Professor Dawn Hinton - Importance of Writing

Uploaded by SaginawValleyState on 31.08.2011

Hello, my name is Dawn Hinton. I’m in the Department of Sociology as an Associate Professor,
and I wanted to talk with you about the importance of writing.
When we start our educational experiences, we start as consumers of knowledge, consumers
of information. We take in information and facts, ideas and
data, and we use this information to draw conclusions,
because a part of learning is knowing what already exists.
In addition, learning is not simply about knowing what’s out there,
but it’s also about finding out how knowledge is created and communicated.
Another part of learning is to identify our truths:
What is true to us? How does our experience connect to the experiences of others?
So although we start as consumers of knowledge, consumers of information,
the idea is to get us to the place where we are actually creating knowledge, creating
information. And unless we are able to write effectively,
there is no way we will be able to effectively communicate that.
You come to college as a consumer of new information, and as college professors, we design writing
assignments in an effort to get you to be a creator of knowledge and information.