Playful Kiss - Playful Kiss: Full Episode 2 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Episode 2!
Why did you come out of that house?
Because it's my house.
- You said it's your... - Baek Seung Jo, why aren't you coming in?
Ha Ni, come in quickly.
Should I carry that?
Ah, I remember now. Even if you're homeless, you don't want my help.
Oh Seung Jo, come here.
- Hello. - He's our eldest.
I've heard so much already. I feel like we've been together for so long.
After watching the news, she's the one who wanted to look for you guys.
So we could live together.
That's why we called the broadcasting studio immediately.
Oh, really?
Thank you.
He would always tell me that he was indebted to you and that he had to pay you back some day.
Oh, there's no need to...
But, what took you so long?
Don't you two know each other? Both of you are in the same year.
Ah well, he's already pretty well known.
I guess. He is pretty good at studying.
But, the others don't like him, do they?
His personality is a little weird. Always arrogant and looking down. Look at him now.
He doesn't have any girls, does he?
Baek Eun Jo, you haven't slept yet?
I was studying.
Why? Then you might become like your brother.
Say hello.
He's our second child. A bit young, isn't he?
He's in fourth grade.
Hello, I am Baek Eun Jo.
He's quite good looking. He must've got it from his mother.
You must be so lucky.
Say hello to noona, too.
Ha Ni Noona. Oh Ha Ni.
You're not greeting her?
I don't want to.
She looks dumb.
I'm sorry. He must be going through puberty.
No, it's okay.
Why would she be dumb? She's very good at studying.
What does that mean?
It's Chinese.
I see you're studying Chinese characters. Let's see.
This is for sixth grade.
"Han Woo Choong Dong." You don't know what it means?
That's right. "Han Woo Choong Dong."
The meaning of this...
"Han Woo" (Korean beef). You know how Korean beef is tasty, but is really expensive?
So, you have no money... you have no pocket money, but...
"Choong Dong." (urge)
You have an urge to eat Korean beef. So in other words, you want something beyond your means.
That's it.
Is that true?
It means you have the urge to eat Korean beef?
"Han" means sweaty. "Woo" means cow.
То make an ox sweat by pulling the wagon with the books, or to fill a house to the rafters with books.
In other words, it means "an immense number of books."
Aren't you stupid?
Baek Eun Jo, you have no manners.
Hurry and apologize.
I don't want to. I won't. I hate stupid people the most.
I've been rejected by both siblings.
I decorated it according to my taste, but I don't know if you will like it.
Oh my... You did all of this for me?
You don't like it?
It's so pretty. It's like a princess' bedroom.
This is also a princess' bed.
Hurry and try it out.
You know, I had so much fun decorating this room!
I really wanted to have a daughter so badly.
Decorating a room like this together and sharing pretty things.
And when she's older, to travel together.
However, I could only give birth to boys, so it's been really boring.
Let's go shopping and watch movies together. Okay?
It's going to be so much fun!
Ah, also...
Here, a gift.
Since you lost your house, you must have no shoes left. Am I right?
Try them on.
It's pretty...
I'm causing you so much trouble that I don't know what to do.
Eh! What trouble?
I was very happy to buy this.
Is the size a bit too big?
No, it's very comfortable. I really like it.
Thank you.
Even the words you say are pretty!
Just become my daughter.
Oh! You brought it?
Good. Now, you must be very tired. Have a good rest, okay?
I'm very grateful for everything.
I'll see you tomorrow morning!
Good night! Yes.
Seung Jo, good night.
This room was originally...
...Eun Jo's room.
But thanks to someone here... Eun Jo's bed and desk...
My room is so crammed.
I'm sorry.
If you're sorry...
...won't you stop it now?
You've been annoying these past few days.
- I'm telling you not to make a big fuss at school. - Make a big fuss?
Don't worry.
If the news of us living together gets out, I'll be more affected by it than you.
What do you mean "living together"?
Weren't you the one who came to live in my house?
I'm going to wash up first.
You're dead.
You made me bleed.
I regret it.
I didn't think of going so far.
However, I can't help it either.
Ahhh! That stupid jerk! Damn it, damn it! Really!
I really hate smart guys like you!
Really? So embarrassing!
Ah! Why did he show up right then!
The toilet seat is warm.
What do I do?
To be so close we're using the same bathroom!
Did he hear me?
He's right next door.
Ah my tummy hurts!
I can't even poop because I'm scared I might make a sound.
They seem really close!
Aigoo, Oh Ha Ni.
You're still not back to your senses?
