Bahu Begum

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''Swings have been hung for, monsoon is here''
''A desire awakens in the heart. . . Oh goodness''
''Swings have been hung for, monsoon is here''
''The ecstatic breeze kiss my cheeks''
''And the raindrops play on my body''
''The raindrops, heavy on the clouds, make them droop. . . ''
''to kiss my feet''
''When the clouds get heavy, they droop down to kiss my feet''
''Goodness! How they melt me''
''It's a mischievous season of songs''
''You will find swings everywhere''
''In such a weather, I wish I could find someone to rock me''
''In such a weather, I wish I could find someone to rock me''
''Who would never take his hands off tender wrist''
''Swings have been hung for, monsoon is here''
''A desire awakens in the heart. . . Oh goodness''
''Swings have been hung for, monsoon is here''
Stop it! What a racket you're creating.
Don't you dare touch me. Go home, all of you.
Oh my God !
Zeenat, have you gone crazy?
What if you catch a cold?
You are too much, aunt!
Am I made of mud that I'll melt away the moment I get soaked?
Ask that from my heart which has cared for you since you were born.
If your mother was alive, she would have been shocked.
Come home quick and change your clothes.
You also go home now. They all just come here to waste their time.
Aunt Kariman is really too much.
Damn him! He's always shouting away to glory.
Honestly Zeenat, I don't like this man at all.
Who, aunt? - That stupid man, Aachchan.
God knows what the Nawab saw in him. . .
that he gave him half the house on rent.
God knows why you don't like him.
Since he has come, there's so much gaiety around here.
Oh sure!
I feel like pulling him by the ear and throwing him out.
Here, change your clothes and go up on the terrace and dry your hair. . .
or if you get a headache, you'll trouble me.
My sweet aunt, I feel like having delicacies today.
Delicacies, indeed ! Only I know how I run the house.
There you go again !
Whatever our financial condition, we are royal Nawabs after all.
And then, father has gone to collect his pension.
He will bring home money today. - As if he'll bring loads of money.
He gets only Rs. 20.
That too, after disbursing the money among servants and clerks. . .
the remaining Rs. 1 or 2 is conned out of him by the rickshaw-puller.
The Nawab has gone empty handed and will return empty handed.
If you wish, shall I cook ' Kichdi' for you?
Don't call it by such a bland name.
After all, it should sound like royal food.
What are you doing?
My throat's gone dry screaming, and you don't even bother to reply.
Please speak softly, he has just slept after a crying bout.
Who? - My Dilawarjang.
He got wet in the rain, caught a cold and then pneumonia.
He's going to die, only God can save him.
You are strange! I thought it was your young brother or nephew. . .
whom you are carrying in your lap. - He is everything to me.
You don't know him.
He has achieved such great feats, that I've become famous. . .
in every street of Lucknow. Now if this cock. . .
Look, if you don't like my coming here,. . .
you can continue to care for your cock, I'm leaving. Good bye!
Wait! Will you also give me a shock and kill me?
Sit down.
Tell me, earlier, you visited me very rarely.
Nowadays, you visit me quiet often.
That's because of the ' paan' you offer me.
You have got me so habituated to it, that I must have it every day.
Your ' paan' is simply divine.
Don't waste time, go and get it quick.
And listen, tell Banarasi to take his time but make it well. . .
or he'll ruin its taste. - All right.
Just look after my Dilawarjang. - Don't worry.
Just keep blowing into his beak every two minutes.
If he sneezes, hold him close and sleep on your stomach.
He'll stay warm that way. I'll get him his medicine too by then.
Go, hurry.
Rain in the sun?
''As she wrung water out of her hair. . . ''
''the euphoric clouds Rained down in glee''
''And the cloudburst. . . ''
''sets my heart on fire''
Good God !
Hey, what's this? - Hello!
Please go away, if my father sees you here, he'll bury me alive.
Then why did you greet me?
I only greeted you, I didn't call you here.
Why did you sprinkle the dew drops of love from your silky hair on me?
All right, I made a mistake, forgive me.
But please go away, you'll do me a favour.
It is me who is hoping for a favour.
I can't wait anymore, think of some way we can meet.
Or I'll die of heartbreak.
Don't say that, I don't want you to die.
Then gift me life, promise me you'll meet me today evening.
Today? But I've to attend Bilkis' engagement today.
Then meet me tomorrow evening, day after tomorrow. . .
or any other beautiful evening, but do promise you'll meet me.
Oh God, you are going crazy.
It's you who's made me go crazy. - Me?
Wrong. That's a lie.
Oh yes. Who had put chilies in my ' paan' on Salma's wedding?
And who sent me a handkerchief as a gift through Razia?
Who had come suddenly before me on Fakruddin's birthday?
You didn't do anything, I've simply gone crazy.
All right, I'm terribly sorry, I'll never make those mistakes again.
''After killing me she says she's sorry''
''But of what use is her repentence now''
Oh God, my father has come, please go, run !
Not there, go from here.
But where will we meet?
If father sees us, then we'll meet in heaven. Go!
Bend down.
The ' banarasi paan', the silver foil on it. . .
makes you swoon ! You've got habituated to it!
Ask him to take his time making it!
And this is what you're upto?
Is this what you're habituated to? - No, this was only. . .
Look Yusuf, decent people reside here.
If anyone had seen you, I'd have earned ill-repute.
Take me for example, I've been living here since so long.
But I've never dared to look that way.
Not just me, take my cock, Dilawar. . .
who is so young and handsome.
Kariman's hen comes everyday and woos him.
But her antics don't affect him.
That's what I call decency.
Tell me, isn't my cock better than you?
Stop it now, why are you bent on humiliating me? It was a mistake.
Tell me honestly, when did it start?
Truly speaking, eating ' paan' was only an excuse.
Her attraction draws me here. Today I became so desperate. . .
that I went up to meet her. - Luckily her father didn't see you.
The old man is sure a simple man, but so self-respecting. . .
that he'd have killed you and himself too.
Did you get your pension? - Yes.
Give it to me.
I got only Rs. 20, but had to pay Rs. 22.
I still have to pay Rs. 2.
Zeenat, should I cook ' Kichdi' even today?
Aunt, why do you always have to taunt?
Don't worry child, so what if my pension money is over.
Aachchan has to pay us rent of 6 months.
I'll go get the money from him. - Oh sure he'll give you !
He'll never pay you and you'll never ask him for it.
And then you say I taunt.
But she isn't attracted to me.
She gets irked if I ask her to meet me alone. Do something for me. . .
or you'll be responsible for my death. - Oh great!
She's killed you and I'll be blamed for your death?
Doesn't matter, anything for a friend.
Since you are in it now, I'll have to think of something.
Tell me, does she go anywhere?
She told me she'll be attending Bilkis' engagement today evening.
Really? I'll definitely do something then.
Take care of your veil.
Come on !
Stop! There is danger ahead, don't go any further.
What danger? - There's a snake at the next turning.
Snake! Oh my God ! What will happen now?
Don't worry, we'll drive it away.
The snake is 18 feet 1 1 inches long.
It's hissing as loud as thundering clouds.
That's a routine occurrence. You just take care of the ladies here. . .
we'll clear the road and be back. - All right.
Come, let's see how big the snake is.
They really are brave men. Honestly aunt. . .
I've never seen or heard of such a huge snake.
What are you thinking? - Oh yes!
I just remembered that this is a very dangerous place.
At least one incident does occur here every month.
Incident? What kind of incident?
I haven't seen for myself but have heard that. . .
a very dangerous ghost lives here.
Ghost? ! - Yes.
Remember Maulana Khuda Bhakt, who committed suicide?
Yes, yes! - He has turned into a ghost.
But I don't believe it. How can he turn into a ghost?
No, it's quiet possible Maulana has turned into a ghost. . .
because he died an untimely death. - No, I don't believe it.
But only day before yesterday, Nabban Khan's son was passing this way
He saw Maulana and fell down.
He died on the spot. - Good God !
He was only a kid, but the ghost has killed. . .
even a tough man like Kalandar Ali.
What should we do now? - Don't worry.
I think it is all a rumour, there are no ghosts.
The old lady has dropped unconscious.
Aunt! - What happened?
Yes. Where is the ghost? - It was here just now.
It must be around. - Let's get out of here.
Give me the ghost's cloak. If the old woman recovers. . .
