New Vegas Weapon Guide 3 - Shotguns

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Within the game Fallout New Vegas there are an incredible number of guns, and they can
be categorized in a variety of ways. However, the most common method of dividing the guns
up is by type. Hand guns, rifles, machine guns, the list goes on; but in this guide
the category of interest are good old fashioned shotguns. A common weapon type to carry, and
even more memorable for their kick, scatter guns are the bread and butter in a zombie
apocalypse, so naturally they shouldn't be overlooked after the Apocalypse.
Whenever talking about shotguns there's no rival for fire rate when it comes to the the
Riot Shotgun. Even though it's damage per shot is rather derisive it compensates by
shooting at an insane speed. The unfortunate thing about this gun is how it has no unique
counterpart, and the base model is a rather rare find. Like most guns without a superior
version the the Riot Shotgun can be purchased from the Gun Runner's just outside of Freeside.
In the case of this gun you have to be at least level 16 before they have it in stock.
However, if you don't have the caps to drop for this little rapid fire gem, there's one
located in the armoury of Vault 34. Getting into the vault armoury however is a very lengthy
and complex process. In addition you won't have an easy time dealing with the ghouls
that infest it's halls, until your roughly level 15.
Normally I would cover how to navigate such a labyrinth, but because getting to the bottom
of the Vault is such an intricate process I've chosen to omit a condensed walk through.
Instead if you turn on video annotations, or check the description below, you'll find
a link to a far more detailed walk through of getting to the armoury of Vault 34. That's
all there really is to say here, but I do have one final caveat. Be certain to stock
up on Rad-X and Rad-Away before venturing into the vault. The entire facility is heavily
irradiated, and the multiple glowing ghouls down there will likely compound the problem.
One thing that's true about shotguns in general is how they typically have a large spread
because of the ammo they use. This can cause trouble if an enemy should run away, because
you won't do as much damage if all the shrapnel you fire doesn't hit your target. Now if you're
looking for a powerful shotgun with better accuracy, Dinner Bell is the gun you should
be looking for. Dinner Bell is an enhanced version of the Hunting Shotgun. It's damage
per shot is increased and the fire rate is higher, but most noteworthy is how it has
the smallest spread of any shotgun in the base game of New Vegas. Getting this firearm
however will take the most work of any gun that can be found in the Mojave wasteland.
You first have to travel to the Thorn, which is just outside of Westside, and west of the
New Vegas strip. Down in the Thorn arena is a woman named Red Lucy, and if you ask her
how you can help the thorn, she'll send you off multiple time to collect the eggs of various
wasteland creatures. This is what makes getting Dinner Bell so difficult, you can either collect
a dozen of the specific type of egg for her, or delve into a dangerous place in the wastes
to retrieve a quest specific pile of eggs. In all you have to collect eggs of giant mantes,
radscorpions, fire geckos, night stalkers, cazadors, and worst of all Death Claws. Each
creature type has a den you can fight through, and each ascending egg type is more difficult
to acquire. Since you can rely on compass markers while doing these quests there's no
real advice that can be given for how to complete the tasks required. The only things that can
be said should be self explanatory like have good armour, a quality gun, lots of ammo,
plenty of healing items, use anti venom when poisoned, and if you're so inclined bring
some backup. Outside of that I can't really give you any advice, since there's not single
superior way to tackle combat. Regardless of how you go about acquiring the
eggs you have to collect, when you return to Red Lucy with deathclaw eggs, which are
the last ones you have to collect, you will have completed all her tasks. In turn she
will not only give you the Dinner Bell shotgun, but as an added bonus she'll want you to..
uh... help warm her bed... no matter if you're a man or a woman.