He said he doesn't like you. He told you not to bother him.
Ah, yes.
I can't believe it! I'm having breakfast with Baek Seung Jo!
So he's having toast and jam?
Geniuses eat jam.
This is so surreal.
By any chance, could this be a dream?
He won't be looking anymore, right?
Aigoo! You must have choked on your food.
Here, drink water.
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
She's dumb just like I expected.
- Baek Eun Jo! - Watch it!
Hey, Ha Ni, are you okay?
Hey, give me some more soup. It's so delicious!
It's really good.
Your Guksu (noodles) restaurant is doing well, isn't it? You have a lot of costumers, right?
Ah, yes... A lot of regular customers come over.
But you know, starting tomorrow you should sleep more, you go to work late anyway.
I'm done eating. I'll be getting up first.
Dear, how can you do that? Ha Ni has to go with you.
Hey! She doesn't even know her way to school.
Me too.
Hey! Why are you leaving already? Eat some more.
Hey, Ha Ni! Hurry!
Ah, yes!
I'll be going to school now!
- Bye! - Bye!
Slow down!
How could you just stop so suddenly?
It's just for today.
Walking to school together. If someone sees us... would end up being bothersome again.
I got it.
Don't tell anyone about it.
I won't!
At school, act like you don't even know me.
I said I got it!
Let's walk separately.
Stupid jerk!
To think that I've liked a jerk like him for three years!
What a waste of my tears.
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What are you daydreaming about?
None of your business.
Why are you waiting for me,
when you told me to walk separately?
Who's waiting? You go in the front.
Ah! What!? Why do you keep changing your mind?
Because you're short.
Isn't it hard to follow me around?
Don't blame me when you get to school late,
and just go in front of me.
I'll just follow you from behind.
Let's see here...
This one.
What the heck?
Why are you all swollen?
Where's the syllabus for the next midterm exam?
Would we have any reason to know anything about that?
Will you not say "we"?
Do you know it?
No, I don't.
Don't worry.
I'll study really hard,
so that our pride,
will be restored.
- You're looking up the word "pride", right? - Yeah.
Let's see.
Ha Ni!
Good morning.
Bong Joon Gu.
Greet us too.
Did you sleep well last night?
How did you like your father's friend's house?
Yeah, it's great.
Oh, where is it?
Is it far?
Two subway stops away.
No, about three subway stops away.
I got it! Let's go together later.
Does it make sense that a guy doesn't know where his girl lives?
Ah! Was that a punch or a kick?!
Why? Do you want to be kicked too?
Hey! Move!
Jung Ju Ri... You again?
I told you that if you're going to do people's hair, do it at home! Is school a hair salon to you?
I'm sorry, Teacher.
Dryer, pins, perm roll...
You were just totally prepared.
What about your books?
I put all my books in my locker.
I'm sorry... I'll never bring them again.
Did you just cut her hair?
Yes, ma'am.
Just on the back.
Do something about this here, or just curl it.
Oh my, oh my, teacher. Your hair is half curly.
Oh my, how'd you know? I straightened it myself.
Ah, Teach, you can tell by your temples.
Where? Here?
Yes, if you look here, it's slightly curly.
After washing your hair you should do it
just a little bit towards the inside.
- Like this? - Yes.
Just the inside.
Ah! I don't even know what it is that I don't know.
[Special Study Hall]
One... two...
Wow, that study hall must be really good.
The air conditioner is pretty strong.
Huh! Everyone has their own computers too.
And it even has soundproof walls!
[Just Being Alive is Happiness]
If you're not going to study, why are you even there?
Seung Jo.
Seung Jo.
Aigoo, aigoo.
What a flirt!
Thank you!
I'm envious.
She's pretty and smart.
Three steps.
Is it far?
It's far...
Are you studying here?
That's right!
Why? Are you scared?
If you're going to carry me, you better start working out.
Your study hall...
...looked very nice.
With the computers and soundproof walls...
What cheapskates.
Even if you say that,
it doesn't sound like the truth.
What's he talking about?
It sounds like an inferiority complex.
Aren't you going home?
You're saying you want to go together?
Ha Ni!
Wait (downstairs).
You were here?
I looked for you for a long time.
Did that guy say something again?
No, oh hey, give me my backpack.
Oh no, it's okay.
This is for guys to carry.
Let's go!
Ha Ni, sit here.
Aren't you hungry?
Should we get off and eat something?
Come on, let's go eat something, alright?
We're almost at our stop.
I said it's okay. I'll just keeping carrying it.
Give it, it looks embarassing.