I'll scare her and make her unconscious again.
There mustn't be a cheat like you in all of Lucknow.
And there mustn't be a beauty like you in the whole universe.
You should feel ashamed of yourself, this was a very cheap act.
Danger bells are ringing, the old woman is recovering.
Push a cloth into her mouth and blindfold her.
The poor woman will die. How can you do this?
Let's go Aachchan, no one cares for us here.
I'm fed up of this one-sided love. - Why call it one-sided?
Of course. I had to get up to tricks for this small meeting.
I put my life at stake, let myself be called a cheat and a fraud.
And you don't care one bit, you only care about your aunt.
You've shattered all my hopes.
You're breaking the heart of the one who truly loves you.
My dear, it's difficult to come across true admirers.
Yes, very difficult.
You mean you don't believe I love you?
That means I'm unnecessarily bent on ruining myself for you.
Who can make the moth understand who the flame burns for?
Whether the moth comes or not, the flame keeps burning, once lit.
Its burning is not for a moment but lifelong.
Who can understand the pain of the silent flame?
I have understood. You revealed your love in those words.
Moth and flame, caution ! The sleeping ones are rising !
Even those who had left are returning.
I'm leaving.
Promise you'll meet me here again tomorrow.
Leave me. - Promise me.
All right, I promise. - Give me that garland. . .
it will be the proof of your promise.
Aunt, where are you?
Where am I? Ghost!
Which ghost, aunt? I chanted a mantra and the ghost disappeared.
And that snake? - There wasn't even a mosquito there.
We checked right upto the city square.
Oh ! Then even the snake must have been the ghost of Maulana.
There is no danger now, let's go.
God saved us today. We'll never come this way even during day time now.
Goodbye! - Bless you.
What can I say about these fragrant, colourful flowers.
Your hands lend them fragrance, your cheeks lend them colour.
Wonderful ! Yusuf, repeat those lines again.
They were wonderful !
Uncle, how come you're here so early in the morning?
Your house smelled so good.
I came in to check which flowers you'd bought home.
Oh yes, flowers. Aachchan had bought them last night.
He forgot to take them back.
I think Aachchan's proximity is proving fateful.
I don't want you to get into something and dash all my plans.
Your plans? - I want to marry you off. . .
to such a girl, who brings in dowry worth millions.
God has blessed us with everything.
May he be in heaven, but father has left us so much. . .
that even if we spend it lavishly all our lives, it still won't be over.
The tree of wealth is nourished with silver water.
If you want it to be evergreen, heed my advise. I'm not your enemy.
Don't worry, I'll do as you please.
So what if I'm not married? I've seen many a marriage. Remember.
God willing, you'll see another marriage soon enough.
Poor girl, you'd come to meet him with such high hopes.
But Yusuf isn't here.
I'm sure he'll come. - Oh sure he will !
I think, the way he fooled you last night by becoming a ghost. . .
he's fooled you again by calling you here today. Let's go. . .
No point waiting for him now. - No, Bilkis.
I'll wait for him.
Until when?
Till eternity.
''I shall wait for you. . . ''
''I shall wait for you. . . ''
''till the end of Time''
''May God bring about such a day. . . ''
''that heralds your arrival''
''I shall wait for you''
''Waiting for the beloved is a test of patience''
''It's when the flames of passion are roused''
''May this wait linger on. . . ''
''and herald your arrival''
''May God bring about your arrival''
''How I have waited for the unfaithful one''
''How I yearn to see him''
''May my prayer be accepted. . . ''
''and bring you here''
''Fortunate is the one you desire''
''May God bless our love with success''
''May luck smile upon me. . . ''
''and bring you here''
''May God bring Time to an end. . . ''
''and herald your arrival''
''I shall wait for you''
Greetings to you !
Wonderful ! If someone had sang such a lovely song for me. . .
I would lay my heart at his feet.
Give him a penny, he'll be pleased.
Who is this lady?
My friend, Bilkis. - She seems quiet sharp.
That's why I brought her along.
Why did you bring her along? Don't you trust me?
I do and don't either.
I wish you'd know how deeply I love you.
Honestly, I don't only love you,. . .
but consider you God and adore you.
Please don't compare me to God and make a sinner of me.
Where is this Romeo Juliet play going on?
Oh, this Bilkis is too much.
Let's keep a distance from her.
I don't like our meeting secretively or under someone's chaperonage.
Find some way by which we become one in the eyes of God. . .
in the eyes of society.
That's your duty, not mine.
Send your proposal to father, maybe he accepts.
But remember, I've surrendered myself to you.
I swear, if I can't marry you, I won't marry anyone else.
Even I promise to live and die with you.
If I don't get you, I'll swallow this diamond and kill myself.
Oh my God ! Show me your diamond.
What have you done? You threw away such an expensive ring?
It wasn't more expensive than your life.
It's late, let's go home.
Shall I leave? - Tell me, when will we meet again?
I'll go every Friday to offer flowers at the shrine of Shah Baba.
I'll also be present there every Friday.
We'll pray together that he grants us our wish.
Every Friday, at the shrine. . .
we'll meet by twilight.
Promise? - Promise.
Naseeban, call Suraiya. - Brother!
Where were you? - Playing hide and seek. . .
on the terrace with my friends. - Stop playing now, grow up.
Learn to take care of the house. - Sorry, I can't do that.
Then who will?
The one without whom this house seems dull.
When mother died in my childhood, I thought you'd get married. . .
and I'd get another mother in the form of a sister-in-law.
But it seems like you've taken an oath never to marry.
God knows if this wish will ever be fulfilled.
I can bring you an army of sisters-in-law.
But I fear, what if you don't like her.
Brother, try me. I promise I'll accept even an ugly sister-in-law.
All right. But I had planned. . .
to get you married first before getting married myself.
At least now you've agreed to get married.
All right, now give me my earrings. - That's what I had called you for.
I was busy all day, I forgot about your earrings.
I'll definitely get them tomorrow.
Promise me! - I promise.
All right.
You look so beautiful, someone is really going to go crazy today.
Where are you taking her?
I had to buy jewellery, so I thought I'd take Zeenat along.
She can help me choose better. - All right, even I'll come along.
Bilkis, aunt doesn't trust you. Aunt, you can come along.
Let's go.
Sir, here's the shop.
Enough ! - Buy some studded jewellery.
I should have money for it. What I've bought is enough.
You don't lack in money, you belong to an aristocratic family.
That's no more true.
Wonderful ! Beautiful bangles. What's their price?
Not much, only Rs.4000. - 4000?
Yes. - Oh God !
We're leaving. Send the jewellery home, I'll pay on delivery.
As you wish.
Did you like anything? - I've liked it very much.
Follow those women and check where they are going.
What did you say? - Find out where. . .
that lady in the black veil lives. - Congratulations!
Hurry, or they will disappear. - Don't worry. . .
I'll find out about her whole family. - Go on !
Sir, you? - I just send Mirza on some assignment
Show me the bangles that lady saw just now.
Here they are. - These?
They really are pretty. I'll buy them.
Forgive me, lady.
Are you blind?
I think he's a loafer. - What happened, lady?
The way he pounced on her like a mountain goat. . .
the poor girl has fallen flat on the ground.
How dare you? - Look at me, do I look like a loafer?
You can fabricate good stories.
Hey, you ! What's going on?
A loafer was teasing women in the streets.
How dare he! Even I will use my hands on him.
Move aside.
This proved too expensive. - Mirza, you?
Aachchan, save me from these people. They have crushed my bones to pulp.
What have you'll done? He's a poet and a very decent man.
So decent, that he doesn't even tease his own wife.
How could he have teased other women? Please go.
Come, Mirza.
All right, you sit here, I'll get the medicine for you.
But please stay within limits of decency.
This is Nawab Mirza Sultan Mia.
Hello! Forgive me, but we are meeting in strange circumstances.
God knows what you must be thinking of me.
Kariman? - Yes, sir.
Where had you been?
Oh, what do I tell you? I really felt envious today.
Why? - Bilkis had gone to the jewellers.
Zeenat also went along with her. Such lovely studded jewellery there!
Bilkis purchased jewellery worth Rs.4000 - 5000.
But our poor Zeenat had to curb her desires.
She couldn't even buy a ring for herself.
Who are you talking about? Zeenat doesn't need any jewellery.
