A Record Breaking 10-10-10 for Geocachers

Uploaded by GoGeocaching on 12.10.2010

Florida Geocacher: Hey, we're rainbow girls camp in Florida USA and we're geocaching on
10-10-10 because this is the biggest party around the planet today.
>>>Jeremy Irish: We wanted to beat this record that we had.
>>>Nate Irish: It is 10:10 on 10-10-10 and we're going geocaching
>>>Annie Love: Would anyone like to go find a cache? Yeah!
>>>Colorado Geocachers: Hey hey heyů ohů sorry
>>>Texas Geocachers: 10-10-10 you're suppose to take a 10 second video
>>>Colorado Geocachers: two take, hey hey heyů we're the flipper team, we're ten blocks
north and ten blocks west of the center of Denver at 10:10 in the morning
>>>California Geocacher: We're being all boy and we're geocaching. Is that the right word?
>>>Swedish Geocacher: Empty, we are the first to find
>>>Jeremy: It's been 10 years since Groundspeak has been around. It's also been 10 years since
Geocaching has been around. So when folks were talking about there will be a 10-10-10
this year, and that it doesn't happen that often, we figured let's do something fun.
Let's issue a challenge to all geocachers to see if they can find a cache on this one
day and see how many people can do it.
>>>Indiana Geocachers: We're the I.U. geocaching club from Bloomington, Indiana and we're caching
on 10-10-10.
>>>Annie: It was published at 10:10am so we could go find a cache at 10:10 or right after
10:10. It's just a significant number, doesn't happen every day.
>>>Jeremy: I think it's amazing how when I'm asleep and this waking up this morning and
finding out that geocachers are already on the trail in their own timezones.
>>>Annie: Are we close guys?
>>>Nate: We're at ground zero. We have our little explorers over here. We bring the tiny
ones so they can get into the bushes.
>>>Nicholas: Yep, Jackson found it.
>>>Nicole: It's 10-10-10 and it took us 10 minutes to find the cache. How many more tens
can we get involved in this thing? Vader takes bride: Vader takes bride. I was
the bride, and I was the groom.
>>>Jeremy: It's pretty amazing to think that after ten years there's so many people out
there outdoors using this activity.
>>>Jon Stanley: We're definitely shattering the record.
>>>Oklahoma Geocacher: We're out geocaching on 10-10-10. Our goal today is to find at
least 10 geocaches. We're at "Dude where's the Road?"
>>>Jeremy: Maybe ther's other challenges we can issue to the geocaching community to get
them out outdoors and finding caches.
>>>Annie: Happy Caching!