Dubbeltest Porsche Cayenne vs Mercedes M-Klasse (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 06.04.2012

Imagine this: you find yourself in the wonderful position in which you can spend 100.000 euro's on a luxurious fullsize diesel SUV.
You could end up with this Porsche Cayenne Diesel, a choice I could understand very well.
But now, Mercedes-Benz comes with an alternative with this all-new M-Class. That is, what you might call, one luxurious problem...
The question is naturally: which one should you want? To figure that out, we'll judge these two machines by the following three points:
1. The way it drives on the open roads.
2. How do they cope as soon as you leave the road?
And 3: In what way do they make you feel that you are driving a extremely expensive SUV? Hit it!
Right, first the on-road capabilities. To start with the engines and transmissions, there's not a lot of difference between the Cayenne and this ML.
They both feature a V6 Diesel engine with about 240/250 ps. This one has a sevenspeed automatic, the Porsche even has eight gears. Neither of them wins it in that field.
The way they drive does differ more. This M-Class is a true Mercedes. Very comfy, a bit indirect, it steers - how should I describe it - light, without much feel, but very relaxing.
This ML350 Bluetec has air suspension so it's pretty comfortable in all circumstances. It does have a Sport-function, but that makes the setup just a bit firmer.
It ride a bit more harsh, but in terms of dynamics you don't notice a lot of improvement. It always feels like a big, heavy car to deal with. It feels like a truck, to be honest.
And that truck-feeling is something you don't feel in this Porsche Cayenne. Sure, you still have a huge amount of car around you, it has a high centre of gravity and you feel that all the time.
On the other hand, this Cayenne feels much and much more agile than the ML. The steering is more direct and the car just listens better to what you tell it to do.
And that makes this car feel like less of a giant.
This one also has air suspension with three settings: Normal, Comfort and Sport. In all of these, the Cayenne has a pretty firm ride.
That's something to keep in your thoughts when you want to use this car for very long journeys.
After all, I still say: looking for a good drivers' car? Don't buy a SUV. Do you want a well-driving SUV? Take a Porsche Cayenne.
The difference in driving onroad is clear. Time to leave the tarmac!
It's clear to see the Cayenne has more than enough ground clearance. But then...
We see a whole cluster with terrain-options. Offroad function on. The air suspension lifts the car up a bit. Up we go. That's easy!
It's really not bad in heavy terrain, this machine!
Let's see how the ML copes in these surroundings. Offroad systems on. Go!
The first hill is childs'play for this car!
Now you feel the advantages of the high level of comfort in this Merc. It's smoother than the Cayenne was here.
Furthermore, the ML has a wider range of terrain technology. Optional, but still.
A clever option on the ML is a function that shows information which can be useful for offroading.
You can see the steering angle, the incline or decline of the path you're driving on, and it shows the lateral angles. Good to know in muddy worlds!
I don't have a clue what you'd use it for in The Netherlands, but it still is cool to have it on your car.
Now, we're at the same hill where the Cayenne had a bit of a struggle a while ago. This ML has an extensive terrain package with a low gear.
Let's turn that on. Gearbox in Neutral, Low Range on, right, in Drive. We'll make a steeper angle compared to the Cayenne. Let's see how this ML does it.
I have to say, that is very impressive!
Luxury feeling
In other words: which one gives you the most car for your money?
That's a difficult one, because this ML is the more spacious and practical car of the two...
But this Cayenne has a great interior with wonderful materials and a very special feel. It makes you feel you have something very unique in your hands.
Our conclusion to end this quest? If that 100.000 euros was mine, I would take the Cayenne. But we can't deny this ML is the best allround SUV of these two cars.