She has bags full of it.
Is she some poor girl that she'll crave for jewellery?
Are you in your senses? Go away!
I'll be leaving.
What are you doing? - Mixing turmeric in milk.
Has the cock hurt himself? - No. Mirza Bulbul was beaten up.
He is badly hurt. - But he has left.
He's gone? - Yes.
That's good. You drink this milk with turmeric in it.
Even you are badly injured. Have it.
Why are you adding fuel to fire?
I had come to have one look at her and console myself.
But the old man is sitting right outside.
I can't see any way I can see her today. Please do something.
You'll have me thrown out! As it is, I have to pay rent. . .
of six months yet, and then you behave like this.
Friend, if I could, I would pay your rent for six years.
But I'm helpless because of my uncle. He never lets me spend a penny.
My late father has made him my guardian.
As per his will, until I get married. . .
the entire property will belong to uncle.
His name is Mir Kurban Ali. He has conned quiet a lot of people.
It may so happen, that even before you get married. . .
he squander away all your wealth. So heed my advise.
Marry any girl you can get.
Why any girl, I have her.
Aachchan, tell uncle to speak to Mr Sultan.
If he agrees, I'll be overjoyed.
Back to square one?
Damn this love sickness. The more you cure it, the more it aggravates.
I'll speak to him. - Bless you, friend !
''Ask my heart. Her eyes have pierced arrows in it''
''This pain wouldn't have been Had they pierced right through''
Greetings, sir. - You're back, Mirza?
Oh yes, with God's grace, I'm back safe and sound.
Did you find out? - How would I not? I'm a born spy.
My late grandfather. . . - Forget them, what did you find out?
I ran here, there, was abused and beaten.
But I finally tracked down the lady. - Really?
Yes. - Tell me who she is, where she lives.
Have you heard of Nawab Sultan living in that old mansion?
She is his daughter. Her name is Zeenat Jahan Begum.
Great, Mirza. You found out her name too.
I'm impressed by your spying ability.
But see that you don't tell this to anyone yet.
Of course not, trust me.
Not a soul will know about it.
After you. - No, today you must have it first.
No, you. - No, you first.
Oh God, thank you so much. You have granted my wish.
You have heard my prayers.
Mr Mir. . . - What is it Mr Mirza?
What happened, Mirza? - Please save me.
I have a severe pain in my stomach.
If it's indigestion, I have medicines. - Medication can't cure my indigestion
There is something which is jumping inside my stomach.
It wants to come out.
What thing is it? - I won't tell you that.
I'll never tell you that. - Then come and lie down on the bed.
Come, sit down.
Tell me now. - No, even if I lose my life. . .
I'll never break the promise I gave the Nawab.
What promise have you given the Nawab? - What do I say?
Now it's beyond my control.
Speak it out, I can't bear to see you in pain.
Yes? - The Nawab has. . .
What has the Nawab done? - He has chosen a girl for himself.
What did you say?
What a relief!
It is easier to digest an elephant. . .
but very difficult to keep a secret.
But I put you on oath, don't tell this to anyone.
Have you heard this? - What?
It's good news. The Nawab has selected a bride.
Really? - But please don't tell anyone.
Why are you all quiet?
What is the matter, Mirza?
What is all the secrecy about? Say something.
Sir. . . - What sir? Say something.
How do I say? - With your mouth of course.
Sir, congratulations! - Congratulations!
I understand. Mirza, why did you do this?
I'm sorry. - But I had told you. . .
I tried a lot not to reveal it.
But I felt so restless not telling it, that I had to spit it out.
It's not a matter to hide. By God's grace, we've finally seen this day.
Sir, send your proposal soon, so that we finally see you married.
You're right.
Mirza, now even I feel this house needs a mistress. . .
and Suraiya needs a sister-in-law. - No doubt about it.
You carry my proposal to Nawab Sultan today itself.
Why today, I'll go right now. Come, Mirza.
This auspicious day has finally dawned.
Who is she? Which family does she belong to?
The girl's name is Zeenat, she's the daughter of Nawab Sultan.
So, what do you say? - She's a very nice girl.
Yusuf has selected a highly respectable family.
I'm free of a major worry now.
I'll soon get him married and hand over all his property to him. . .
and myself go to Mecca and Madina for Haj.
That's a good idea, do go for your pilgrimage.
And if you like it, settle down there itself.
Not just your's, but the whole of Lucknow's sins will be washed.
What? - I mean. . .
you'll do a good deed by going there. - True.
So will you send a proposal to Mr Sultan?
Of course I will, and I'm sure the Sultan will not reject the proposal.
God bless you ! I'll give this news to Yusuf.
Goodbye! - Goodbye.
You want me to axe my own foot?
Once he gets married, I'll lose the property.
If I lose the property, I won't be able to indulge myself.
Do you think I'm so stupid? I'll see how this marriage takes place.
I accept gratefully.
I'd never dreamt I'd get such a good proposal for my daughter.
Tell Nawab Sikandar Mirza to make arrangements for the marriage.
Today is Friday. If you agree, we can fix the wedding for next Friday.
Just remember that I am everything to my daughter.
So, it would be better if no women attend the wedding.
There is no lady to welcome them here.
Don't worry. - Goodbye.
''This evening is dedicated to your eyes''
''Loyalty, your eyes reflect''
''The fun that lies in speaking to you through my eyes. . . ''
''Oh, how well versed I am in singing the song of love''
''I shall tell you how I feel at heart. . . ''
''in the language of my eyes''
''By all means, you may put my loyalty to test''
''In love with you. . . ''
''I shall stand every test of time''
''O pretty one, may God preserve your beauty''
''I no longer care what happens on earth or the heavens''
''Oh, how well versed I am in singing the song of love''
Is everything okay?
I have only my mansion which I have come to mortgage.
Zeenat's marriage has been fixed. - Already? With whom?
With Nawab Sikander Mirza. - With Nawab Sikander Mirza, I see.
That's nice. Your daughter is indeed very lucky.
Only the fortunate ones get such proposals.
My advise is that you don't waste time and perform the marriage quickly.
It is fixed for this Friday.
The proposal was so good, I thought it was advisable. . .
to have the marriage soon. - Of course.
Yusuf. . . - Yes, uncle?
You are indeed lucky. I just spoke about your proposal to Mr Sultan. . .
and here I earned a profit of Rs 10,000.
What did you say? Uncle!
Did you really convey my proposal to the Nawab?
What did he say? Did he agree or not?
He will agree, no one dares to go against my wishes.
And that Rs 10,000? - It's all one's fate.
Allahabad's Nawab Aga Ali Khan. . .
wants to settle his financial matters through me.
He'll pay me Rs 10,000 as commission for it.
You go to Allahabad, collect the money for me and return in a week's time
You want me to go to Allahabad? Damn the Rs 10,000 !
I'm the sole heir to this massive property. 10,000 is peanuts!
My dear, you are the heir to this property.
But what will your uncle gift you in marriage?
Do you want me to be humiliated? Even I am a respectable man after all.
Leave at once. Meanwhile, I'll fix the wedding date with Nawab Sultan.
Uncle, you are so good. - You'll know how good, only later.
Now prepare to leave. The moment you are back, I'll have you married.
Are you happy now? - Of course.
Uncle, bravo!
Thank God that the alliance has come for her without our trying.
Our daughter is lucky, to get such a good proposal.
I was overjoyed the moment I heard the boy's name.
God has blessed him with health, wealth, everything.
Thank God.
Aachchan, let me kiss you.
Since when did you develop this hobby?
My marriage is being discussed about everywhere. I must thank you for it.
You convinced uncle and uncle convinced Mr Sultan.
I have the Midas touch, everything I touch turns gold.
If Romeo was around, I would get him married to Juliet. . .
then even if I myself had to marry Juliet's mother for it.
When will she enter my house as a bride?
When will I raise the veil from her face?
I'm so desperate.
In such a situation, uncle has issued strange orders.
What orders? - He's asked me to go to Allahabad.
He's going to earn Rs 10,000 from a deal there. I told him to forget it.
He said he'd like to spend the money on my marriage on his behalf.
Tell me what I should do, go or not?
I would advise you to go. You'll be able to control your emotions then.
Your uncle turned out to be a good man.
I never thought very highly of him.
When are you going to Allahabad? - Today, if you say so.
