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>>Hey, got a great little segment in store for you.
We had a special request... Let me tell you too that you need to go on and you can request different things you want to see.
Things that maybe you want talked about dealing with the food and the things that are special to Central New York because that's what this show is all about.
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The reason why I said that is because we got a special request a little while ago on fish.
Christy Thompson, if you're watching out there, you requested that we do some fish dishes so I'm going to do this real quick.
We do have more coming. We'll do baked haddock, you know, white fish.
Do some different things like that.
But right now I have a sockeye salmon.
I'm going to show you a quick, easy, economical way to do it.
You can deep-fry this, too.
I was in Alaska and I learned a little technique on how they did it just like you do a fish-fry around here.
Fish frys are big in Upstate New York where you get the nice fresh haddock.
Well you can different types of salmon, the king salmon and stuff too and you can actually do a nice deep fry salmon even using this.
This is actually sockeye salmon.
A nice small piece. You can get them IQF which is quick-frozen.
You can buy them in any of the major retail stores.
BJ's. Walmart and so forth.
They come in little five to six ounce packages cryovaced.
Last a couple weeeks. Cut them open. Boom.
And I've got to tell you this, too.
Make sure you wash them. That's what I did.
I took it out of the cryovac and I actually washed it.
One of the things you're supposed to do after you wash it is you pat it dry with a dry towel.
It's real easy like this. Let me just show you here.
Just take your towel, fold it up and just pat it dry, OK?
You want both sides done.
Pat dry.
Because this is what you're going to sautee.
You take this, I'm going to use pure olive oil.
It's important that you use olive oil. It's actually healthier for you than to use just regular Wesson oil or some sort of canola oil.
Garlic salt. Pepper. That's all you're going to do is you're just going to go right over the top of it.
Get some nice pepper in there.
You want to be liberal because it's all going to cook in with the olive oil.
Right there.
And then what I'll do is that's basically your whole prep.
Quick and easy.
I'm going to take you over to the stove right now because I'm going to put the olive oil on and we're going to sautee this one. That's what we're going to do.
Now let me tell you too that you can put this under a base of a risotto. You can use any type of vegetable you want with this.
You can do french fries. You can do spinach. Baby spinach.
There's a lot of different ways you can do it.
I'm not going to do that for you today because I'm not creating a whole meal.
What I'm doing here is just showing you how quick and easy, economical, how you can cook up some nice salmon.
In about ten minutes you're done.
Four to five minutes on each side and you're done.
So let's go over to the stove, get the olive oil going and let me show you how to do it.
>>We've got our pan on. I'm going to take a little of the olive oil and we just want to put a little bit in here.
Because basically, you're just sauteeing it. Searing it up.
Put it on medium heat. That's about medium heat there.
OK now I did want to talk just a little bit, too, about the fish.
Because you can get fish in today's world... You can get it skin-on or skin-off.
This particular salmon, if you didn't get the skin on, it would fall apart on you sauteeing it.
This is skin-on.
I've got to show you this here.
See that, it's skin-on.
And a lot of people will take the fish, the salmon, and cook it skin-side down first.
That's the wrong way to do it.
What you need to do is you need to get this up to medium heat and that's why I did the garlic salt and the pepper and spiced it on top first.
Because you want to get this nice and hot here.
And then you want to lay it down the meat side down.
Skin up.
You're going to finish it off with the skin side down.
So here we go. It's real easy.
You just take it...
Ooh, do you hear that sizzle?
You can hear that sizzling all up there.
And while that's on I'm looking at my clock and I'm going to add a litte pepper to the top.
I'm going to add a little garlic salt.
Which has other mixed ingredients in there.
So you're just going to sautee this up, searing it in.
You're looking at about four to five minutes, tops.
And you want to wait until it gets like opaque.
Where it starts changing. If you can look at your skin.
Really to the color of your skin on the inside of your hand.
And if you can look at that, the color, I'll show you in a minute. It starts turning that pink. Or your tongue.
It starts turning pink.
So that's searing up nice.
It's only been about a minute here.
I'm going to show you that.
And as you can see I use the tongs here.
Get them anywhere.
You buy a set, it ususally comes with them.
You can get the metal ones, too.
I try not to use the metal tongs on the Teflon pans.
Now, one thing about olive oil is that it will smoke up.
So you've got to turn your fan on here a little bit.
Let me get this. Where's my fan here? There you go.
I know that sounds a little bit on the thing, but we've got to remove the heat there.
And always do that because if you don't do that your smoke alarm can go off.
So this is just cooking up nice.
We have our exhaust fan on.
It's sucking most of it up.
