Interview with Artem Rybakin and Bond (Techlabs announcers) with Eng subs

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Sep 29, 2012

There are staggering and sexy guys standing with me.
They will be the anchormen of Techlabs.
Will you present it in all the countries of the world?
Let’s start from the fact that we’ll present it
with the whole world.
And it won’t be in the future
as we’ve been doing that for several years.
Oh, really?
The Techlabs Cup is held in Belarus, Russia,
Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In all 4 countries.
That’s you’ve been doing that for several years,
and as for me, it’s my first time.
We’re making the 3rd Techlabs together.
Do you like the organization and all the stuff?
Of course we like!
The energetic and lots of people who we provoke,
so it can be only like that.
What do you think about...
Why are you on formal terms with us?
What do you both think of you as professionals;
can you see the further prospect for development
in this sphere?
Repeat the question please.
Would you like to continue working in the sphere?
In which one?
In gaming.
In gaming? Here we’re so far as anchormen.
It happened that our friends are the sponsors
of this event and we’re here
taking into account that we’re the best anchormen of Belarus
Artem, it’s not modesty.
Are you really the best ones?
Are you talking about us?
Yah, really, why should we put on a modest air of that?
Tell me about your current joint projects?
I tell that everybody who is watching us now,
everybody should switch on “The Potato Republic,”
I don’t know whether you will show
it in your program,
but I’m talking about the 1st Belarusian canal
on YouTube where my and Andrey’s show is broadcasted.
This show is watched by millions people.
Artem, you’re the anchorman and the actor as well, tell me please…
Are you the actor as well?
The anchorman and the actor.
No, I thought that you were an actor
in the past and I thought, that what does it mean?
Yes, I’m actor.
Tell us about your carrier?
Like, “I’m actor and anchorman…”
Just wait a moment.
In which projects?
I’m actor and anchorman but I’m not acting at the moment.
Where were you acting?
I’ve got approximately 10 movies
but I don’t want to enumerate them
as when I act in super movie I’ll tell the whole world about it.
Do you play any games?
To tell the truth I…
You’re talking so sweet.
I like her very much.
I like you.
Ooohhh, it’s so sweet!
Yes, I play games. I played CS in the past.
I was playing for a little club in Minsk
when I was a kid.
Now I play but I’m fond not of computer games but of…
The role ones?
What about you?
I’ve got Xbox.
I’ve got it too!
I played computer games as well
when I had it but I liked simulators more.
I liked NFS very much.
I like it too!
We have so many common interests!
It’s so sweet!
Guys, you already must be aware of the teams
and disciplines etc.
Do you have any private favorites?
I don’t care.
I think the same, but maybe it will look trite,
as Na`Vi seems to be invincible in CS, so I’ll support them.
I think they’ll be highly pleased.
Thank you for the interview. See you soon.
What are you going to do next?
I’ll jump!
No, I’m serious.
What? Where?
What are you going to do next, madam?
3 of us?
What are 3 of us going to do together?
We’ll think up!
I meant them 3 as there are 5 of us.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Watch “The Shit Question” on “Potato Republic”
Thank you guys.
Here you are.
Ask us completely! Talk to us, talk!
Be calm!
Oh, God! You’re my boyfriend.
Let me suck your microphone!
Are you kidding me? Beast!