But if you get a chance, tell her I'll return soon, not to worry.
Why will she worry now? Even she must be overjoyed.
Aunt Kariman. . . . - Yes, child?
What is all this? - Don't you know?
Bless you, child.
Greetings, Nawab. Can I come in?
Aachchan, please come.
Zeenat is getting married into such a rich family.
If not much, I'll have to give some dowry as per their status.
The boy and girl are both your own. You are unnecessarily being formal.
I don't have to do it everytime. I have only one daughter.
I want to fulfil all my desires this once.
By God's grace, the boy and his family are both good.
Of course it's God's grace, but even I put in a lot of effort.
You don't know how much I've influenced this marriage.
Thank you. One comes across good people too by God's grace.
The truth is that my daughter is very fortunate.
Why are you so happy? - It is fixed.
What? - Marriage. Look at this.
Whose marriage? - My marriage.
With whom? - With him.
Yusuf? - Yes.
Really? - Yes, I swear.
Mirza ! I'll just be back.
So many flowers? Want to lay them at some grave?
Or is it your fourth marriage? - That will happen one day.
But these are flowers for Nawab Sikander's marriage.
Nawab Sikander is getting married? That's surprising.
He has got besotted by a beauty.
But the girl is indeed very beautiful.
Who is she?
You know them. She's the daughter of Nawab Sultan.
Nawab Sultan's daughter? Are you crazy?
Her marriage is fixed with. . . You surely are not in your senses.
If you don't believe me, come and see for yourself.
The wedding is fixed for today.
Say you are only joking, this is all a lie.
Aachchan, what's wrong with you?
I'm very angry. If this turns out to be true, I'll kill you.
I'll kill at least two three people.
Let's go.
What am I hearing? - What?
That Zeenat is getting married to Nawab Sikander Mirza.
How is that possible?
I have heard it from a very reliable source.
I think some enemy is spreading this rumour.
I feel someone has fooled you. - I hope that's true.
Of course. At least go and confirm.
It is possible Nawab Sultan promised you and then changed his mind
If Sultan does that, he'll be disgraced in the whole of Lucknow.
If he humiliates me, even he will fall in people's esteem.
Go and find out the facts. I swear. . .
if this is true, I'll telegram Yusuf to return immediately.
When two grooms reach the Sultan's house at the same time. . .
he'll realise his mistake. - Yusuf will become a laughing stock!
If you have to do something, do it quick.
I'm going and will somehow stall this marriage. Goodbye!
The groom sends these bangles. He wants the bride to wear them.
God save you from evil eyes.
Such beautiful bangles. - I've seen them somewhere.
Oh yes, they are the bangles you'd liked at the jewellers.
You are a made for each other couple. Your likes are similar.
I don't understand how I should stall this marriage.
I'll go and meet Nawab Sikander Mirza.
I'll narrate the whole story to him. Maybe he feels pity for both of them.
I have left Babban outside Aachchan's house.
He will definitely get out of the house to do something.
If he succeeds in stalling Nawab Sikander Mirza's marriage. . .
then we'll be ruined. So what we have planned must happen.
Just let him get out of the house, then see what I'll do.
You have only seen my grace, not the real me.
Sir, he's coming. - Go pounce on him.
Oh, I'm ruined ! This man is trying to assault me.
Hey lady! - What did you say, am I your lady?
Why bother me, mother? - How dare you call me mother?
you're as old as my father. - Your father? What's your age?
I'll call your father and make him tell you that.
Leave my hand. - What happened?
Arrest him, officer. He was trying to assault me.
She's lying. She herself dashed against me, I didn't even touch her.
As if you are so handsome that I'll dash against you.
And do you think you are such a beauty? Bloody cannon !
What did you say? Cannon? Did you hear that, officer?
Where is my necklace? I'm sure he has robbed it, search him.
Sure, you can search me. I haven't robbed anything.
Search him well. - Yes, please do.
Yes, that's the one. - Is this also a lie?
I don't know how it came into my pocket. I don't understand this.
You will, once you reach the police station.
You sure are one smart lady.
You were wonderful !
Shut up! Lock him up.
I'll shut up, but please don't put me behind bars.
Keep quiet now, Aachchan. - How can I, uncle?
It's only a matter of one night. As soon as the court opens tomorrow. . .
I'll have you released on bail. - But what about the wedding?
If this wedding isn't stalled, Yusuf will commit suicide.
Yusuf is more dear to me than he is to you.
I'll never let it take place. I'll go right now and stall it.
Come! - Go.
Send my Dilawarjang over, he can't sleep without me. My champion cock.
No bedding arrangements in jail? - It will be done, get inside.
The groom's procession has arrived.
Your love has arrived. I'll go see how he looks as a groom.
Bilkis, can't I see him?
Why get so desperate, you can see him after the wedding.
Oh, it is you. - Do you know him too, Mirza?
He has conducted my wedding thrice. Maybe for the fourth one too. . .
Move aside.
Aunt, where is the groom? - There he is, in the flowery veil.
But he is someone else. - He's Nawab Sikander Mirza, the groom
Nawab Sikandar Mirza? - Yes.
Good God !
How does the groom look? Tell me, please.
Zeenat, you're ruined ! - What happened?
Your groom is not Yusuf, but Nawab Sikander Mirza.
No one must be as pleased about your marriage as I am.
It's all due to my prayers that this has happened.
I beg of you, Bilkis, let me go for some time.
I want to meet Yusuf and know how and why this happened.
Help me, please. - But where will you go?
I'll go to the mosque. We promised to meet there every Friday.
Today is also Friday. If he's also in the dark about this like me. . .
then he must surely be waiting for me.
I'll tell him to save me, my life is being ruined.
Don't be crazy. If they ask me about you, what will I tell them?
The groom is already here, the marriage is about to be performed.
If not me, at least think of your family repute.
If you go away, your family will be disgraced.
I promise you, if I don't find him, or if he doesn't help me. . .
then I'll return before the marriage can take place. . .
and sacrifice myself at the altar of family honour.
But before dying, allow me to try and live for once.
Then go.
But remember, until you return, my life will be at stake.
Trust me, Bilkis.
Wear this cloak. People will suspect if they see you in bride's finery.
My and my family's honour is in your hands.
Ensure that no one comes to know about this.
To take permission from the bride, arrange for a lawyer and witnesses.
Until then, I'll finalise other arrangements here.
Of course.
Come, you can see the bride.
What are you doing aunt, please go out.
Why, what happened? - The bride has fainted due to heat.
Send me some ice. - God help my child.
Please hurry, aunt.
No one will go in now, you can see the bride later. Please leave.
It's so long, but Zeenat hasn't returned yet.
God knows what's going to happen.
What do I do now? What have you done, Zeenat?
''The agony of my heart is almost fatal today''
''Where will I find you now that I pine for you?''
''Neither does the earth offer me sympathy, nor do the skies''
''Separated from you, where shall be my abode?''
''I implore you. . . ''
''you shall forsake the world for me. . . ''
''this shall be your severe most test. . . ''
''this shall be my most severe test''
''On one hand is your love, on the other is the world''
''How I shall find you?''
''With your memories, with my desire for you. . . ''
''my heart is sinking in the embers of love today''
''Life is at a strange crossroad. . . ''
''with the bier of my unfulfilled desires. . . ''
''where shall I find you?''
''Heed the cry of your dear beloved''
''There's a fire in his breath''
''O dear beloved, say something please''
''My agony is unbearable. . . ''
''where will I find you?''
''Where shall I find you at a time like this?''
My child. . . has Zeenat recovered?
You are bothering me! Should I take care of you or the bride?
The lawyer and witnesses are going to come here to take her consent.
But you don't let anyone inside. Move aside, let me see her.
Don't see her. - Why not?
The family and her honour is at stake.
And here you are, stopping me. Move aside.
Zeenat, my child. . .
Aunt, don't raise her veil.
Why not? Move away!
Good God ! Where is Zeenat?
She'll come soon.
But where did she go?
She's just gone out, she'll be back soon.
Is this the time to go out? Damn you !
Have you put this family's honour at stake?
Where did you send her? - I didn't do anything.
She went on her own. - Sure, but where did she go?
What should I do now?
Tell me where you sent her. Why don't you speak?
Draw the curtains, the lawyer and witnesses are coming.
Please enter.
Please come.
Come in.
May I? - Of course.