Of all the bullet firing guns in Fallout New Vegas there's one single weapon that can't
be beat for damage per shot, and that gun is the Big Boomer. Big Boomer is the enhanced
version of the sawed off shotgun, and if you overlook explosive weapons no other gun in
the base game can deal more damage per shot. The con to this weapon however is it's enormous
spread. If the muzzle of this gun isn't literally pressed against your target the damage it
deals is reduced exponentially. That being said acquiring this gun is very easy. Just
north of Novac is a location called the Gibson Scrap Yard. Old Lady Gibson, the woman who
lives there, is the one who holds the Big Boomer. There are two ways to acquire this
weapon, the first way requires that you just kill her in cold blood. But if you want to
keep her alive you can strike her so she'll pull her gun, then shoot the it out of her
hands. If you do this quickly and holster your weapon fast enough, she'll stop trying
to fight you. Weather or not you leave her alive is up to you. Now if you're asking yourself
weather or not to kill her, you should first ask yourself if acquiring the big boomer is
worth your time, since it's only effective at point blank range.
Though it may not seem like a shotgun at first the Tri-beam Laser Rifle is indeed a sort
of energy shotgun. Firing three beams instead of one makes this weapon resembles a scatter
gun, albeit a much more accurate one. The tri beam laser rifle can be found in several
ways. Members of the brotherhood of steel, who are found in the hidden valley bunker,
carry them, so you can pickpocket or kill a member for it.
Another can be found inside of a safe house belonging to the followers of the apocalypse.
In order to gain access to the follower's safe house you must be idolized by them. The
easiest way to achieve this status with them is to simply donate either Med-X, RadAway,
or Fixer to Julie Farkas at the old Mormon fort in freeside. After you fork over enough
medical supplies You will be given the opportunity to join the followers, and receive a key to
their safe house. When you travel there you can find a rifle on one of the beds inside.
However, it will only appear if you have patched your game, so make sure to keep your game
up to date. Now the last way is by far the easiest, but
may very well be patched at a later date, so don't be surprised if this technique doesn't
work. If you go to the silver rush in Freeside a tri-beam laser rifle can be found on one
of the main weapon tables. If you walk up and "grab" the weapon you can carry it to
a location where you can steal it without being seen. Now some of you may be asking
what is "grab". Grabbing means you pick up an item without adding it to your inventory,
and manipulate it in the world space. You can do this by hovering your cursor over the
item, and pressing the Z key on the computer or pushing down the right analog stick on
the PS3 or 360. By doing this you "pick up" the item but don't "take" it, so you can drag
whatever you want to a location where you can steal it without being seen.
Similar to the Tri-Beam Laser Rifle is the Multiplas rifle, which is a shotgun like plasma
weapon that fires three green bolts of energy. It has a tighter spread than most normal shotguns,
and packs a heavy punch should all three bolts hit their target. It fires slow though, so
be advised accuracy is important with this weapon.
Finding a model of the Multiplas Rifle is roughly the same affair as finding a Tri-Beam
Laser Rifle. It is possible to easily steal the one sitting on a table in the silver rush
in freeside by using the meas described earlier. However, if that quick and simple method should
not work for one reason or another, there are additional instances of this gun.
Just like the the tri-beam laser rifle a multiplas rifle can be found in the safe house belonging
to the followers of the apocalypse. As explained earlier, you need to be idolized with the
followers to gain access to their safe house. The next copy of the gun can be found in the
Ruby Hill Mine which is north east of Jacobs Town, Northwest of the New Vegas strip, and
not that far from the Follower's safe house. Besides finding some lake-lurkes in the caves
the multiplas rifle can be found on a drowned super mutant near a table underwater.
The final guaranteed instance to mention is in the Central sewers which run under the
general area of New Vegas. The fastest way to the rifle is by accessing the sewers from
the manhole just in front of camp McCarran, which is south of the New Vegas strip. The
sewers are filled with rather non-lethal rodents, and more dangerous feral ghouls. The rifle
can be found on the floor in front of a terminal in the east most room, not that far north
from where you enter the sewers.
While there are more shotguns in Fallout New Vegas those three traditional, and two pseudo
shotguns are the truly noteworthy ones of mention. Excelling at things from accuracy,
to fire speed, to blast power. Each one is special in it's own way, and therefore worth
the time to find. However the gun variety in New Vegas consists of more than just shotguns,
and their pseudo counterparts. If you're searching for one or two handed guns, energy or oversized
weapons, unarmed or melee armaments then check out the rest of the Fallout New Vegas Weapon
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