Making Homemade Sausage Hot Links : Adding Peppers to Homemade Sausages

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.12.2007

Hi my name is Karl James owner of Creolesoul catering located in Round Rock, Texas and
on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you how to make hot links. Okay now that we
have our meat here, we have seasoned it, we tasted it, the seasoning is right we are going
to add our peppers to it. These are the peppers that we grind up a little bit earlier and
you want to be careful cause the seasoning itself is a little spicy so I'm not going
to put to much peppers in there don't want it to be to hot. But we do want it hot not to hot. So we would
get those peppers all mixed up to our meat mixture
and once again I'm using a spoon here you could use your hands feel free to get close
to the food. Anyway let's move on to our next step.