Oh, it's really okay...
Oh! I have to get off.
Ha Ni!
Oh Joon Gu, what do I do? I'm sorry!
Have a safe trip!
Thank you!
Take care.
Why didn't you guys come back together?
I'm sure she'll be here soon.
She's not very familar with the place yet.
Recently, there's been strange people around this neighborhood.
Oh Ha Ni is the strangest person here.
You come over here!
Hm! Come over here, you need a spanking!
Hey! Baek Eun Jo.
Man, what a bother!
That cheapskate...
He left even though I told him to wait for me.
I even took a taxi.
Man, I should've just asked the taxi driver to drive me all the way home.
Made me spend all my allowance.
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
If you open it, I won't look!
I'm going to close my eyes.
Then it wouldn't matter.
Pervert! Pervert! Stop it! Stop it!
No, you can't!
That was a present.
Hurry up and give it to me!
I said that was a present!
It's not like you're going to wear it!
Just have a look!
Then I'll give it back to you!
Man, I'm really tired.
I don't want to!!!
How far are you going to go?
Just once!
I beg you, please.
Without closing your eyes! It's only going to take a second!
Really it's just once, right?
Really just once.
Then you'll give me my shoe back?
Of course, I'll return it. How would I use this?
You said you're fine with it?
Since you asked nicely...
...but you MUST return the shoe to me.
Of course, very well. I'm a person who keeps his promises.
You... can't close your eyes
because then that's cheating.
I'm a person who keeps her promises too.
Wait a second!
Let me prepare myself.
Fine. Then prepare yourself.
Go ahead.
Preparing for that long isn't good.
Let's do it!
Sir, forgive me! Just this once?
Please forgive me, just this once?
I just started doing this.
I've registered on a forum and it's only my second time on the field.
Please don't report me, I have a family...
...and I have a kid.
Just this once, if you forgive me I swear it will never happen again. Sir, eh?
Then go straight home right now.
Thank you, sir!
What the?
You shouldn't take this with you.
You're right.
Were you looking for me?
Because you were worried?
As if!
I bought this.
But how did you come right on time?
It was because of my bad luck.
Anyway, you...
In a situation like that, people would give up the shoe. How could...
Because they were a present from your mom.
Today was the first time I wore them!
Yeah, but still...
What did you buy?
Ah! It looks good.
Can I have some?
My throat is parched from the run.
It's melted.
Is it cause of the heat?
Hey! Is that the Big Dipper? One, two...
Hey, can you hear those crickets crying?
They're not crying.
Stupid girls...
...even if they have good taste,
I hate them.
Come to your senses, Oh Ha Ni.
Don't you have any pride?
Let's study!
Let's study and show them how it's done.
Math. Let's start with math.
It's the global age, so let's start with English.
Let's start with our native language (Korean).
Ugh! What is this talking about?
I don't get it!
I don't know!
I've learned all of this?
There's no way...
Here. Have this to eat.
Thank you!
Come on in.
You're studying hard.
Hehe. I'm just sitting around.
Make sure you take breaks in between.
I've always wanted to do something like this.
Making late night snacks and saying that you should take breaks while studying.
Now I feel like the mother of a high school senior.
Seung Jo doesn't eat late night snacks?
It's not that, but rather
Seung Jo doesn't study at all.
He doesn't study?
He's already sleeping.
But he always gets perfect scores.
He must be a real genius.
Is that so?
What's the use of getting perfect scores?
He's no fun at all.
Do you have a blog?
Of course! I'm a power blogger.
Ehh! You have 160 comments!
Oh! It's Eun Jo!
Eun Jo is lacking in manners, isn't he?
He likes his older brother so much that he takes after him.
Still, he's cute.
He looks a lot like Seung Jo.
I think you probably looked pretty when you were a child as well.
Don't you have an album? Aw, come on, let's see.
I don't have a lot of pictures.
Aww, how pretty!
Your mom?
Oh, she's gorgeous.
That's why you're pretty.
To tell you the truth, I don't really remember her.
They say she passed away when I was four years old.
That's why I look at this sometimes, so I don't forget her.
There's a comment on every picture.
Hey, this is interesting.
"Summer. Maybe because we didn't have an air conditioner, it was even cooler."
Hey, you are so witty. Did you write this?
- Yes. - Aww!
"Bbomi is really light."
"Even something light becomes heavy after holding it for a while."
"Everything in life seems to be the same way."
Aww, you're cute.
Seung Jo was also cute, right? When he was little?
Yeah, well...
Ah! Ha Ni!