Zeenat. . .
God knows who she is. Pick her up and take her inside.
I think she's feeling shy.
Do you accept me as your lawyer, and allow me. . .
to marry you off to Nawab Sikander Mirza. . .
against a consideration of Rs 1,00,000?
Zeenat, do you accept me as your lawyer, and allow me. . .
to marry you off to Nawab Sikander Mirza. . .
against a consideration of Rs, 1,00,000?
What happened? Why isn't Zeenat replying?
Do you accept me as your lawyer and allow me. . .
to marry you off to Nawab Sikander Mirza. . .
against a consideration of Rs, 1,00,000?
She has said yes. Let's go.
She has agreed.
Priest, the bride has given her consent.
You can perform the marriage now. - Please do, priest.
What happened was destined. But we'll have to somehow save face now.
But how? - Leave that to me.
You go out and keep yourself in control. This is going to be tough.
Please go, for God's sake.
Oh God !
Take, have these sweets. God bless your marriage.
She had probably come alone to the mosque.
No one has come looking for her.
She's dressed in bridal finery. - She looks like a new bride.
My sister-in-law is here!
Spread flowers for her welcome. Give them to me.
My sister-in-law is here.
Brother, please come.
Brother, congratulations! - To you too.
Get my sister-in-law into the house soon.
Yes, don't be so impatient.
No Suraiya, until the Nawab gives you your due. . .
don't take the bride in.
By bringing me my sister-in-law, my brother has given me everything.
I don't want anything else. Hurry, ask her to come out.
Where are the men who bought the palanquin?
What happened, brother? - Tell them to carry. . .
the palanquin to the bride's room. - Why?
Your sister-in-law has fainted. - Oh my God !
Please move aside, the bride has fainted.
What's wrong with her?
Brother! Why do you look so scared?
You needed a sister-in-law and this house needed a mistress.
Go, bring them both out. Go on !
Oh my God ! The palanquin is empty!
How did this happen? - I have no idea.
The palanquin came from the Sultan's house.
How the palanquin turned into my coffin, I don't know.
What will happen now? When the ladies will want to see her. . .
what reply will I give them?
I'll go right now and ask Mr Sultan.
If the palanquin has come empty from his house. . .
I swear, I'll kill him and myself.
Hush ! If someone hears you, we'll be doomed.
We are already doomed. Our reputation is ruined.
What is left now that I should worry about?
No brother, don't go there in such a situation.
I beg of you ! - Then give me poison.
Or burn down this mansion so that even I turn to ashes with it.
No brother, I won't let us or our family name be disgraced.
Don't worry, I'll not let anyone enter this room.
I'll tell them the bride is sick. - But until when?
This secret will be out, sooner or later.
Let's leave tomorrow to God. We'll somehow have to save face today.
You go out and take care of the guests.
For God's sake, please go.
Where am I? - At the mosque.
Mosque? What is the time? - It's past mid-night.
Midnight? It's past midnight?
Oh my God ! I'm ruined !
Father. . . - Who is it?
Your daughter. - My daughter?
But she's got married. She's gone away to her in-laws.
Who are you? - I'm Zeenat, father. Your Zeenat.
My Zeenat was the light of this house.
She was the apple of my eye. But she has dishonoured us and left.
Father, please forgive me.
I'll repent for the mistake I have made all my life.
Please forgive your daughter, father.
Which daughter are you talking of? I loved you so much.
I reared you with affection.
But you grew up and disgraced me and your family.
It is destiny that has done this father,. . .
I didn't do anything on purpose.
You have done what no daughter has ever done to her father.
I desired to see you as a bride. . .
to marry you off with great pomp.
But instead, you have ruined so many of us.
You bought me dishonour, you bought ill-repute to Nawab Sikander.
You are dead for me, your coffin has been laid.
Go away from here, go away!
Where do I go leaving your house, father?
Instead of throwing me out of this house, kill me.
You are already dead and the dead don't return to life.
Go away! Get lost!
Father, please pardon my mistake.
Yusuf. . .
Who are you? - I. . .
Where is Yusuf? - What work do you have with him?
I'm in trouble. Please tell me where Yusuf is.
He's gone to Allahabad.
Yes, he'll return only after two three months.
He asked me to give a suitable excuse to anyone who comes asking for him.
No, he can't do that!
He can't cheat me like that.
Oh, so he has cheated you too?
What? - Every 2-4 days. . .
some poor girl comes to me.
And I have to somehow console her and send her back.
He is my nephew, but he's a loafer, a womaniser.
A loafer? A womaniser?
Are you Zeenat, Sultan's daughter, the wife of Nawab Sikander?
The daughter and daughter-in-law. . .
of such reputed families cannot be so ill-fated and shameless.
I feel pity for you. Come, I'll see you off.
Leave my hand, I'll go myself. - It's a dark night, don't go alone.
If you meet another Yusuf, he'll rob you of your jewellery and dignity too.
Leave my hand.
If she really was Zeenat, Nawab Sikander is now in my clutches.
''Could this be just a flight of fantasy. . . ?''
''or is there really a beautiful face behind the veil?''
''What do your eyes seek in that direction?''
''Who knows, what secret the veil conceals''
''What shall I call these traits of yours?''
''Shall I be grateful to them, or hold them responsible for my plight?''
''Tyranny cloaked in every act of kindness. . . ''
''infidelity behind every facade of loyalty. . . ''
''everything he does is well-disguised''
''Could this be just a flight of fantasy. . . ?''
We'll take your leave now, we've taken enough of your time.
You and your bride must be cursing us.
Look at him, he's left before us.
The Nawab has lost control over himself.
The occasion itself is such.
Nawab. . .
I want to say something.
What have you done? You disappeared from. . .
the palanquin, don't you have any regard for my honour?
Why are you quiet? Give me a reply. - Who is she?
Whom are you getting annoyed at? - What happened?
I don't even know her. She seems to be a mad woman. . .
Goodbye! Take some rest.
Halt! Stop the carriage.
What is it?
What happened? - A woman is lying on the road.
Woman? - Yes.
Let's check.
Dilawarjang, where is Aachchan?
Say something.
How is aunt Kariman's hen? Have you fallen in love with her or not?
How heartless you are. Look at me.
I've lost my peace of mind because I haven't seen her since so many days.
Look what I have bought for her.
Earrings, necklace. . .
and these fabulous ornaments.
And see these silk clothes, they are among the best.
Throw away the jewellery, burn those clothes.
What are you saying? Why should I do that?
Destiny has cheated you, friend.
In your absence, Zeenat was married off to Nawab Sikander.
What? Please don't play such a dirty joke on me.
Fate has played a joke on you. I tried very hard to stall this marriage.
But instead, I ended up in jail.
I don't understand any of this. Zeenat had promised me undying love.
She had said she'd never marry anyone else.
How did this marriage take place? - God knows how.
What can a helpless girl do?
She must have surrendered before her father's wishes.
I'll kill such a heartless father.
Where is that man who traded his daughter?
Where is that slave of wealth?
I'll burn down this house, so that Sultan turns to ashes. . .
the way he burned my love to ashes.
Sit down. Why are you unnecessarily creating a scene?
It's all over now. Zeenat is already the wife of Nawab Sikander.
No one can break that relationship now.
I will break that relationship. I'll bring back my Zeenat.
Sit down ! Why get desperate? Do you know its consequences?
Zeenat will be defamed.
Zeenat will be defamed?
This was not fair.
Since you've recovered, you haven't eaten anything.
Here, have something.
You helped me, how can I ever repay you?
Don't say that, it was my duty.
The way you were lying on the road. . .
anyone would have done just that.
Tell me, who are you, where do you live?
I don't remember who I am, where I have come from.
I have no house, no place to go.
All doors are closed on me.
Tell me about it, I'll try to help you.
The doors that have closed on you, can be opened again.
I have myself closed those doors, mother.
You have called me mother. . .
and a mother hides her daughter's every secret.
Tell me your story, I promise I won't tell anyone.
Please send me back to the streets if you like. . .
but don't ask me the cause of my ruin.
All right, but I was asking for your good only.
If you ever feel like, tell me all about it.
Sir, the Nawab is here.
Nawab, who? - Sikander Mirza, your son-in-law.
Look at him, he's worried just hearing his son-in-law's name.
Get up, go and welcome him.
Please come.
