Fucked Up Fanfics - Twila, da gurl who was in luv w a vampir - Part 3 - Special Charity Event Plans!

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Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Fucked up Fanfics. Today we'll be finishing
the story of story of TWILA, DA GIRL WHO WAS IN LUV W A VAMPIR, and stay tuned for the
end of the video, for I have a very special announcement, for something I need you, my
loyal viewers, to help me with. Anyways, without further ado, lets get started.
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Recap from Chapta 8: "I want to kill Bella becuz ..." "We kan help u wif dat." I said
sexily. "Muy bean." (C IS DAT SPELLED WRUNG.) "I'll
When I woke up again that morning I was ready to kill Bella. It was dawn and Hamez had packed
all of da supplies for killing. Eddie woke up and opened his eyez which were the same
as mine. We put on our makeup (he had on white foundation, black eyeliner, and dis fake blood
stuff that goes on ur face. i had on purple eyeshadow, lots of blakk, and drak lipstick.)
Hamez tried to watch us get dressed but I told him that if he didn't fuck off I wouldn't
help him kill that little bytch.
So I didn't go 2 school but the preppy prinzipal was too scared to call nd ask why. Ed didn't
go eiver. I suddenly remebered Midnite and knew she would want 2 be involved too but
she was on her honeymoon with Jaspa who I had told to love her or else I waz never gong
to talk to him agen. While we were leaving secretely to Bella's house, I got sad becuase
Ed and I didn't have a honeymoon. I started to cut my rists a little on da way there and
I saw dat Ed looked worried.
When we got there Hamez borke into the house and we went upstares to Bella's room. The
whole thing was pink nd it reminded me of Roslyn's room. I storted 2 cry all hot and
angsty because that's where I had caught her with my husband. I cut my rists some more
but Hamez said "Shhh, we can't let her no we are at her casa."
She was sleeping all preppy nd there were posters of Ed on her walls. I ran over and
tore them down wif my long, black nails. She was dreaming abot Ed and he started to get
angry becuz he hated her. "Ok are u ready?" Hamez whimpered. "Here Tila you can take this
sword. Eddie kan have the needle, itz full of cyanide." Well I was sad becuz I had alwez
wanted to inject myself but I didn't say neithing because I knew they wuldnt understend. I storted
to cry tears of blood and Ed gasped and started crying also with me.
"Don't tell me . . . . ." he screamed wif depths of depression and pain in his voice.
"Dat ur SAD shes going 2 die?" "No you fukking retard. I'm sad because there are so many
things dat I want in life but evry1 only cares about my bodi!"
"It's not ur fault that u'r beautiful." He cried sexily hugging me. Hamez got scared
becuz we were being loud but Beela didn't wak up. Suddenly we killed her.
"Thank satan she's gone." we all said in unicorn. Her body disintergrated into her bed which
was all wet with blood. We ate her bed so there would be no evidenze (lol geddit like
evinezenze.) And left before her mom could wake up.
When we got to da door there was someone blocking it suicidally. "CARLIZ?" we all scremed at
once. "Yes I can't take it anemore." he said breathing all crazy. He was looking at me!
Edward put his hand around me like protection. "Why are u here dad? GET OUT." His eyes started
2 rage.
"I'm here to take Tqila. I am gong to make her my bride. And we will live in da darkness
forevamore hahaha!" he laughed evilly in a gothic voice that I suddenly realized was
sexy. Then I sterted to think.
"Wait now." I kommanded when Ed was about to kill Calile. DARKNEZZ FOREVERMORE? I thought
beginning to have a mind change. "Mebe that would be good for me you know? Because I need
a vampir who can kepp me gothikally satisfied nd stuff."
EDWARD WAS HEARTBORKEN. He satired to scream at the top of his lungs as black venemoos
blood poured out of him. When a vampere gets ejected by da person that they truly love,
there body storts to spazz all explosing like. I was misterious so I didn't let you know
what was gong on in my thoughts lol.
"Yeh dat sounds like a plain." I said sullenly joyfully to Carlise. He was surmised that
someone like me would want to be with him. Everyone in the room screamed in surprise.
"Plz plz just tell me what I did to make you want do leave me." said Ed having an ellipictic
sezre on the floor. But I didn't say anything still even though he was crying all too sensitive.
"Ok." I finally gasped at Hamez. "Please just go along wif this. You'll see da true intestions
of my plan soon." And I made him take Ed away. And then I went with Carl who was like "I'm
so glad that u've made such a good choice," cackling all satanikally. We went 2 his house
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"So kan u plez tell me for why u decided 2 grace me with ur presenze." said Carli smiling.
I noticed how sexah he looked wif his violet contacts in. He loked like an older, hotter
vision of Edward and Pete Wints. He was werring blak eyelinear that was gong down his face
from da last time he cryed.
"Ur son has taken advantege of me to many times." I growled staring at him all gothik.
Soddenly my vision when blak nd all I could c was blakness. i screAMED AND SCREMED becauz
idid nt know what was happiening. Then I saw a vision of da antikrist nd i laughed dark
and suicidally.
"Twila, I just read youre mind." shouted Calisi. No i said "becuse I just saw da anticirst?"
