Cool Korean Stuff

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 26.08.2008

Whenever I go to a coffee shop in Canada
and I get coffee to go
usually you get a coffee tray
and you put the coffees inside of it
and they always kinda spill over when you're driving
and it's really frustrating
well, here in Korea, we recently ordered four coffees to go,
and this is what we got it in! Pretty cool, huh?
So it's just like a little tiny basket that folds out
and you don't have to worry about your coffee going anywhere
So recently I found myself ordering some of the bizarre coffee shop foods,
And I ordered a green tea, cranberry scone here at Starbucks,
and it came with this little package of jam.
And I thought it's kind of unusual looking for a package of jam
Take a look at this bad boy. Okay,
you crack it like this in the centre,
and then you put your thumbs in the back and you squeeze it out.
How awesome is that!
Mmm hhhm hhmmmm hmmm hmm hmmmm
No more sticky fingers from going in with a fork,
or perhaps your finger. Great!
We're gonna cut out that last part.