My YouTube Story: Ryan Higa

Uploaded by FiveYear on 12.05.2010

♪ [music]
That fat ass Ninja will never catch me.
♪ [music]
Luci: Just 14, couldn't drive.
And so during the summer
he got the neigborhood kids and they had their own VHS Camcorder.
It kept them out of trouble.
You know, during the summer they had nothing to do, you know.
[wheels screeching]
Girl: You're impossibly fast.
And strong.
Luci: Actually he's pretty quiet, reserved,
Ryan: Are you talking about me?
Luci: Yes, you.
Ryan: Awesome. Actually we just did it for fun.
We wanted to show our other friends.
We just put it on YouTube because we didn't want to have to like take it physically.
♪ [music]
♪ I wan you to draw me,
♪ like those girls in your book.
Ryan: And then we didn't even look at it for like months.
Came back and we had over 1000 views and we were like,
who's watching this, you know?
Luci: I was thinking only Hawaii was watching him.
I didn't think people all over the world were watching.
All of a sudden he was like second page.
I was like second page.
You made the second page of the top 100.
Ryan: I just wanted to thank each and every one of you
who supported me and helped me to reach two million subscribers
Ryan: When I first started college I was ah,
doing nuclear med.
I didn't like it.
My first semester I switched to a film major.
YouTube helped make that decision for me.
Luci: It wasn't an easy choice though,
you know cause it's kind of like or your career, you know.
But I think, you just have to do what you want to do.
♪ [music]