>>It's been about two and a half minutes now.
I just wanted to show you that. How it's starting to look. It's starting to look really nice.
And see, when you're cooking fish like this, the main thing is that you want it so that it turns that color, that opaque.
And that it flakes. When you stick a fork in it, it will actually flake off right down to the skin part.
The skin will stay on your plate when I'm done.
And it just gives it a wonderful, wonderful taste.
You can take lemon, lemon wedges.
Cut a nice couple lemon slices and lay them on top if you'd like with some baby spinach.
You can do a lot of things with fish and it's healthy.
So this is pretty good right now because it's a small piece. We're going to flip this over. We don't want to over-cook it.
Oh, that's cooking up nice.
One of the things about olive oil, too, is when you are cooking it, it tends to spread everywhere.
Popping all up all over your stove.
And it's easier to clean your stove if you clean it up right after you're done cooking than to wait a day or two because then it will all stick.
See, like this right here. It just comes right up, so take a cloth when you're done and wipe it all up.
Olive oil gets very hot, very quick.
I take my meatballs and stuff when I'm doing home-made meatballs.
And I actually sautee them in olive oil to sear in the juices and stuff before I actually put them into my spaghetti mix.
Much better flavor.
You've got a couple minutes more.
This is cooking up beautiful.
Now I don't know if you can see this. I'm going to pull a little piece off right at the end.
See how it's turning opaque?
Instead of being that red, it's actually very good.
When you're doing the deep-fried one you're looking at approximately six minutes.
Maybe eight, depending upon what temperature you have it at.
This particular one here, you're looking at maybe nine minutes total.
And so we've been going now for about six minutes.
Seven minutes, but because it's such a small piece this is going to cook up a lot quicker.
So I'm actually going to take this and shut this down now.
Look on the bottom how it's all cooked nice.
We'll take that here.
You can use a nice demi-glaze on this. Over it.
Demi-glaze is made from veal bones. It's a little different taste but that's basically it right there.
And you can take it and you can actually flake it.
I'm going to break it open for you and you can actually see when you break it open how it just flakes right off.
See how that's flaking right off?
There, that's the best way to show you it. It's all flaking off, but that's pretty much the proper way if you were going to cook the salmon.
How to cook it.
I actually shut this off.
How to cook it. You can plate it in a number of different ways that you want and it just tastes so good.
Thanks for tuning in. We appreciate it. We hope you have a great day.
>>Allright, for all you vegetarians out there and gluten-free people, I've got a quick tip for you here.
Just a little quick thing that you want to do if you're going to need some salad dressing for nice fresh fruit.
Strawberries. Pineapple.
Stuff like that that you can dip in. It's a nice dip.
Also if you're doing a fresh green salad, it's a yogurt dressing.
And the base of your yogurt dressing, naturally, is yogurt.
Use a plain yogurt. You're going to use a cup of plain yogurt.
You're going to use a cup of whipped topping like Cool Whip.
And vanilla extract. You need a tablespoon of the valilla extract.
And that's all you're going to do here is when you open up your yogurt, make sure you stir it up.
Because you get all of the water and liquid that rises to the top so you just want to stir it up a litlle bit.
And you're going to take one cup and you're just going to put it right in a bowl.
And now, you're going to take your whipped topping and you're going to put in a cup.
And as you can see, I'm doing this all by eye.
If you needed to measure it out, that's fine, too.
I've got just about a tablespoon of the vanilla extract and you're just going to put that right over the top.
Make sure you use the pure vanilla extract. That's what gives it the real good flavor.
And then you're just going to mix it together.
Fold it all in. Mix it nice and good.
And as you can see here, it's nice, whipped in together.
This is a mixture of the yogurt, plain yogurt, the vanilla extract, and the Cool Whip.
Oh, that tastes so good!
Now, use this. Fresh fruits. Vegetables. Salad.
It's a great little salad dressing called yogurt dressing.
Quick and easy here on CNY Flavor.
>>Hey, Scott Tranter, host of CNY Flavor and we have a great show in store for you.
I have the privledge and the honor to be sitting here with Rudy Scialdo and Sammy Scalise who is a world-travelled, very well-travelled chef and Rudy here.
Sitting at the Crystal Chandelier on Route 28 in Middleville right across from KOA Campground and the Herkimer Diamond Mine so stay tuned because we've got a wonderful show in store for you.
>>Now Rudy it's a privledge and an honor for me to get to sit here and talk with you.
I've known you for several years.
I've had the opportunity to actually serve you in my restaurant. Have you and your wife and stuff come in and I've had the privledge and the honor to be here and eat.