"Yes, my tru form is Satan." He describd. "Dat was me gonig into your thoghts and I
saw the tru reazon why u came here with me."
"Let me just tell u." I said sobbing becuz he had figered me out. "I kame here becuz...
. . . .."
"Because you wanted to make Edwat jealos." He said and I storted to cry. "How did u know?"
I asked all deprezzed. He sed, "Becauz i just rad your mind"
Then all suddenly somebody knocked on Carlo's door. He lokked at me sadly nd opened da door
and some gurl I didn't know jumped in.
"What is dis. Why r u here?" we both asked the girl. She was realli ugly and twolve yerz
old nd was wearing a pink Kelly Klorkson shirt nd had frizzie blond hair nd an ugly face.
"HAI GUYS MI NAME IS FIONA!" she scremed giggling nd walked into the house but Carlisa pushed
her back out. "But u kan call me FIONAFIONA32."
"Ew get da fukk out of here!" I shooted. "OMGZ ur such a prep." Me and Calri were both disgosted
nd suddenly Edwoard appeared and bit her neck nd she stated to screm and bleed. I was sobbing
becuz bleeding waz my gratest desire but my doktor sed if i cut miself anymroe I would
die nd Edard would be sad. Anyway, Fona died on the flor and her body shirveled up and
rotted away. Edward came in and got in a stand-off wiv his dad.
"Plz plz stop." I said still crying. They were both killing each other nd their makup
waz running down the faces. "I'm soz Ed. I didn't mean 2 hurt you I just wanted you to
be jealuz. I doon't want to be with ur dad, kan u please take me home."
Edward was so relived but Carlise was crying angrily and he storted to transform. "NO!11"
he yelled. "Nobody kan reject Satan. DO U HEAR ME TILA, I AM STAN!1"
"Yah I know." I said roling my eyez. But he kame running at me and I kicked him and he
feel over moaning. Me and Ed left him there and walked out helding handz while "Thnx fr
da MEMRS" played in the bakkground (a/n FAGG OT BOY FUKKING ROKKS!1 IF U DUNT LIK DEM THEN
GO KILL URSELF FUKK U! FALLOT BOY 4EVA). I had an invasion in my head sudenly while we
where walking of da Antikrist saying "This is not over Twila, this weil never be over.
Bitch" But I blooked it out becuz I knew I was stronger dan him.
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The next day I was walking 2 Hot Tonic wif Edward. When suddenly out of nowhere Hamez
appered out of da blue.
"Hi," we said gothically. But he looked very angery for some raisin. "Would you mind if
I killed you," he storted to sing from dat song by Withen Temptortion. "OMG STOP!111"
Edward screamed jumping in front of me. I was so confuzed becuz I did nut know what
was going on. Then I realized Hamez was trying to kill us.
"Why would u do such a thing you- you sick dirtbag!" I cried wearing a long black satan
skirt wif black leather boots and a ripped fishnet ponchu over a black velvet bra with
red skullz. Mi makup was ruining down my pale pale face. BECUZ I WAS WEEPIGN.
"Now that Bellar is dead I don't ned your help." Hamez said as he also sobbed. "I don't
want 2 do this but I have to. I'm afroid that . . . . . . . . . . . ."
"I DARE U TO FINNISH THAT SENTENCE." Edmond muttered at the top of his lungz. He turned
into a bat and flew at Hamez but Victor leaped in front of him.
"Who are you?" we all screamed exempt Hamez becuz she was his gf. She had jumped out of
da trees. Then we decided 2 make up because we had no reason to fight (A/N maybe later
u will find out what hamez was goona say be4 lolol.)
Vikroya was wearing a realli sexah outfit and Edward saw me looking at her and got realli
jealouuz. He storted 2 make out wif Hamez to get bakk at me. "Oh no WHAT HAVE U DONE,
OMG YOU FREAKING ARSE." Vikky shooted at my busband. "You just entered da pakt with Hamez."
That was when we found out dat whenever someone kissez Hamez they get binded to him for da
rest of eternity. "WTF that's so random." I laffed satanically. Edward looked realli
scarered but I just said "It's okay, I like bi guyz so you can be with him too."
Vikky disappered becuz she was mad that Edward stole her boyfreend. Then me, Edward and Hamez
had to preform a special marriage cermoney for the 3 of us to all be together. We all
wore lots of black. "That is all." said Hamez looking at me flirty. "Now we have 2 seal
the pact by dranking sum blood."
We all had an orgay nd went out to hunt. We found a whorewolf und were about 2 kill it
when I relized it was Jakob. He changed back into a person and I gasped. His long blak
hair had purple and silver streakz in it, his skin was ten shads lighter, and he was
wering an Alezana tshirt wif tight blak pantz.
"Omg Jake, um." I said shy and sexy. "Hi u look realli good?"
"Thanx i got a new style" he said and looked at all of us. "Since you killed my dad I got
real hordcore. Hey guyz can I join ur pakt."
We had a sekret goffic huddle nd thout about it but they got angry and said no. Jakob storted
to cry becuz we had killed his dad and now we owed him. But Vikatora rolled her eyez,
"Yea thatz karma" she pissed.
