Korean Custom Made Fashion

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 01.03.2010

Now, In case you don't know, I'm a pretty big guy. I'm around 6'4 and 215 pounds.

No I'm not. I'm actually 212.
I just round up for the sake of...

What the hell? Martina, are you writing these?

Now, if you recall, a few months ago, in our video of what you should pack to Korea
I told you that if you're a big guy you need to pack a lot of clothes:
And I can't really find anything to fit me at all,
Be it shoes, pants, or shirts in Korea
Anyhow, those days now are over.
From now on, I'm not going back to Canada and packing up my suitcase full of clothing.
Oh no. From now on, I'm getting my shirts custom made.
When you begin the process of getting your shirts tailored,
first thing you'll have to do is flip through a bunch of books to find a the fabric you want for your shirt.
They've got tons of different fabrics, some of them ridiculous.
You can get shiny shirts, like, really shiny, like, Edward in Sunlight shiny.
Don't get those, or else you'll look like a shiny vampire, and that's just ridiculous.
Anyhow, once you've decided what non-shiny fabric you want, they'll take your measurements and write them all down.
Then you can pick out the details, like what kind of cuff do you want,
A french cuff or a normal cuff,
what kind of collar do you want,
and all the other tiny details that go into making a good shirt.
Okay, so here are the prices you need to know:
Jackets will set you back between 200 and 250 thousand won,
A vest will set you back 60 to 70
Pants will set you back 90 to 100
A full suit will cost you between 270 and 350
A shirt will cost you 50 to 60
While a long jacket will cost you 300 thousand won.
Oh, and one more thing: if you happen to see something in an ad in a magazine that you like,
you can rip it out, bring it to your tailor, and they can make you a solid knockoff.
I'm just not sure if they'll be able to pull this look off.
So now I've gotta figure out what I'm get written on my cuffs
Let me think. I got it!
[old Shazam tv show intro]
Now, I also happened to get a vest made, and they let me pick out all the details of that too,
like how many buttons I want and the pocket layout as well.
When all was said and done, they took down my phone number and address and
get this - after a week it shows up at your door like this:
So a week has passed and today someone rang my doorbell and came with my shirt and vest
It even came in it's own little bag. Okay Simon, open it up!
[say something............SHAZAM!]
Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase,
For 110 thousand won I got myself a custom made shirt and custom made vest,
And now, as a result, I will be big pimpin, spending g's
Come, come a now. Big Pimping. Spending g's
[yes, I know it's supposed to be 'cheese']
[when Billy speaks the wizard's name. Shazam!]
[Billy becomes Captain Marvel!]