Interview with Markeloff @ TECHLABS Cup RU 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 18, 2012

- Hey, starix.
How do you do?
- New image.
- Childish games.
- Markeloff is trying to pass “Angry birds”.
I’m trying to pass gobbling exam.
- I’ve just passed gobbling exam and I feel magnificent.
- Markeloff, how do you like it here?
- Cool.
- Are the fans pestering you?
- Yes, they are.
- Is it your way to abstract away from them?
- Kind of…
I’m just very tired.
- Did you land here yesterday?
- Yep.
- Did you have some time to have a rest and walk around?
- Yes, we had liitle time...
to explore our district.
- Which maps will you play with MoscowFive?
- Tuscan, inferno?
- Is it your first experience of playing for money like this?
Like, to get money per each round you win?
- Yes.
- How do you like the idea?
- The more money, the better.
But it’s okay.
- You’re already TECHLABS champions.
Is it like a bonus?
- Yes.
So if we take into account our champions’ money,
it’s not bad.
It’s good.
$ 50 per round is awesome.
- What do think about the absence of SK?
They were disqualified as a matter of fact.
- Yes. Well, there are many tales about it…
It’s a pity they didn’t come.
- Which tales do you mean?
- Organizers told us one version,
GeT_RiGhT told me another one.
- What did GeT_RiGhT tell you?
- It doesn’t matter.
Let’s say his story differed completely from the official one.
So I don’t know the truth.
It’s a pity they couldn’t come.
- Beer of your fan is the most delicious.
- I won’t film you.
- Kvass tastes good.
(Kvas is non-alcoholic traditional Ukrainian drink)
- Kvass is really tasty.
- Ceh9 didn’t try.
- Do you drink kvass?
- It’s tasty.