Crackòvia - New tactics [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

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bloody hell
oh, how it was? How those were placed?
let's see, this one here...
shhh, eh! Mister designed new tactics
this is more strange than Queca as guard dog
but how we will play with one goalkeeper and 9 defenders? 9 defenders?
Where I play? Am I out?
I don't know, but Mister went crazy, and for sure Pinto is goalkeeper
no, no, Mister gave us 3 years of glory, there must be a logic in it, let's think
mayby we should try to look at it in different way, and we play in this formation,
I see! It's reverse psychology
We're playing with 9 defenders, opposite team can't go closer the goal, so they get crazy, and are so silly that score own goals, and we win without breaking a sweat, it's brilliant
it's philosophy of 9, I make 9 shots on goal and all are on the post or are too wide
and what I do?
you do whatever you want, you're fucking badass
ok, so I will score 4 goals
yeah sure, it's that easy huh?
let's go boys,
very good! great tactics!
-What? -Nobody expects 1-9-1! We're back to making history! Visca Mister!
yes, this idea came to my mind, you know that I'm not supporter of individual celebrations, but yes, God blessed me
and now, go to the pitch and win this game!
I know that lying is not good, but if this motivate them...
what the heck is that?
It's my fault Mister...
I stumbled and destroyed your plan, didn't know how to set it, I'm sorry
Sorry? I haven't seen them so motivated in a long time
listen, maybe you would like to replace me? I have doubts
Well, to tell you the truth, no thanks
same here, too much pressure
this and because I love my hair