Yif Magic手機穿越&意念開罐 [官方HD] IPhone through Water Bottle & Self-Open Soda Can

Uploaded by yifartofmagic on 31.08.2012

What is Magic
What is Magic
And what is Art?
I believe in this world there is a connection between everything
Drawing the inner soul using lines and colors
is the Art of every surrealist painter
Drawing dreams with emotional words
is the Magic of every poet
Every second, every syllable, every picture
are the components of every piece of Magic
Different people, different places, different cultures
I never stop asking myself
Is this effect the best choice
for this particular audience
for this particular audience
able to give him a sincere and deep touching moment
I could have performed everyone of my magical creations many thousands times.
I still remind myself every single time
To the eyes of this audience
in the heart of this human being
this is His/Her first time
It is just like 18 years ago when I see magic for the first time
my child eyes were filled with lighting stars
I swore to myself that I will do my best
to leave in the heart of everyone I meet
a magical star
Execuse me, guys.
Do you have a minute?
We are filming a documentary
A show?
We are filming a Documentary
It will take just one minute
One minute?
Is that OK?
Please come over here.
Right here.
Hmm… I see you are holding a……
Did you just buy it?
A can of Coke
and what is this?
Should I use Latte or Coke
Lets see…
the Coke can should be better…. It’s made of metal.
Lets do a small experiment.
Can you hold it for me?
Today is the first time we meet.
Hmm… Make sure there is nothing in my hands.
And there is nothing in your hands, too.
I know this is the first time we meet
Im just confirming everything is okay for the camera.
Just in that area
That space
We can try an interesting experiment.
Your Coke... just here
This… f… Can I still drink it?
This… f… Can I still drink it?
Of course you can drink it this is your Coke.
Drink it!
In fact we are doing a documentary on the art of magic
Thank you, guys.
Thank you.