How to Pass a Driving Test : How To Avoid Blind spots While Driving

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

My name is Kevin Woods on behalf of; phone number is (314) 584-0116. Right now
we are going to talk about blind spots. Actually there is 8 blind spots around the car. There
is two up front, two on the right side, two behind you and two on your left side. Basically
when you are checking blind spots you want to physically turn around and check. You would
trust your physical eyes more so than you would trust these two mirrors. Do not use
your side mirrors to determine rather or not you are getting ready to change lanes. They
did a study about 5 years ago and what they determined was too many younger people were
either the cause of the accident or causing deaths in changing lanes. So what they came
up with is on the road test from now on you have to physically check your blind spots
and if you do not consistently check your blind spot once you are changing lanes, they
more than likely will not pass you. Anytime the wheel goes to the left or to the right
changing lanes, ensure that you physically turn around for a second. It's not long, you're
not turning slow and not turning too fast nor are you staring at anything you just turn
around and try to see if there is something coming. You don't want to look right over
your shoulder. You actually want to turn around to see where a car is coming from.