Would you like me to show you something fun?
Aww! She's so cute, she's so pretty!
Who is this?
She looks a lot like Seung Jo.
Like this here... it's exactly the same.
It's Seung Jo.
This is Seung Jo.
Wait a minute.
Where was it?
Hold on.
Look here.
When I was pregnant with Seung Jo,
he was very calm inside my belly.
He only wanted to eat watermelon, strawberries, and grapes.
So I really thought it was a girl.
That's why the shoes, clothes, and toys that I bought were all for a girl.
But it was a boy.
So what to do? Do I throw it all away?
That's true, but...
And didn't I tell you...
...that I really wanted a girl?
That's why I raised him as a girl for just a little while.
We went to the swimming pool and he was exposed.
He must have have been scarred at that time.
That's why I wonder if he's become so cold as a result of that.
Seung Jo thinks I burnt all of this.
But what can I do, when I have the photo negatives right here?
When you look at it this way, he's not even a genius.
What is this? Why do you keep laughing? (ooseo = laugh)
I'm scary? (mooseo)
Yeah! Scary.
Really? I wonder why?
It's not a reaction from constipation?
Oh! Baek Seung Jo?
- What's he doing here?
Who are you looking for?
Oh Ha Ni, get your P.E. uniform and come with me.
P.E. uniform?!
Hey! What's going on? Why was Baek Seung Jo looking for you?
P.E. uniform?
It looks like they're exchanging something.
Isn't it the P.E. uniform?
Ahhh, this is really annoying!
Why? You could have just worn it.
So what if you wear girls' clothing? You're already familiar with it.
Hey! Where did you find this?! Give it to me!
What are they doing?
What is this?!
Oh Ha Ni.
What going on?! What are they doing?!
What's going on? Ha?
Oh! Seriously, that jerk!
Aah! Let go! Ha Ni!
Hey! Aren't you gonna give it to me?!
Wait a second, I'll give it to you.
I have a condition.
What condition?
Help me with my studies.
Help me raise my grades on the next exam.
You're saying this knowing there's only one week until the exam?
Of course I know.
Please help me.
Please help me get into the study hall.
Do you see me as someone who can create miracles?
I'm not a god!
I understand.
Oh Ha Ni!
You're trickier than I thought you were.
I said that if you get into the study hall, I'd carry you on my back.
Now you want me to help you study,
and give you a piggyback ride too?
If you help me, that becomes void.
Do you think I'm that petty?
Don't worry! I don't have any feelings for you anymore.
Not even this little.
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Ahh. This is so good.
Thanks to you, we ate so well.
I just brought over what was left at the restaurant.
But this! This! It's really delicious!
Kkotjeon? (griddle cake of gluttinous rice shaped like a flower)
The scent of the clam is very nice.
Ahh, yes. Thank you.
Ha Ni, what would you like for your late night snack?
Ha Ni.
Are you going to study?
Starting today, please prepare for two.
Oh, why?
No way!
Are you going to study too?
It can't be anything too greasy or too sweet. It'll be bad for her memory.
Wheat bread and olive oil should be enough.
And egg yolk too.
Oh. Okay.
I'll get up first.
Hyung! Teach m­­---
You do it with me.
I'll get going.
Hey! Oh Ha Ni!
You don't even know this?
Why don't you just give up school?
What are you doing?
Baby Baek Seung Jo!
Oh Ha Ni!
Then I'll start by explaining the basics completely, so listen well.
First, use "x" as the number you want to determine.
What is "x" here?
What is "x" here?
I don't know.
What is it?
That's right! It's the number that we don't know. "X" is the unknown number.
What do we call an unsolved case?
That's right.
What did we call the younger generation when we were kids?
Generation X!
The difficult to understand generation. The unsolved case. It was decided that "x" is used for unknown numbers.
But, why is it "x"...
...when there's "w" and "h"?
What's the use of discussing the "what ifs"?
It's already been decided.
X equals 2 to the 30th power times 10 to the negative 7th power.
log(x) = log (2^30 * 10^-7)
log(x) = 30log2 - 7log10 log(x)=30*0.3-7
log(x) = 2. So, x = 100.
But since we're supposed to write this as a binary number, what is it?
What is 100 as a binary number?
Calculate it.
What does that mean?
I feel like I'm going to explode.
That Oh Ha Ni, so stupid and dumb.
Do you know what the decimal system is?


Then how about the binary numeral system?
It's a way to express a number using only 0 and 1.
But why?
What's the use of that?
The computer.