But then he turned back in2 a wolf and tried to attack us. I turned into a bat and flew
out of tha way but Hamez waz too slow. I screamed suicidally as Jakabob was about to tear apart
4 EVER." We were all horrorfied at dis.
So we had to save him but we got all cut up but Edward said "Its okay Twi, you look exy
with blood on you." So we ran away and Jake got lost in the woods.
a/n: ok r u redy 4 more? becuz sum certain bitch prepz were comploining i got more editars
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Four days past and I relized that I didn't love Edwart anymore. I couldn't beleve it
miself. I woke up in da morning wif black tearz of deep sorrowfull endless evol depression
all crying down mah face. I put on some Metalika musik nd cut rist.
"Twila are u in there?" someone whimpered from outside my room. I gasped. It sounded
like Ed. But I just turned up the song and sang allong 2 it, screming "HOLD MI BREATH
AS I WISH 4 DETH, OH PLEASE SATAN, WAKE ME" (a/n arent dose lyricz so menengful.)
"OH FUKKIN SATAN NO WHAT R U DOING IN THAR!1111" Edward exploded crying becaus he knew what
this meant. He knew that I didn't want to c him because I had fallen out of love.
"Darkness imprizoning me," I wept sadly. "All that I see- absulote HORROR I KANNOT LIVE-
Sullenly the door broke down and a bunch of people kame in. It waz all da Cullens who
were still alive n Jake (he had found hiz way out of da woods). They all storted to
pin my hot body down so I could nut move.
"WTF ARE YOU DOING ASSHOLES." I shrieked. My rists were bleding everywhere. "NOW THE
They turned off da musik nd I fainted. "You can't do this Twi." They looked all serious.
"We all entered da pakt by making out wif Hamez." They said nodding. I gasped again.
"And Twila, u can't deny ur felines for Ed."
"Remember the pakt is that if you die, we all die." I woke up and asked "Yeah. But isn't
the pakt just me Ed Hamez and Victory. What's gong on?"
"I know lol," I promised. "I fink it was just a fase I just went thru." But then Carloyle
stepped forward looking at me all weird. "Nu," he laughed darkly. "I told u it wasn't over
Twila Beautiful Psycho Topaz Sad'ness Damian Cullen. I was trying to make you not love
my son wif my powerz so you would kome back to me."
"Well letz celebrate." Jake screamed. "Twila doesn't want you Carl. You need to get over
"You really seem to understnad me?" Carlisse froned confusedly at Jake. "No one has ever
realli understood me."
So we all went to Vegass and had a party and came back to Washerton. Carlile and Jake got
marred there. Then Jake died sadly in an axident so Carliel got remared to Esmie.
"Twila this place isn't safe." Edward told me that nite. "Did u see what happened to
Jake, we need to go someplace safer. I know a safe place for vampirs it's called Black
Cavern of Bloody Despair."
"Den letz leave at dawn." I said staring at him deeply wif my eyes. "We kan start a new
goffic life."
"Okay he said."
Well that concludes the saga of Twila and her adventures. Tune in next time, when I
will finally finish the fanfic that inspired me to do this show in the first place, oh
so long ago...
Oh, oh, right, the announcement! Yeah. Let me talk about that.
I am currently making plans to do a live fanfiction reading marathon, for charity.
I would spend all day reading really bad fanfiction on a ustream channel, while having a donation
link to the Child’s Play charity (my personal favorite charity, as a gamer). Child's Play
donates toys, games, consoles and other fun stuff to children's hospitals. People who
donate during the show can request me to do something embarrassing or silly or even read
a short fanfic of their choice.
The fanfic reading thing might be based on how much you donate. The plans are tenative,
but if you donate 15 dollars, I’ll read it for 15 minutes. Up to a maximum time (20-30
minutes maybe?). I’d hate it if someone donated 300 dollars and asked me to read all
of My Inner Life (this extremely long, long, long, boring Zelda fanfic) or something, cause
it would get boring after a while and whatnot (though 300 dollars would still be amazing!).
I would also do other things by request after getting a donation. Want me to sing a song?
Want me to talk about some of the shit in my room? Want me to talk about my favorite
games or movies or whatever? Send some money to charity!
Fanfics I have planned to fill up the time include Sonic in Search for Love and My Immortal.
I am also looking at some other long, bad fanfics to fill the time.
Anyways, yeah. I am currently looking into planning the event. Deciding a time and date,
how I will promote the event and get people informed and raise attendance, how the money
will be collected, and planning backup plans incase something goes wrong. I am also going
to record the event so I can post it later on youtube, hopefully.
So yeah, lots of planning to do!
If the event is sucsessful, I might even do it again
So yeah. Let me know what you think! Would anyone be interested in such an event? If
so, even if you cant personally donate, would you be willing to reblog the video and spread
the word and get your friends to watch? Every little thing helps and it would make me so
happy if you could all make this event a success.
Anyways, You can probably expect to hear more about the event in the coming weeks. The event
will hopefully occur some time this month, and I will be releasing more details soon.
Stay tuned to my channel and keep your ear to the ground, viewers! Peace out!