I think this is like, for a lack of better terminology, a diamond in the rough, being next to the Diamond Mines.
A lot of people don't understand just actually what you do here and they just drive by.
I'd like you to maybe explain to the audience a little bit about your business here.
>>We've been here since 1982. This is our 31st season starting off and we've been fortunate.
It's been a nice property up in this area. We're adjacent to the world-famous Herkimer Diamond Mines, which our family owns and operates.
And the award-winning KOA Campground across the street which our family also owns and operates.
It's been a venture here that basically we've got into.
The concept in the area, in the Valley, Herkimer and Oneida County, they feel that this is a wedding/banquet facility, which it is, but we are also casual dining at its finest.
>>A lot of people think that because of the banquet and stuff and you also...
Just as a little side note, you do transportation, too and you do limousines and stuff.
If there is a wedding. If there is a retirement, you can handle just about anything at this location.
And when you hear about The Crystal Chandelier the name implies actually high end and you think you've got to wear a suit and tie and come in here.
You don't have to wear a suit and tie to come in.
>>No, my concept, I like to be able to change from dining room to dining room.
Because I do have to wear suits and ties obviously for the weddings or the retirement parties and anniversaries out of respect to the customer.
But when I got into the main, regular dining room, the room that we're sitting in right now, which is our sun porch.
As a room, it's casual. We have campers coming in.
Dinners start at $11.95. We have fish frys on Friday nights. We have prime rib on Saturdays.
We have a number of different appetizers. We have a Diamond burger.
So it's a concept where it's family-friendly. That's the easiest way to explain it.
And it's this type of attire I have dressed today. This is how I work the floor.
Then when I'm out in the party concept then I try to change indirectly and put my tie on when I go to the next room over.
>>Now, how many does this facility seat?
>>Well, there are three different rooms. The sun porch room that we're sitting in right now seats around 65.
Our fireplace room, right to my right on the other side of the dolomite fireplace wall here, that seats up to approximately 90 people.
We use that for overflow for dining and also for smaller parties.
Smaller weddings or smaller retirement functions.
Our banquet room which is labeled as the "Forever Room" because when you get married at the Crystal, it's forever. It's in the fine print.
And that room will basically seat up to 250 people.
We put tent systems on it if you have to seat more people becasue we have French doors that go out into the open areas so we can add tent systems onto it.
>>So basically, just adding up in my head, you can seat over 400 people at this facility.
>>That's about right. 400 people throughout the property. There's a nice lounge area also.
It's a beautiful bar that we put in here. It's an original bar that came out of Brooklyn New York. All mahogany.
And it seats around 16 people around that bar also.
We also have a gazebo on-site here so a lot of times people...
The way today's world is everyone is trying to make it a little easier for people when they're travelling, especially for weddings.
You can get married right here. Have your ceremony right here. Reception. It's one stop.
And going back to the transportation we are involved in ground transportation.
So if they need limos or sedans or limo coaches with Adonis-Avanti Transportation or Crystal Coach Charters.
We've been in that business for a little over 25 years, I think it is now.
>>Do you recommend reservations?
>>We appreciate reservations. It's never something where we have to say you have to have a reservation to come in.
Mother's Day, obviously, we require but we did take walk-ins on Mother's Day.
Every-day dining, someone comes in, they don't need a reservation but it's nice.
If you have a 2 or 4 comes in, there's no problem, but if you've got a larger group it's always nice to give any restaurant acknowledgment, "We have an 8 or 10-top coming in."
This way, for all staff reasons we can be ahead of the game.
>>Now, you're not open 7 days a week, correct?
>>No, the facility is May and June we are open Thursdays through Sunday.
July and August we go Wednesday through Sunday. We add a Wednesday.
And then we get into the fall, September, October, we go Thursday through Sunday.
Go back to... We eliminate the Wednesdays come fall.
The other six months, the months of basically November through April, we basically open for parties. Banquets.
The way things are starting off this year with Sammy back in town. And I say Sammy back in town. Sammy was with me 17 years ago.
And we're very happy to have Sam back with us at the Crystal and the applause and the acknowledgments
of the first couple weeks that we've been open this year is very, very well received.
So I'm looking forward to a possibility, see how the season goes, and maybe we'll be open for Fridays and Saturdays during the winter months.
But we'll take that as it comes.
>>Now see what he's talking about is the applause is when you have a good chef and you have someone that puts their passion into it.
Their heart and soul. That's what you have now and Sammmy has been sitting there very quietly. Just observing.
But Sammy, I understand that you are an executive chef and you are very well accomplished.
Not that I understand. I know you are, OK. I shouldn't even say that. I know you're very accomplished.
