Slammin' Body Workout | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 10.10.2012

Hi, I'm Ashley Borden and welcome to Perfect Form. Today's workout is your Slammin' Body
Workout using a weighted med ball. So the ball I'm using is a 20 pound med ball. You
can use whatever weight feels comfortable for you as long as it feels challenging. You
can also go through the whole workout without med ball if you want. Most importantly, you're
gonna go through this as many times as you can within 15 minutes, and I want you to jot
down how many times you go through it. Move carefully through the motions, connecting
to your form. It's not a race. So let's get started. First thing you're gonna start with
is a Reverse Lunge. So you're gonna hold the ball on the arm and the leg that's not moving,
so this guy stays loaded, and you're gonna reverse lunge. Take a step back, make sure
you're weight stays loaded in your front heel and up to the top. And that's 1 -- we're gonna
go 15 times. Core stays tight -- 2. You can slightly touch your knee to the ground -- 3.
Just so you know you're going low enough -- 4, 5. Real important that your front heel does
not go over your front toe -- 6, 7. I might be off one, I don't know. And up -- 8. When
I'm coming up, I am squeezing the bum of the leg that has the ball. Five more -- 5. Keep
that core tight so you don't wobble like I just did -- 3, 2. And I'm keeping my tempo
fast enough that I feel like I can keep my form, but not too fast that I feel like my
form is suffering. Other side -- 1, 2. You wanna keep that heart rate up -- 3. Keep that
core tight -- 4, 5. Oops. Another good cue for you guys is make sure that front knee
is not collapsing inward -- 9. Kinda slightly push it out to the left. Five more. Breathe
in hard -- 5. And up -- 4. Driving through that front heel -- 3. Whew -- 2. Last one,
and up. Good. Alright, moving to your Push-Ups. So I'm gonna be doing them full length, and
you can do them on your knees if it's too hard. What dictates how far down you go with
the push-up is the arm on the ball, okay? So you're gonna go wide feet, your glutes
and your quads are tight, tight, tight. You're gonna come down and exchange. That's 1. Down
and exchange -- 2. Core tight -- 3. Last one, and up. And that's 4. Excellent. Alright,
moving to your Overhead Slams. Balls gonna be overhead -- my core is so tight. I'm gonna
slam through the floor, extend those arms -- 2, 3 -- 15 -- 4, 5, 6, 7. Good, watch that
my neck's not pushing forward -- 9. Through the floor -- 5. Core tight -- 4, 3. Two more
-- 2. One more -- 1. Nice. Okay, moving to your Air Squat with an Overhead Press. You're
air squat position: You wanna have your heels hip bone width apart, 5 percent turn out with
those feet. You're gonna hold the ball up at your chest, push the knees out, drop the
bum below knees, big push, and all the way up, alright? 15 -- 2, 3. I'm using those hips
-- 4 -- to push straight up -- 5, 6. Nice -- 7. Heels -- 8, 9, 10. Keep that chest high
-- 5, 4. Nice -- 3. Big exhale -- 2. Last one, push. Very good work you guys. So remember,
this is gonna be 15 minute as many times as you can go through it. And I want you to go
ahead and jot down how many times you actually completed and post it below so that we can
all see. But most importantly, like I always remind you: I want you to connect to your