Топ-10 стран для настоящих путешественников

Uploaded by pravda on 29.10.2012

Authoritative edition "Lonely Planet" has published a top ten countries in the world
that simply need to visit in 2013. If you are a true independent traveler - you absolutely
have to see them.
In the first place back in time suffering in Sri Lanka. The country has not only been
able to recover from the 2004 tsunami - and create the most comfortable conditions of
tourists. Tender ocean, exotic jungle and the ancient traditions of Ceylon - and even
at lower prices than in Thailand! Sri Lanka is to taste.
Montenegro - good summer and winter. Summer tourists will crystal waters and secluded
beaches of the Mediterranean in the winter - ski resorts. And for Russian tourists Montenegro
even more attractive - that it does not need a visa to visit.
In South Korea used to be difficult and expensive to just fly! But now the Koreans really got
down to tourism - and the traveler who is in South Korea, one expects of the most beautiful,
clean and well-kept Asian countries. Russian tourists will soon be a month holiday in South
Korea without a visa - which adds to the attractiveness of this area.
Another visa-free country for Russian tourists - sunny Ecuador. It has everything - that
not for one second was bored: mountains and volcanoes, jungle and Indian villages, cities
at the height of the clouds and the jewel of Ecuador - Galapagos protected! That's just
the ticket prices are still expensive. Even seasoned travelers say: the main to get there,
but there really any budget tour will be unforgettable!
Slovakia - a bit odd choice as a special attraction this country is not known. But the crowds
of tourists and there are not found at every turn. For those who want peace, tranquility,
privacy and ecotourism - this area is ideal. And Russians surprised to find - how similar
we are to our Slovaks. No language barrier - but there is the need to obtain a Schengen
Solomon Islands - one of the most remote and exotic places on earth. 30 islands and atolls
that make this Pacific state - can be rightly called the Land of the Lost world. The air
temperature during the year is always the same from 25 to 30 degrees. The islands ideal
for snorkeling, diving, sailing and sport fishing. Overall, not a place - a paradise
on earth. That's just to get there - a separate adventure. Therefore heavenly places - that
get there not everyone is able.  
Iceland - a country of vivid impressions, landscapes like the moon surface with craters
and lava, soothing meadows with grazing horses and sheep, active volcanoes, beautiful rivers
and waterfalls. Want to see beautiful landscapes and steaming geysers? Catch in the river trout
and salmon? Bathe in the healing hot water? You absolutely have to go to Iceland! Worthy
Submissions Russian tourists Turkey strongly associated with hotels of all-inclusive and
other dubious delights of mass tourism. Meanwhile, Turkey - one of the best countries for voluntary
travel: Martian landscapes of Cappadocia, the mountains and lakes of Central Turkey,
Lycia, with its thousands of islands and sunken cities, mysterious Konya - the capital of
the Order "dancing dervishes," ... all of this - Turkey, a country in which so easy
to get - and that is impossible not to fall in love.
Dominican Republic. Christopher Columbus discovered Hispaniola (as he called the island) in 1492,
considered the land of the finest of them all, which has gone before. And today is one
of the fastest growing resort areas in the Caribbean.
Tours to Madagascar - a journey that will give you the opportunity to plunge into the
primitive, completely authentic world of this amazing beauty of the island and feel the
full, what is the real, exotic vacation.  
We are born to travel. Even sitting in the rainy and cold cities - you can not only dream,
but implement your plans. I have already chosen where to go! And where
would you like to go? Please, write in the comments to this video.