First Female Presidential Candidate In Egyptian History: Bothaina Kamel at TEDxTanta

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First Femal Presidential Candidate in the Egyptian History:Bothaina Kamel at TedxTanta
how are you?
this is the first time for me
to hear of Tedx
the girls from Global Post
who are journalists
I kept saying to them
I'm going to it on the 19th
if you guys want to do an interview with me
then we can have it on the ride there
they asked, what does that mean
then they were like ah TEDx!
you mean TEDx, so they know what it is
on my way here
my sister was calling me from Australia
to ask me who I'm going to vote for
and to tell me who she voted for
you guys want to know!
I'm going to vote for Hamdin
it turns out that my neice
like you guys, knows TEDx
and attends it once a month in Australia
I like any idea that brings us together
as humans
any project that brings us together
and how simple the idea is
based on our stories,and we as humans
don't impress each other with inventions as much as
talking about our human experiences
and let me start my story
with the story of my grandmother
her name is Aysha Hanem Mortda
she was one of the girls
of the 1919 revolution
and she used to always sing to me
student songs
from the time of the 1919 revolution
which was passed down to us
by the name "Oh uncle Hamza we are the students"
but in a different version
and there was this part
that she used to sing with this rhythm
sadly, I wish that you guys would record
for your grandfathers and mothers
because there are beautiful things that slip away from us
today, I tried to remember the song
but I could only remember one part
"We used to just eat bread"
"and to spend the night without a cover"
when they were imprisoned
my grandmother was a girl in the 1919 revolution
she was young, she wasn't one of the leaders
she told me that on the day of her wedding
that she was going around to all the prisons
to deliver money to the imprisoned students and revolutionists
and to recieve the leaflet calling for the revolution
if I had not heard this from my grandmother
I would have never believed it
that a girl in the year 1919
on her wedding day
was participating in politics
also, one of the things that she used to always tell me about it proudly
-she was a very religious woman-
and until the last day of her life
she was reading the newspaper
she would put on her glasses and read it
even though she thought when I was in college
and fighting against the regime
was that, the time of president Al-Sadat and "Camp David Accord"
her opinion was that
fighting was only against the occupation.
as long as there is independence
then there is no fighting
but I say that we are occupied
and, it could be by our own country people
and we must fight for our Freedom.
Aysha Mortda also told me
even though she had her head covered
in her own way
but one of the stories that she used to always tell me
was when Sa'ad Basha Zaghlul
came back from exile
and she jumped up to him
because she was still a little girl
and he was tall
and he told her, we don't want this (the face cover or Al-Yashmak)
she used to tell me that story with pride
this is my grandmother
Aysha Mortda
whom I grew up on her stories
and the first time state Security came to our house
was in the 80s the time of the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon
my cousin was national security officer
he told her: "Grandma,
you are the reason Bothaina is like this
its your fault
because you talk to her about patriotism
the one in the middle
thats my grandfather
Mahmoud Sadek
my mother's father
he was a dean engineer
he was the chairman of
the Industrial Gases Company
but when I came into this world
his hand was injured in a car accident
outside was written
Amiralay Mahmoud Sadek
but my grand father
didn't have any money
or a job
and there was a Villa with a Mango tree
i used to go up the Villa's stairs
and look at the other Villas around us
in a beautiful street
and i was always wonder:
Are they all poor like my grandfather?
Do they all have the roughness of life too
like my grandfather?
at the time of my campaign
Mr.Mohamed Abdel Koddos
the grandson of the great
writer Ehsan Abdel Koddos
he wanted to do an interview about my family
he thinks that I am a patriot
and that he should explore my roots
i told him that my grandfather was Mahmoud Sadek
was transmitted to retirement by Abd El Nasser
from chairman to a man without pension
who doesn't own anything
but I don't know what the reason is
was it that my grandmother,God bless her soul,
was from a feudal family
stories that are existent in every family,
local stories, so i talked to my mother,
i asked her: was grandpa
transmitted to retirement as the chairman of the company, by Abdl El Nasser
from chairman to homestay man
and he had to rent the last floor to foreigners at night
so that he could live and spend money
she told me that this happened because
he used to talk about the corruption
my grandpa was not a politician
but he always talked about the corruption
so in 1966 he forced to let his work and stayed at home
at that moment, i realized that
nothing is really gone,
rights never lost,
in the year of 2011, on 25th of January
a group of young people called for a revolution
the revolution was stolen by the military
the youth kept yelling for the millitary to fall
i kept thinking that Bothaina
the granddaughter of Mahmoud Sadek
whom was let go from his job by the order of the millitary regime
unjustly,just for talking about the corruption
although he was not a politician
and he was not one of the "Freedom officers"
I will not pretend..
in our family it's women who are tougher
Mahmoud Sadek was oppresesd
by the military regime
and Bothaina his granddaughter
is fighting against the millitary regime
and that gives me great hope
that nothing is really gone
what is the relationship between that and
me running for the presidential election?
that was on the 5th of April,2011
after meeting with
one of the millitary board's delegates
he told me that the Egyptian citizens
were all corrupt ,and that
the only pure thing was the Egyptian Millitary
and i said: No
the entire society needs purification!
then he said: you are spies
and when i asked him about the virginty tests
he said so what, they commited adultery
I was shaken up
and told him, now you are
dishonoring my daughter
because she was in Tahrir Square
striking, and i went out saying: Mubarak ,Go !
it was March at that time
at that time i realized that
our revolution was being taken away from us
that the one ruling us is not keep on
peacefully handing over the civil rule
and will get us in many problems.
