Italians sing their anthem...
the Spanish ñ you can tell that for those people
their country is everything.
And here? Where has our patriotism gone?
- Better have some beer instead...
- Thatís it. And get out of this country and not see all that.
(Yes, I agree)
itís all our fault though. Well, I think your generation
will still catch some happy life moments.
- Yes. Thank you very much.
- God grant you still some communism in your life :)
- Itís not my fault. They are pointing at me.
And when Iím being pointed at I gotta say something, right?
- Thatís right!
- Imagine if a girlÖ
When that red light is on I know itís recording.
If the camera was pointed at me
and I would just stand like this?
And ìwhat the fÖ?î the cameraman will say.
A man came to his land and has nothing to say?
- And here you have all kinds of things ñ
flowers, dogs, a cinema.
- By the way, the house was built from
Ekaterinaís bricks, which are 130 years old.
- No way.
- Iíll tell you the history of these bricks.
First they built churches from them.
Then the communists came, ruined the churches.
Then they took those bricks and built schools and clubhouses.
Then the soviets came and destroyed all the churches
and clubhouses, and started building elite houses.
- So you have an elite house, donít you?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think yes.
And there is some kind of spiritual power here.
There you goÖ spiritual power.
There used to be churches. Isnít that spiritual power?
- Sure!
- Then there were schools and clubhouses.
- Of course. Especially spiritual clubs.
- Thatís why the house itself will beÖ
Weíre building for the children, right?
Weíre not trying for ourselves, are we?
We couldÖ in tents. Well, I donít knowÖ thatís it for now OK?
- Iím shocked.
- Thatís what my dad is like.
- Hello.
- Vitaly Fedorovich. Do I know you?
- Polina Yurievna. No not yet.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thatís my grandpa. My daddyís daddy.
- Wow! The whole family is here.
- Thatís right.
- By the way, this is the freezer which Yegor gave to his dad as a present.
- Yeap.
- You bought your dad a freezer? That is so sweet!
- Aha. I had toÖ according to the cult.
- This is the fireplace which I built with my own hands.
It was a Birthday present for Larisa.
- Wow! What a present!
- There used to be a coal stove in this old house.
So I took it down, built a chimney and covered it
with these Ekaterinaís bricks.
- Wow! Crazy!
- Here. Check it out. Look how all the sculptures fit up here.
And now itís a place to take pictures. By the way,
on August 7th this year it will be our 30th wedding anniversary.
- Wow. Really?
What are you gonna give your wife as a present?
Youíve got a fireplace already.
- Iíll cook something.
- Great!
- And if thereís some money available
Iíll give her something memorable.
A ring or something she would later look at and say:
ìOhh. That was our 30th anniversary.î
I mean when itís 50th anniversary
ìa Golden Wedding anniversaryî
there will be something made of gold.
- Good for you! And how did you meet?
- We met very easy, in university.
I was in a theater (I had been there for a year then)Ö
an amateur theaterÖ and Larisa came to join that theater.
Thatís how we met.
- You liked her immediately?
- At first sight. Momentarily. And I started running after her.
So after all that running ñ here we are.
Iíd never run after anybody. I used to do track & field.
- Ahh! Thatís what it is!
- Yeah. Thatís why I easily caught up with her.
- In perfect harmony for 30 years!
- Yes. And the most interesting thing ñ kids...
we didnít think whether we will have kids or not,
when is the time for it etc.
- You just didnít plan them.
- Correct. We didnít plan. We just had a child of love.
And Yegor is also a child of love.
And wellÖ with first child itís understood.
And then Yegor suddenly was born.
It just so happened that at that time I was acting
in Moscow famous comedy show (KVN)Ö
- Really? Wow!
- Yes. I even still have that tape. I can show it to you on a computer.
- Great!
- Öand Larisa went to that show with me.
She was 6 months pregnant with Yegor.
So when Yegor was 6 months old,
he participated in our first game when we were playing
against Moscow University.
- Unbelievable!
- And in that Moscow University there were
such famous people as Valdis Pelsh and Alexei Kortnev.
- Super!
- They were young. I have it all on a CD.
- Sure!
- Work and art has always been parallel in our life with Larisa.
We were busy with both work and art. And now we do only art.
- And have you ever wanted to have a daughter?
- We have. We thought our 2nd child would be a girl
and Yegor happened to be a boy. Anyway everythingís great.
- Everythingís great and we will soon get to see your video right?
- ahhÖ videoÖ definitely. We will surely watch it.
- OK. Deal!
- Hi Sasha.
- Hi Polina. Iíve been expecting you.
Hereís the room where I actually play and sleep.
Closer to the finals, I realized that people
still have no idea what this game is about.
And that makes you feel like a king.
- What do you why people do not pick KotL and Spectre?
- Which one did you say 1st? RotM?
- They don't fit.
- They don't fit in the scene?
- No, they don't :)