Greetings! - Bless you. Please sit down.
Forgive me, your daughter should have come actually. . .
but she fell sick.
Don't worry, she'll visit you in a few days.
She has sent a message for you.
We'll take your leave. Goodbye!
Don't do that, please get up.
You saved my dignity, you saved me from being disgraced.
You are not human, but an angel.
I know the palanquin left empty from here.
And it reached empty.
You don't know what befell us in one night. . .
how we have saved our honour and yours.
Tell me why this happened, please.
That only she can reply, who bought me humiliation.
But why did she take this wrong step?
Did she want to marry someone else?
Honestly Nawab, I don't know anything about it.
If I had known, I wouldn't have cheated you. . .
I would have buried her alive. . .
but wouldn't have tried to marry her off to a decent man like you.
I don't know what is the secret behind this incident.
What's surprising is that she visited me last night.
What. . . ? - Yes. She stood behind a pillar.
I said something to her. For a moment I turned away, and she disappeared.
She had come here too, but I condemned here.
And she left. - But where did she go?
In anger, I told her to go die. She must have killed herself.
She must be dead.
Don't say that. It is possible she is alive and returns someday.
Until then, we'll have to forget that. . .
the palanquin left empty from here, and arrived empty at my house.
The world still thinks that your daughter is my wife and is with me.
''What was my destination supposed to be?''
''I know not where I have landed''
''What destination had I set out for. . . ''
''and where have I landed, I do not know''
''My feet now falter. . . ''
''they know not where my goal is''
''I too dreamt of Spring in my own little Eden''
''When flowers withered away, when autumn arrived. . . I do not know''
''When autumn had arrived, I did not realise''
''My feet now falter. . . ''
''I do not know where my goal is''
''My heart burnt in sorrow. . . ''
''my dreams lay shattered''
''What burns in my heart, what smoke emanates. . . I do not know''
''What smoke rises. . . ? I have no clue''
''My feet now falter. . . ''
''I do not know where my goal is''
''Whom and how shall I tell the story. . . ''
''of my love that was destroyed?''
''My lips are sealed and the world knows not what my tears convey''
''They know not what my tears convey''
''What was my destination supposed to be?''
''I know not where I have landed''
''My feet now falter. . . ''
''I know not where my goal lies''
Where've I ended up, my God?
Don't punish me so severely for my mistake. Save me, please.
Naziranbai is very smart.
She keeps such beauties in veils.
How dare you? Leave her alone.
I can afford to pay for her.
Rs 5,000, Rs 10,000, Rs 20,000.
Tell me her price.
This may be a whore house, but there are some corners here. . .
that are more pure then your mansions.
By trying to assault a pure woman, you have committed a sin. . .
which God will never pardon.
If you want to save face, leave immediately. . .
or I'll have you thrown out.
Speak politely. Don't forget you are speaking to Nawab Pyare.
God knows how many such Nawabs. . .
I have made and ruined.
Will you leave or do you want to be thrown out?
Remember, I'll avenge my humiliation.
Get lost!
Where are you going? - Where I can lay myself dead.
Lay dead?
Listen child,. . .
that's what even I had thought when I left home 25 years back.
I was like you, just like you.
But I had to wander listlessly.
I sold my youth and my dignity.
I lost everything.
But couldn't find a place where I could lie dead. . . not till today.
What I got was this whore-house. . .
and a life that's neither fit for demons nor humans.
Sleeping during the day, staying awake at night.
Sorrow in the heart, but a song on the lips.
Instead of death, I earned humiliation and ill-repute.
Some called me ill-fated, some called me vile.
And soon enough, a daughter of a decent family. . .
this Nazeer Banu. . .
became Naziranbai.
Mother! - I was like you.
Pray to God that you don't become like me.
I made a mistake, please save me, give me shelter.
The day a mother cannot save a daughter. . .
will be doomsday.
I swear, I'll give up my life. . .
but won't let your dignity be tarnished.
Khalima, move away. Where are you going?
I have told you several times not to enter sister-in-law's room.
She doesn't want to meet anyone, but you just don't listen.
I have got a sister-in-law after so many prayers.
And you want me to let you serve her food? Give it to me.
Let me serve her to my heart's content first.
How are you feeling today?
Touch wood, but you're glowing today.
Get up and have your food.
What did you ask? Has brother eaten?
You have begun to care for each other so much already.
You want brother to eat first, and brother wants you to eat first.
You tell me, whom should I serve food to first?
Tell me, tell me, please.
Suraiya, you are this family's dignity, my honour.
I fear this pretense drive you insane.
Hey Romeo, I looked for you everywhere. . .
and here you are. What are you doing here?
There mustn't be a greater betrayer than you.
You, uncle, Zeenat, everyone betrayed me.
Everyone cheated me, no one did anything for me.
I did nothing? - No.
I even went to jail for you, what more do you want?
I have my life which I can sacrifice for you if you say.
Leave me alone, please go away.
Now I won't leave you alone. I'll keep you with me in my house.
If you keep wandering like this, you'll really go crazy. Come with me.
C'mon !
Greetings! - Please be seated.
Did you notice something?
Within a few days, the Nawab's face has begun to glow.
It seems like a rose has bloomed with nourishment from an elixir.
That's all due to the arrival of his wife.
The house in which a good, decent and beautiful lady comes. . .
everything in that house glows.
Madam has sent ' Firni' for you all.
' Firni' ! Wow!
The Nawab was always large hearted. . .
but his wife is even more large hearted.
Eat, eat as much as you want.
Pray for the lady.
God has now blessed you with a wife.
You now have one more duty to perform. - What is that?
Suraiya has grown up, it is better you get her married too.
Yes, I have received a proposal for her from Nawab Sadique's son.
I think it's a good proposal.
Ask him to come here and we'll fix the marriage.
Please be seated.
Is everything all right? - By God's grace, yes.
I came to tell you I'll be leaving for Haj.
I'll be leaving in a few days time. - Nawab sahib. . .
Who must be more fortunate than you. . .
that you yourself are going for Haj. . .
and your daughter is married into such a good and respected family.
What are you doing? - I'm preparing to go to the mosque.
Today is an auspicious Friday.
Auspicious Friday? - Yes, child.
Will you take me along? - Of course.
God is great, he helps all of us, maybe he helps you too.
What is it, child? Even while coming you had stopped here. . .
and now while leaving too. Any special reason?
No. I just stopped.
Let's go.
Are you not well?
Can I sit here for sometime? - Sure. Come.
Hey, where are you going?
What happened? Move aside.
Are you badly hurt? - No brother, don't worry about me.
How can I not? You are ruining your life to save my dignity.
You'll kill yourself!
Damn ! I had strictly told him not to move around.
Why did you let him go out in his condition?
What could I do? Since two days he kept talking about going to the mosque
I told him not to go, but he wouldn't listen.
Please save him, he's my only friend.
He has high fever, it has even affected his brain.
Utmost care has to be taken. I'll send the medicine.
If his fever comes down by evening, he'll be fine. . .
or God save him. - Doctor!
I'll be going.
Untimely death is the worst!
Can't bear to see Aachchan's state!
Flowers bloom and then wither away.
But I crave to see those flowers which withered without blooming.
You mustn't cry. Crying hurts the soul of the departed.
Control yourself. - How can I keep in control?
No one must die so young.
Aachchan, the grave has been dug. Let us lay his coffin.
No, don't take him away, or even I'll die.
One who comes into this world has to go one day.
Death spares no one. Today he has left, tomorrow could be our turn.
Why didn't I die?
Friend, take me along, even I'll lie in the grave besides you.
Aachchan, gather yourself, crying won't make him come back.
People want to have a last glimpse of the dead.
Remove the sheet from his face and let us carry out his coffin.
All right, then give me support or I'll fall unconscious.
Cry your eyes out. Another such cock will never be born again.
What are you doing here? I've bought you good news.
Have you found sister-in-law?
No, but I've found a younger brother.
Your marriage has been fixed with the son of Nawab Sadique Ali.
The engagement is next Friday.
God bless you.
Brother. . . - What happened?
Until now, we had managed to keep this a secret.
But what will happen now? How will all this happen without sister-in-law?
Oh yes, I hadn't thought about that.
How will all this happen without her? What do we do now, Suraiya?
Nothing, you reject the proposal, and they'll not come here.