You've traveled all over the country. You can cook just about anything as most good chefs can.
And you do everything here at the Crystal Chandelier now home-made.
>>Everything from scratch. I cut no corners. As a matter of fact I tell everybody that I drink out of square cup in the morning to remind me not to cut corners.
I don't believe in any packaged sauces or gravies or anything not made in the house so I do everything from the very beginning.
>>Now, with your food, because you're accomplished. You've cooked all over the country.
You've done a cookbook. You have 80 recipes in one of the cookbooks I looked at.
You're so passionate that you do your breads here fresh, too.
>>All my breads. My desserts. I make over 50, 60, unlimited flavors of cheesecake.
I tell people any flavor that you can come up with I can make a cheesecake out of it.
Just give me a couple of days and I'll make you a cheesecake.
As far as if there's something on the menu that you want.
That's not on the menu that you want and I have it in the house, I'll make it for you.
Or if you give me a couple of days, give me a call here at the Crystal, and tell me what you want
And if you give me a couple of days I'll get it for you.
>>One of the things that the public doesn't know yet.
Mohawk Valley here. Herkimer area. Little Falls. Middleville.
All over in the Mohawk Valley here is that if I come to the Crystal Chandelier, and this is new.
You're getting premiered something right here because if I get one of your cheesecakes and I like it...
You're doing a joint venture with Rudy here now that the Crystal Chandelier is going to offer those cheesecakes.
And that I might be able to purchase that. Is that correct?
>>Yes, that's correct. We're going to offer a variety of cheesecakes that you come up and buy.
They'll be 9 inch cheesecakes. In many different flavors or the flavor that you desire.
>>OK Sammy, now, as a chef, we have our little pet peeves. We like to cook certain dishes and not cook certain dishes.
You have such an extensive menu here that people get just about anything they want. What is your favorite thing to cook?
>>Well I make a stock that takes at least 4 days to cook.
And I make many different sauces out of this one stock.
And I put some on steak.
Some on veal and I like to reduce those stocks and make sauces.
>>One of the things, being a quality restaurant, and again, CNY Flavor, we try to focus on the Mom and Pop organizations.
The things that we get to build relationships with our customers that become unique and priceless.
The quality that's involved in cooking like you guys talk about.
Like you guys do here at the Crystal Chandelier.
You're talking fresh ingredients. You're talking fresh fish.
Fresh sockeye for the salmon that we talked about. The haddock.
But you also take your meats and you cut them fresh, too.
Even your steaks. They're not pre-bought. You actually hand cut them.
>>I actually hand cut them to order as they're ordered.
This way I can offer whatever size steak you want. You know if you want a larger steak, I can cut you a larger steak.
Or a larger filet or sirloin. I can cut that for you.
>>Now Rudy, you're the owner and we talked a little bit off-camera about sometimes owners' mentalities telling chefs this is what you're going to cook.
This is my menu. You didn't take that approach with this new menu.
>>No, Sammy I've got a lot of trust in where I felt that this is your kitchen and you cook what comes from you.
There are a few old-time favorites since we opened in '82 with our baby-back ribs, our onion ring loaf which Sammy has made here before years back.
He was familiar with those but we added dishes over the years with different changes in the kitchen.
But I really felt that you do this from what you want to do.
That only makes sense. I don't understand restaurant owners that force cooks to cook something that they want.
It's been very well received. Sammy's in the kitchen. He's comfortable with it. The floor.
I've watched over the years, I've been in this business 31 years, and it's quite an interesting business as we all know.
I can see the sauces coming out of the kitchen. You can go to a lot of restaurants, get a nice steak.
Everyone can pretty much cook a steak within reason.
But with the sauces he makes and the stocks he makes and that's the key ingredient.
Making your home-made breads here. Making your home-made desserts.
And making home-made risotto.
It's a restaurant here that people say, "Is it too fancy?"
We try to keep the property up so the presentation looks very nice but to be very honest with you it's casual dining at its finest.
It's a property where you can come have a good time. You can wear jeans and a table over in the corner can have a suit and tie on... gentlemen.
They can be celebrating an anniversary and there can be a table of a husband and wife with three kids coming in from the Diamond Mines.
So that's the concept we're really trying to present here.
>>Now is there anything that anybody's out there watching right now that you'd like to say to them that they might not have known or heard about the Crystal Chandelier?
>>Come up and try us out. That's the easiest way to explain it.
Come up and try us out.
The property sits on a beautiful parcel. I mean, it's up on the West Canada.
It's only 7 minutes away from Herkimer. Come over the back way from Utica you can get here in about 15 minutes.