Do the Right Thing (4/10) Movie CLIP - Your Jordan's Are F***ed Up! (1989) HD

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He's a sucker, man.
See last night's game?
Uh-huh. l saw it.
Best pitcher in the game--
Dwight Gooden.
l knew you'd bring that up.
Who's better?
Roger Clemens.
Clemens sucks. He can't carry Dwight's jock.
Dwight's best in the game.
Dwight's best in the game.
What's up, Buggin' Out?
You the man.
No, you the man.
No, you the man.
No, you the man.
No, you the man.
l'm a struggling black
trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel world.
What's with the white boy?
Don't start no shit.
Vito's down. Vito's down, all right?
Yeah, right.
Vito's down.
You almost knocked me down.
The word is ''excuse me.''
Excuse me. l'm sorry.
You stepped on my brand-new white Air Jordans.
That's all you can say?
You're serious?
Yeah! l'll fuck your prick two times!
Two times!
Who told you to be in my neighborhood?
l own this brownstone.
Who told you to buy a brownstone in my neighborhood?
What do you want to live
in a black neighborhood for, anyway?
l understand this is a free country.
A man can live wherever he wants.
Free country? l should fuck you up for saying that.
Yo, man. Your Jordans are fucked up!
Might as well throw them shits out. They're broke.
They looked good before he messed them up.
He was even talking about your mama--
Shit, you used to be so fine!
How much they cost?
$108 with tax.
You're lucky l got a loving heart.
Next time, cross the street quick.
l'm out of here.
Break his feet!
You should buy me another pair!
Black Panther'd whip his ass!
You're lucky l'm a righteous black man!
Otherwise you'd be in serious trouble! Serious!
Let's fuck him up.
Move back to Massachusetts!
l was born in Brooklyn.
- No! - Oh! - Man!