In 1974, from the Arecibo Observatory, a message was sent to outer space.
If there were real aliens out there, they would receive the message and respond.
But in what language could the message be sent?
In English?
In Korean?
We don't know what the level of intelligence of the aliens could be,
so in order for them to decipher the message by simply knowing 0 and 1,
the message was sent in binary code.
Oh. Ohhh!
In order to communicate with aliens, I should learn the binary system. This is a must learn. Put a star next to this.
Then, what is the way to change 100 to the binary numeral system?
did we receive a response from the aliens?
So far, not yet.
But then again, the universe is so huge.
That's right!
Because the universe is so big, the log system was developed.
Log was made to express really big things.
Why don't you just give up?
It's fun.
How can there be so many things you don't know?
Do you know everything?
Who are these people?
Si Won, Kang In, Shin Dong, Kyuhyun, Han Kyung, Ki Bum...
Sung Min, Hee Chul, Ye Sung, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Lee Teuk, Ryeowook (all 13 Super Junior members)!
We just have different fields of interest.
So, what about logarithms?
As shown in my electroencephalogram, even when I'm sleeping, my alpha waves are moving.
I can read 7000 words per minute; I also have an excellent memory.
When you breathe, put strength on your belly button and inhale slowly...
...and slowly exhale.
Your eyes should be focused on the dot.
Not the wall!
The dot!
Until you can only see the dot.
You must move your body as you memorize,
in order to retain better.
"At" for objects. "With" for people.
1592 Imjin invasion.
Ha Ni!
1592 Imjin invasion!
Oh! What's wrong?!
Dark circles?
Ha Ni,
tell us the truth.
How are you doing at that place you're staying at?
I'm doing well.
Do you call this doing well?
Something's not right.
You heard it too, right?
Last time when I said I'd walk her home, she ran away.
Ha Ni,
Ha Ni, today let's...
Where did she go?
She went home.
She said she needs to study.
See, see, see! What kind of studying would she do?
In my opinion... Surely...
They're working her to death without letting her sleep.
You saw her face, right?
I think I, Bong Joon Gu, need to intervene.
How do I solve this?
Oh, Eun Jo.
Hyung needs to do this.
Ask Mom.

Oh Ha Ni!
You stupid, idiotic moron.
Because of you, I can't study and my brother can't sleep. Who the heck are you? Go home!
Oh! You came?
Oh. Just forget it.
What is this?
Read that for today and go to bed early.
Tomorrow's the exam.
What is this?
I came up with potential exam questions.
When did you make all this?
I'm totally touched!
I told you to hurry and look through it.
Stop talking nonsense!
I got it.
Why get mad?
It'd be nice if all the questions came out of this.
He's sleeping.
Then again, he hasn't slept much because of me.
The Almighty Baek Seung Jo sleeps like this.
Thank you.
Oh my gosh!
Let me get the camera!
I'm dying.
Oh my.
It's tiring. Oh gosh.
Good luck.
Punk! What's with the cool act?
Is this good?
A little higher.
- Baek Seung Jo got a perfect score again.
Wow, he got a perfect score again.
When he couldn't even sleep much lately because of me.
What a relief!
You got a perfect score again! You're amazing!
Of course, I studied for the first time in my life.
How could I not get a perfect score?
You too.
You didn't see it yet?
[50th - Oh Ha Ni]
Oh Ha Ni.
You saw?
I did it!
Thank you! Thank you so, so much! It's all thanks to you!
Most of the exam questions were what you predicted!
What are you doing?
That thing.
Don't just take it out any place!
Seung Jo!
Thank you!
Really! Thank you so much!
Yes, you.
Baek Seung Jo.
How can you leave just like that when there are so many witnesses?
You promised to give her a piggyback ride around the school if our Ha Ni got into the Special Study Hall.
No, teacher. We decided to void that.
What are you talking about? This kind of miracle may never happen again!
No, we can't!
When you said you were going to study hard, I just dismissed it.
As a teacher, I couldn't even help you.
I'm so proud of you, Ha Ni! You saved my pride!
What the heck are you... Did you lie?
No, teacher. No.
Carry her!
Carry her!
Carry her!
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What do you mean it's okay? Get on!
What are you doing?
It's you again?
Yeah, why?
Hey, come here.

Baek Seung Jo...
I don't like him.
"Honestly, I call you the Spirit of the Forest."
It's amazing. It's a lot more serious than I thought.
One, two. Good job!
What's that?
It looks like socks.
Mom is always the troublemaker in our house.
Something fell. What is it?
What is it?