at that time i made my decision
to run for presidency
in addition to
my strong belief in the woman's rights
and in Equality
and part of the social justice is that
any selection for any role
should be based on the efficiency
not on the sex or religion
or the social status
or family lineage
(audience clapping)
this is in Mohamed Mahmoud
why do i show this picture?
because i started going around Egypt
i feel historical stories,
I like the story of Isis and Osiris
just like Isis
i put the revolution on my shoulder
and going around talking about it
in the towns and villages
and I find myself depressed
and can't feel the outcome of the revolution
so i keep pushing them
their welcome was very warm
and you will see it in the pictures later on
but they didn't give us a chance
the Maspero Massacre
Mohammed Mahmoud
Port Said
and lastly the Ministry of Defense
which was a trap
and all the truths will be revealed later on
,but thank God we are in the age of
the limitless skies
and i was just broadcasting
we all can create our own media
and our phones can reveal truths
that was one of the points
even though i went down.
This is in Fayoum ,with the young adults
and inside the poor houses
and the women ,whatever they were wearing
so what if you were a woman
what have we seen from men
why not try
(audiance clapping)
this is the truth of the Egyptian people
this is the value of the revolution
so what a small kid, why not try
so what a woman, why not try
so what if Christian, why not try
so what if Redneck,why not try
so what if from Sinai,why not try
raise your head,you are Egyptian
with every part of Egypt
we are proud to be Egyptian
and when our revolution wins (if God wills it)
we will find that rights are for everyone
because we said
diginty, freedom, social justice
this is a girl from Fayoum
i recommend her to talk here in TEDx
I know from Amr that you want to spread everywhere
Huda is an excellent girl,
and she got a scholarship from the AUC
for free, to study
and these are the little girls
i would always make sure when I am around them
to say you are going to be a minister
you are going to be the president
and the kids
you will be a minister in of foreign affairs
there must be a dream
sadly, the house are simple and poor
but this is part of our social responsibility
towards our society
always when i meet my friends
they tell me after the parliament elections
we are shocked by the Egyptian people
and i say: What are you shocked with?
What did you do for the Egyptian People?
each individual thought of his own project, their own dream
as student, to take their first step
and succeed,but if we really thought
what have we done for our people
no, we didn't do anything
we're really delinquent
but i am optimistic about the revolution
with all that initiative i watch on Facebook
and what all the youth come to tell me about
even the newspaper
this was on the day i recieved my election papers
it was a very important day
that was the first time i faced the cameras
with a traditional outfit(Galabia)
i love anything that is traditional
and i consider
-raise your head,you are Egyptian-
is everything i am as an Egyptian
and who gives me these (Galabia) is a friend
because my salary was stopped in February2011
i joke around and say, I am going to be like
Nagib Al Rehani, and eat yogurt with a shoe stick
i was going to withdraw the election papers
this is where the center of the presidential committee
and i said: Shahira
she is a doctor in Islamic History
but she is interested in traditional clothes
encourage me to wear the (Galabia)
if i wear Siwi traditional clothes
it will look to be ethnic,different
wear the ones with the silver, like the "Wahat"
that is fine ,but to wear the (Galabia),that's really weird
but i want to tell you that when i wore it
i felt a very weird feeling
i felt like i was the countryside woman
from the statue of "Nahdet Maser"
by the sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar
by the way he is from Tombara,Al Mahla
and his mother is from Al-Mansoura.
i am sure that
life contains a lot of messages
that move like this
suddenly, i realized that
Mahmoud Mokhtar was the first Egyptian Sculptor
who picked up the art from the last pharaonic sculptor
and made "Nahdet Maser"
the Egyptian countryside woman
the Egyptian countryside woman waking the Sphinx up
i felt as if he was sending me this message
after 200 years of his death
to wear the (Galabia)
and say: stand up Egyptians
and step out of your ignorance
we will start a new page
that will be based on equality.
this was after the parlimant elections
as the first female presidential candidate
there is something important i want to confess
when i announced myself running for presidential election
i was a joke
to the Egyptian Media
i remember this time, in a newspaper
i was in a Seminar, and my mother was sitting
and i went outside for pictures first
then i asked :where is my mother?
so they started to joke about it
but something important i want to say
this is the importance of this international experience
that makes the biggest local news take me seriously
the Gurdian,News Week, Washington Post
when they took me seriously
they found admired and important media
dealing with a presidential candidate
and by the way that shortned
a lot of distance.
and this was after the parliament elections
and you know, that
Carter Center was allowed
to supervise over the elections.
Carter met the presidential Candidates
after they finished the supervision.
i want to end this, i think i passed my time
they always say: " behined every
saccessful man ,is a woman"
but i say, behined every independant woman
an environment of grandfathers
its like how Freud said:
we are like an onion
layer upon layer upon layer
this is my husband,judge,
Ashraf Al-Barodi
with the indpendance group
and participated in the judge revolution of 2006
and the revolution should have started then
i want to tell you guys
that he suffered alot with me
like taking away from his manhood
they alwayes wonder: how could he be unable to control his wife?
and he was always the one who answered
and when sometimes they mention
that no ruling for women
he says, this isn't ruling
and he is a man of law and has
studied Islamic law
he say it's not a rule it's a job
and here we were together because
he works in Dubai
we were in a match
we stood together at the stadium
and this is one of the "shohda'a" of the "Ultras"
in the Port Said Massacre
i appluad my husband
judge,Ashraf Al-Barodi
(audiance clapping)
and i say to all the Egyptians
we are a respected nation
the right of the injustice bloodshed won't be wasted without claim
we will get our brother's rights and kids
as free patriots we will continue our path
thank you