No Suraiya, this is the matter of your entire life.
Damn my life, this is the matter of our family's honour.
Reject the proposal, for God's sake.
Don't say that, let me think.
Greetings! - Greetings Mr Mir, please take a seat
How come you're here today? - Check this.
Has this bangle been bought from your shop?
Where did you find it? - On the street.
With the thought of returning it to the right owner. . .
I'm checking it with every jeweller.
This bangle has been purchased from my shop.
Really? - Yes.
Who had purchased it? - Nawab Sikander Mirza.
Oh, Nawab Sikander? - Yes.
Give it to me, I'll return it to the rightful owner.
Cashier. . . - Yes, sir?
Mirza, please leave us alone.
I'm a bit confused and don't know what to do.
If it's money, I can always help you.
It's not that. The groom's family is coming for Suraiya's engagement.
Their coming cannot be stalled. But my wife. . .
Yes, tell me, is she against the proposal?
If that's the case, I'll right now. . . - It's not that either.
Do one thing. - Yes?
No, I only will have to do this.
Who is it? You? Folks. . . !
For God sake, don't shout. I was looking for you since many days.
Why? You want me arrested again? - No.
Whatever happened that day was on Mir Kurban Ali's orders.
On Mir Kurban Ali's orders? But why?
Come here, I'll tell you.
Mir Kurban Ali didn't want Yusuf to get married.
Because the moment he got married, he would ask for his property. . .
which Kurban Ali has already squandered away.
I see! Tell me more.
He keeps promising to marry me.
Now, after he's ruined my life, he doesn't want to see me.
Can you repeat all this in court? - Not just the court. . .
I can repeat it before the whole world.
Then come with me, I'll teach that Mir a lesson.
This is no ordinary bangle, it is the key to Nawab Sikander's vaults.
Use the key and remove as much wealth as possible.
Within a short period, I'll rob him of all his wealth.
He's the one.
You betrayer, enemy of your own child !
Uncle, I've realised today that it's not blood running in your veins. .
but soda water.
What nonsense! What do you want?
Who are they? - I'll tell you.
Men, hold him from both sides.
The man is strong, he may thrash me.
Proceed !
Don't dare touch me!
Aachchan, what crime are you punishing me for?
Crime one : To usurp his wealth, you ruined Yusuf's life.
True or false? - That's a lie.
Men, hit him twice.
It's true, absolutely true.
Crime two : You framed me and had me arrested.
True or false?
How could I ever do that to you? That's an absolute lie.
Men, hit him thrice.
I'll die!
I must have made a mistake. I admit my crime.
Crime three : You also ruined the life of the innocent Shagufta.
Who says so? - Hold him, men.
Who the hell is Shagufta?
Oh ! So now you don't know me?
Men, hit him four times.
You'll break my neck.
Doesn't matter, at least you'll come to your senses
Men, hit him five times.
Aachchan, have mercy on me. Shagufta, save me.
So you recognise her now. Do you agree to marry her?
Marry her? Never! - Men, hit him six times.
You stay here, one is enough for him.
You'll kill me. I agree to marry her!
Hold him!
Priest, come in quick.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Please sit down.
You could have called for me, why did you take the trouble?
Life is a mystery which cannot be solved.
But my life has become a maze in which I'll get lost.
If I ask you for something unusual,. . .
don't ask me the reason behind it, I won't be able to tell you.
Tell me, I won't ask you anything.
I need a girl for a day, who has decent mannerisms.
Who, until my sister gets engaged, can act as my wife.
God forbid, but your wife. . . ?
Please don't try to solve that riddle.
I've come for help. If you refuse, Suraiya's life will be ruined.
Just for a day, arrange for a decent girl.
Don't worry, I do know of one such girl.
Beautiful, decent and pure.
She'll even go with you.
But just remember, that her purity isn't tarnished.
Don't worry. I promise you, I won't even look at her.
I'll consider her a sacred gift.
Send her before sunrise and she'll be sent back before sunset.
Rest assured, the girl will be sent to your mansion.
Lord, I'm going to begin a new life.
I'm going to step into a new world.
Today's day should have been a happy one for me.
But my heart is full of sorrow.
Please save this family's honour, my God.
Send my sister-in-law somehow.
Suraiya, shall I send the breakfast to madam's room?
No, wait! I'm coming.
Give it to me. You all leave.
Who are you?
The mistress of this house.
Mistress of the house?
God ! What did you do?
Are you my sister-in-law?
Sister-in-law. . .
my sister-in-law!
Brother! Brother. . . - Hey, listen.
Madam! Greetings!
Come here, all of you. Look, madam is here.
Madam, we're so fortunate to have seen you. Greetings!
May God bless you !
Brother, sister-in-law is here.
Hush !
She's not your sister-in-law, but her shadow. . .
which has come with sunrise and will disappear at sunset.
But she said she was my sister-in-law.
Just for a day, until you get engaged.
Don't ask me who she is, where she has come from.
But she's very beautiful. Her eyes are full of love.
She really seems to be your wife! - Maybe.
Haven't you seen her yet? - No, and I won't either.
But. . .
The lady wants you. - Tell her she's coming.
Go, Suraiya.
Tell her the cupboards are full of clothes and jewellery.
Ask her to wear suitable clothes and jewellery for the occasion.
All right. - Go on.
Today's day is very auspicious. We got to see you today. . .
and it's also Suraiya's engagement today.
Now there will only be happiness in this house.
May the happiness of this house never depart.
Sister-in-law, I feel you are not my sister-in-law, but my mother.
Madam, the guests have arrived.
You are aware that Sharafat Ali is going to go abroad.
And quite often, our youngsters get carried away by foreign lifestyles.
You're right. - That is why I want him. . .
to get married by the end of this week. . .
so that he can take his wife along with him.
What do you say? - It makes no difference to me.
You can fix the marriage for next week, I have no problem.
May God bless you ! - Congratulations!
Sister-in-law, don't remove this jewellery.
Please don't, I beg of you.
I have no right to this jewellery or clothes.
They belong to the mistress of this house.
I'm destined to a life of darkness. When this darkness deepens. . .
a palanquin will come and take me away. . .
and I'll disappear into the darkness.
No, I won't let you leave. I swear I'll never let you go.
Brother, she's preparing to leave. She's leaving, please stop her.
She won't stop. - At least try.
I'm sure she'll listen to you. - She won't.
She has fallen in love with me and this house. She will stay back.
Her love is not true, it's only a pretense.
No, there is no pretense in her eyes, there is honest love in them.
At least meet her once. - I can't.
I have promised she will return.
At least see her once, I'm sure you'll forget your promise.
No, Suraiya. - Please, or I'll kill myself.
Have you gone crazy? - Maybe, but come, please!
Come on ! - Wait! Listen to me!
I won't. Just try to stop her somehow, please.
Go on !
Forgive me, I shouldn't have come here.
But I was helpless before Suraiya's stubbornness.
My conscience will never forgive me for this crime.
Helplessness is not termed a crime. God sees one's intentions.
Thank God you have a soft heart and understand other people's helplessness
Even you are a soft hearted man.
Is it possible that you forgive me?
Forgive you? What for. . . ?
Yes, Zeenat.
Are you the same Zeenat whom I wanted to give a life of love and respect?
Are you the Zeenat before whom I was proud to bow down in love?
And today, you had to come from the whore house in the cloak of darkness?
Yes, I'm that very Zeenat.
I wouldn't have coem here, but when I heard it was the question. . .
of an innocent girl's future, I couldn't hold myself back.
But how did all this happen?
How did you reach the whore house, instead of my mansion?
I didn't go there. Naziranbai gave me refuge. . .
and at such a time when everyone had rejected me.
But why did you play with my honour?
Tell me, why did the palanquin arrive here empty after our marriage?
If I was home at the time of marriage. . .
then I swear the palanquin wouldn't have arrived empty.
I don't understand.
We didn't get married. When the marriage formalities were on. . .
I was wandering in the mosque.
Suddenly, lightening struck and I don't know what happened after that.
When I recovered, I found myself in the whore house.
It was like a mother giving refuge to a child the world had rejected.
It's time for me to leave.
I have no right to stop you, but. . .
if you can, bring back happiness to this house.
This house and its people are still longing for you.
The land here still wants to welcome you.
I won't be able to give anything to this house.
I have nothing besides tears, sighs and sorrow.
