Building a Langstroth Hive @ NC State

Uploaded by NCState on 30.09.2011

[ Silence ]
>> The purpose here is to build a standard Langstroth beehive
that consists of one brood box that can be ordered
from any beekeeping supply company that is precut and ready
to be assembled, and then similarly a shallower honey
super that we will then construct as well.
Now what you'll need as far as preparation and equipment,
you will first need to remove any jewelry or watches just
for safety, and it's also a really good idea
to have some safety goggles.
We're going to be nailing these together,
and you certainly wouldn't want to, to miss one and have one fly
and poke you in the eye.
So safety goggles are definitely recommended.
Now also for hardware you're going
to need one standard heavy-duty hammer.
You will also need some 8D two and a half inch nails in order
to put the wooden ware together.
And then it's also a good idea to have some standard wood glue
in order to put the rabbit joints together,
but in this case, we're probably not going to need it
because later on, we're going to use some,
some fairly heavy-duty paint to,
to coat over the, any of the joints.
Now the first order of business is to secure your brood box,
[background noise] and it comes with two long sides
and then two short sides.
And so what you want to do is you want
to assemble these together, and in doing so,
you want to make sure that the hand holds are going
to be orienting in the same direction.
You can easily put them together upside down, and that won't make
for a very convenient way to lift the, the box later on.
So make sure that the two handles are
in the correct orientation.
And then you want to gently tap in the, the riveted rabbits,
the joints so that they are tightly fit.
[ Hammering ]
>> And in doing so, doing it on both sides [hammering]
so that everything is nice and flush.
You then want to take a nail,
and what I like to do is just nail in one hole in each side
to secure it in place, [music] and then you're able
to finish the rest of them.
[ Music ]
[ Hammering ]
>> Now you're able to do the rest of the holes
in this particular joint.
And then simply repeat on the other half,
putting it together in much the same way.
So what I'm doing is we have the two sides
and ends fastened together, and now it's a matter
of putting those together.
In doing so, it is critical to make sure
that the entire box fits snugly and is square.
It can easily be off square like this,
in which case the frames won't uniquely fit into the box,
and then the [music] ability
to manipulate the hive is really going to be hindered.
[ Music ]
[ Hammering ]
>> Once you're satisfied that the entire box is square, again,
drive a single nail through each side of the joint,
and then finish the rest.
[hammering] Once you're done with the brood box,
do the exact same thing with the honey super, again,
making sure that each side and end piece has the hand hold
in the same orientation.
[ Background Noise ]
[ Silence ]