John Robitscher (National Association of Chronic Disease Directors) Speaks About We Can!

Uploaded by nihwecan on 25.04.2011

It's a great opportunity. We are already working out in the communities on multiple
levels around
cardiovascular disease, and diabetes and obesity prevention.
And We Can! seemed like a really good fit for us. We really like what you're doing at the community
... and we think we could be a good partner in helping maybe leverage some resources.
We've got about fifteen hundred members. We represent members, folks who work in
state health departments. So, every state health department has a chronic disease branch, and
they all are working on
physical activity, obesity prevention-related activities. So first of all,
we want to really blanket these folks working at the state level and really let them
know what We Can! is, what We Can! can do in their communities, and what are some of the We Can! resources.