Craft Masters Episode 7

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(♪ Music ♪)
Roll up your sleeves,
warm up your glue guns and sharpen your scissors!
It's time for a crafting showdown like you've never seen before!
Our three contestants pit their wits, skills and crafting creativity
against each other as the clock runs down.
Allison comes from a long line of artists
and loves to make jewelry from unexpected materials.
Nibedita is a life-long gardener and jewelrymaker
who makes food look as good as her art.
Misty lives for flowers
and loves giving her fabulous baskets on every occasion.
So here's how it works.
Our three contestants race against the clock
to create a masterpiece using only supplies found here in our studio,
what they've been able to grab on their shopping spree,
and their mystery items.
Once the clock runs down, time's up,
and we'll see whose project measures up--
I think she's bitten off a little more than she can chew.
KYRA: --falls flat,
and who becomes the Craft Master.
The boxes in front of you contain the theme for your project
and the items that you must incorporate in some way.
Once you open your boxes, it's time to get shopping.
Are you ready?
TOGETHER: Yeah! Whoo!
Open 'em up!
KYRA: Today's gift box items include:
a DCWV Card Kit in a Stack, tissue paper
and the theme is "Mother's Day Gift."
I was really excited because I love Mother's Day.
NIBEDITA: When I saw these two items, I thought,
"Oh, my God, what should I do?"
Now, it's time to get shopping.
(♪ Upbeat Music ♪)
MISTY: On the shopping spree,
I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
I had no idea what I was doing.
♪ ♪
This one, maybe.
I see some gorgeous flowers over here.
Time's up.
Bring your carts to the register.
ALLISON: I was almost certain I was going to go over,
but I still got a lot of good stuff.
♪ ♪
MISTY: Well, I only had to leave behind one thing,
and it was the cello.
And I'm glad I did.
(♪ Music ♪)
I hope you have a solid plan and everything you need,
because you have one hour to complete your projects.
The judges are watching, and the clock starts now.
(♪ Fast-Paced Music ♪)
I am making a ribbon topiary as my main feature,
and I'm making a little place setting
because every mom needs to have her own special spot.
ALLISON: It instantly came to me that I wanted to do jewelry
inside of a shadow box.
ERIN MADSEN: I'm not sure about what her plan is with that frame,
but I guess we'll see, huh?
I think so.
NIBEDITA: When I decided that I will do the wreath,
I never changed my mind,
and I just keep working to that direction.
MISTY: I bought the wrong-sized ball.
I bought a ball that was too big for my container,
so I'm going to have to cut it down.
I was stuck with this huge ball,
and I'm cutting with a pair of scissors,
and I'm used to having a serrated knife.
Oh, the sound of that cutting of that Styrofoam.
It's like fingernails on a chalkboard.
It's awful.
Let me introduce our judges to you today.
We have Michaels' very own diva of glitter,
Jo Pearson.
And our guest judges are:
Amy Sorenson, DIY queen;
and Erin Madsen,
lifelong paper crafter.
(♪ Electronic Music ♪)
Well, ladies, it looks like you're hard at work.
And I don't want to slow you down too much,
but I have a surprise for you.
Today's wild card items are Creatology wiggle eyes.
You must incorporate these into your final project in some way.
Good luck.
MISTY: The whole googly-eye thing was a little off.
I wasn't real sure how I was going to work that.
NIBEDITA: So I have two birds, so they have eyes,
so I didn't have any problem about using it.
The biggest downfall with the shadow box
is I thought it was real wood, and it was plastic.
And so I couldn't sand it and do a finish,
though I thought I would try to decoupage it.
I started out at 12 years old, working in the flower shop.
I have pretty much done flowers my whole life
and just different crafts along the way.
I like to just do whatever comes up.
NIBEDITA: Doing arts and crafts,
the inspiration came from my children.
When my daughter, growing up,
I--you know, learned how to do the hair bows.
And then she grew older and then I started making jewelry.
We have arts and crafts in our blood.
Crafters, you have 15 minutes to finish your projects.
ALLISON: About the 15-minute mark,
when I looked at the shadow box,
and it was very far from being done,
and I did grab paints,
but I thought I just might make a huge mess
and make it a lot worse.
It seems like I'm always pushing the clock.
I come from a long line of artists,
and I have completely shamed them.
( Timer Beeps )
KYRA: Time's up, and tools down.
It's time to tell the judges all about your projects.
I made this just for this Mother's Day,
used the tissue paper to make the grass
and used the card to do the decorations
and used the wiggly eyes for the birds.
For Mother's Day, I made this ribbon topiary
and used the tissue paper in the bottom.
I used the wiggle eyes for the mother's place mat,
and I used the card kit in a stack to embellish the plate.
Judges, I have to say this is definitely not my best work.
I had a lot of fun, and I'll tell you how I did this anyways.
The outside, I used tissue paper with the Mod Podge
to decoupage the outside.
I used the card kit
for the background on the inside of the shadow box,
and then I used the googly eyes for the center of the flowers
and painted them orange.
KYRA: Thank you.
It's now time for the judges to deliberate.
What do you think about Allison's project?
I really like how she used her wiggle eyes,
that she painted them and made them look like rustic brads.
I loved that.
You can't tell they're wiggle eyes.
That was exactly what I wanted to see with those,
was somebody using them as something
other than being a wiggle eye.
JO: Well, you know, unfortunately, though,
at the end of the day, you know, she didn't get finished.
And I think some of her technique was lacking.
So, Jo, what about Nibedita's project?
You know, we obviously all knew that it was going to be a wreath.
And she tore right into that tissue paper
and started covering it.
AMY: I like that she used the tissue paper three-dimensionally.
It wasn't just the flat piece that she used.
And I think she used the three products the best.
She used the tissue paper, the card kit and the wiggle eyes.
They were all prominent in her project.
So what do we think about Misty's project?
I like that it was a complete set for breakfast.
I like that she had the topiary in the center
and that she had the placemat.
And my favorite part was the plate that had the smiley face.
( Laughter )
JO: Well, the wiggle eyes were what just kind of--
kind of threw me off a little bit.
I'm not sure that I wanted
to just have all of them eye-balling me.
ERIN: But that was a great, innovative way
to use those wiggle eyes, you have to admit.
Judges, have you made your decision?
I believe we have.
I think so. Yeah.
Well, it was hard, but the judges have come to a decision.
Ladies, you know, you all did a great job.
We're very proud of you, but you know what?
In the end, there can only be one Craft Master.
And today...
that's Misty.
( Applause )
MISTY: I was so excited!
It's so awesome!
MISTY: Thank you!
It was a blast!
It was totally out there and just so much fun.
Misty, you are the Craft Master.
Thank you.
(♪ Theme ♪)