And those too belong to someone else.
Suraiya, why are you here? - I'll go with you.
If you can't live with me, I'll live with you.
I'll go with you.
May God never take you where I'm going.
I'll go with you, no one can stop me.
I will ! Stupid girl, get up.
No one can return from where I live.
Sister-in-law. . . . - Sit down.
Why do you want to add to my problems?
You will have to tell me where you have come from and where you're going.
What is that darkness you want to disappear into?
What is the sorrow you have concealed in your heart?
I cannot reply your questions. Don't try to rake my wounds.
You sometimes laugh and cry sometimes.
You sometimes show love and sometimes hatred.
You even feel hurt leaving this house. . .
but you still want to leave. What mystery is this?
You won't understand this mystery. Go and sleep.
No, I'll not sleep. If I sleep, you'll go away.
I'll stay with you all night. And if you go, I'll go with you.
Whether darkness or light, I will. . . - You really have gone crazy!
Go and sleep. . . for my sake.
Sister-in-law. . . - Come, I'll put you to sleep.
''When people ask me questions. . . ''
''how am I to answer them?''
''You are so inconsiderate. . . ''
''how shall I answer them?''
''Should I be asked whom I have lost my heart to. . . ''
''how many people I have severed relations with. . . ''
''how shall I answer them?''
''Should I be asked who caused me pain in love. . . ''
''who is the one who has condemned me to sleepless nights. . . ''
''I'll have reservations in telling them. . . ''
''how shall I answer them?''
''You are so inconsiderate. . . ''
''how shall I answer them?''
''When people ask me questions. . . ''
''how shall I answer them?''
Sister-in-law. . . ?
You finally relented. You won't leave now, will you?
Where are you all? Prepare breakfast for sister-in-law.
No, I'll make it myself. I'll feed her myself today.
Did you hear that?
See how happy she is. Will you trample over her happiness and leave?
I can't live here forever. I'll have to leave one day.
You may go, because anyway Suraiya is here only for a few days more.
Send her off after her marriage. I won't stop you after that.
Just do this much.
As you wish.
Thank you.
Doctor, how is he? - There is nothing to worry about.
Thank God. - You sit down.
Can we meet him? - Yes, but one at a time.
You can't meet him. Seeing you, he'll consume poison again.
Sit here! I'll go meet him.
Yusuf, it's Aachchan.
Why did you save me? It was better if I had died.
Don't talk nonsense. Zeenat is more brave than you.
Don't talk about that betrayer. - Don't call her a betrayer.
Even she was cheated. She longed for you till the very end.
This bangle proves it.
Bangle? What bangle?
It's Zeenat's bangle which somehow got into the hands of your uncle.
Even after marriage, she came to your house to meet you.
Damn your uncle, he told her you were a loafer and a womaniser. . .
and heart-broken, she went away.
Aachchan, you have bought me hope.
By proving Zeenat to be faithful, you have given me new life.
Now I will be able to live with her memories.
But the way I thought her to be unfaithful. . .
even she must think the same about me.
I just want to meet her once and clear her misunderstanding.
Will I be able to meet her?
Get well first. Life will somehow bring you face to face one day.
Clear her misunderstanding then. - Now I'll only live for that day.
I have lost Zeenat, but not her love.
She is mine, and will always remain so.
She's mine.
Where is my sister-in-law? - Don't worry, I'm here.
Stay with me, I'm feeling very nervous.
Everyone feels nervous while getting married.
Will this house no more be mine?
There is a very short distance between one's maternal and marital home.
But this short distance changes one's course of life.
Why do you cry? Maternal home is never a girl's real home.
You should feel happy you're going to your own house today.
Just remember, you were one family's honour. . .
now you're responsible for the honour of two families. Go on, my child.
Go on.
Sister-in-law. . . - Don't worry. . .
until your palanquin leaves, I won't leave your hand.
Why are you still sitting here? The palanquin has left.
What are you waiting for? The palanquin has left.
Yes Zeenat, the palanquin has left.
But thank God it didn't go empty.
Palanquins never go empty.
Some carry the bride, and some a bride's shattered dreams.
Even I would have sacrificed myself for my father's honour. . .
but destiny never gave me a chance.
Nothing is lost yet. Our honour is still intact.
If you can't return love for love. . .
then at least keep this family's honour for humanity sake.
Don't leave this house, that's my request to you.
I'm in a dilemma, give me time to think.
Please give me time to think.
Oh God, what should I do?
Your self-respecting father threw you out of the house.
The one for whom you gave up your family honour, betrayed you.
This decent house is much better than that whore house.
Accept Sikander Mirza's offer.
Save this decent man's honour, stay in this house.
Yes, that's what I'll do.
''I shall wait for you. . . ''
''I shall wait for you till the end of Time''
''May God bring about such a day. . . ''
''that heralds your arrival''
''I shall wait for you''
''You are the one my dejected eyes look for''
''I wander in the quest of meeting you''
''May I carry on with the same passion and obsession. . . ''
''for you to arrive''
''May God bring Time to an end. . . ''
''to herald your arrival''
''I shall wait for you''
''I shall lay my life at your feet''
''I shall entrust to you what is rightfully yours''
''Just when I'm about to leave. . . ''
''I wish you could arrive''
''May God bring Time to an end. . . ''
''to bring about your arrival''
''I shall wait for you''
Why have you returned now, after maligning me?
To prove my innocence.
To tell you that you misunderstood me. I'm not at fault.
Not at fault? You made a living corpse out of my father.
I lost my home and my honour, because of you.
You tarnished a decent man's reputation,. . .
yet you say you're not at fault?
I have cursed you with every tear I have shed.
God will never forgive you.
First hear me out Zeenat, then you can say what you like.
I swear to God, I was not at fault for all that happened.
I thought you to be unfaithful, and you thought the same about me.
But it was my uncle who was the culprit.
You have cheated me once, you can't cheat me again.
No Zeenat, that cruel monster has ruined our lives.
Your marriage was finalised with Sikander Mirza.
But he kept telling me it was fixed with me.
He sent me off to Allahabad.
And on the night of your marriage, when you came looking for me. . .
he told you I was a womaniser and broke your heart too.
Just to usurp my property. . .
he left me to a lifetime of tears and sorrow.
Is this all true?
What will I gain from lying now?
I've only come to clear your misunderstanding.
And to return this.
May God bless you both.
Just say once that you don't think I betrayed you.
I'll leave and never come back.
Lord ! How could all this happen?
Tell me Yusuf, what should I do?
What a decent wife would do.
But I am not his wife, I'm not married to him.
What are you saying?
When the marriage formalities were on. . .
I was looking for you at the mosque.
The palanquin left empty from my father's house.
Then how come you are here?
That's a sad story.
Despite not being his wife. . .
I'm pretending to be the Nawab's wife to save his honour.
In that case, come right now with me.
I can't live a moment without you.
I have found my lost love, I can't leave you now.
Come Zeenat, come with me now.
How can I ? The Nawab's decency has tied me down.
I cannot trample over his family's honour and leave.
Forget about Zeenat, she is dead for you.
I have decided, I'll keep your memories close to heart. . .
and stifle all my desires.
I'll give up all my happiness to be a decent wife.
But I shall not defile the honour of this house.
I'll sacrifice myself for the Nawab's honour.
Why should you sacrifice yourself? I'll sacrifice myself.
Oh my God, he's heard everything.
I'll sacrifice my life, but won't let you die.
Let me go. The Nawab has heard everything, God knows what he'll do.
Don't stop me.
Think again. Your decision will ruin our lives.
Don't be crazy. Don't torch yourself alive.
What are you doing? Come with me.
Yusuf, for God's sake, save the Nawab.
You wait here, I'll try my best to save him.
But you don't come towards the house! I beg of you, please don't!
What have you done, Nawab?
The Nawab, his wife, there is no trace of either.
I think both perished in the fire.
God knows how the fire started.
What is destined to happen, will happen.
The sad part is that, with the Nawab's death. . .
a beautiful era of Lucknow has come to an end.
The Nawab had heard your decision.
And this is his decision.
He got out of love's way.
What was to have happened to the Nawab, happened.
But in these ruins, this mansion's mistress' name will always echo.
We'll have to leave Lucknow,. . .
so that the Nawab and his mansion's honour remains intact.
Come, Zeenat.