[555] Aleppo, Al Madinah: Survivor from the Massacre in the Intelligence Building [EN,FR,RU]

Uploaded by TheSyrianrev2011 on 12.08.2012

Aleppo: one of the surviors from the massacre committed by the Air Forces Intelligence in which 11 people were killed.
Tell us brother! What did they do to you? They took me, and hit my head with stones.
How did they arrest you? I was heading to take my salary from Al Jamilia
We passed by Al Sayed area. They took me from there.
They took my mobile, and searched it. They found message from the FSA, then they took me to a ruined place.
They broke stones on my head. Where is this place? Near the building of the Air Forces Intelligence
The Shabih Mohmmad Ad-Deiri hit me brutally, and stepped over my head and my body.
Mohmmad Ad-Deiri? Ya, he asked, "You don't know who Mohmmad Ad-Deiri is. " I said, "No,"
He said, "I'm the greatest Shabih in this area. How come you don't know me? Even you're a Palestinian and you live among us,
You go out in protest, and you cooperate with the Free Syrian Army." Then they took me to the Air Forces Intelligence building.
We spent there 3 days. There was neither food nor drink. They tortured us and beat us every day.
I have been hurt in every area in my body. After 3 days, they transferred us to the Military Police Department.
They wanted to take us to court. We took the car, our hands were cuffed, and our eyes were bound.
As we were on our way, we knew that they were intending to kill us. They called another group and they told them:
"If you heard the sound of shooting, it would be us. We want to catch the car."
We were taken out of the car, and they put us near the rocks. They started shooting at us.
Where is that place? Al Khaldiay How many were you? 11 people
11 people!!! Yes Were there other prisoners with them? Yes
Tomorrow they will do the same as well. They will do it every day.
I heard them saying this. They take innocent people.
The more people they bring, the more money Mohammad A-Deiry gets.
He said to them: "guys, we haven't done much work today. We brought only 5 people."
He gets money for every prisoner? Yes
Allahu Akbar! There are people who have nothing to do with anything.
Have they been questioned? N