Jab We Met (2007) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 4

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It was so much fun! - You need a psychiatrist!
Don't look here!
Have you heard Dharamraj Kashyap's name?
The industrialist? Of course! He died last year! Why?
I am his son!
You.. are Aditya.. Kashyap!- Yes!
Now you know me.
You are the Kashyap!
It was your mother that ran away with another man?
Shit. Sorry.
Yes! It was my mother.. who ran away with another man.
Actually I heard it in the news in this language..
So it came out that way. I am really sorry. Really, really!
No, Geet! I will have to hear it! Why you are you saying sorry?
If somebody's mother can be so cheap..
If she can do such a derogatory deed then..
Mr. Kashyap! You shouldn't talk so disrespectfully about her
Why? That woman destroyed my entire family
Because of her I will feel ashamed.. .. in front of everybody all my life!
So why shouldn't I talk disrespectfully?
Because she was in love! - Love? Are you serious!
Look.. she is your mother.
So it's difficult to understand this about her.
But when somebody is in love.. .. then nothing is right or wrong!
Who told you all this?
In which stupid novel did you read all these lines?
Everybody says so! All is fair in love!
Everybody lies! It's all hogwash! Got it?
Yes! Yes!
Listen! You are so rich!
Elope with my sister! Everybody's life will prosper!
You.. are an original piece! Do you know that?
There is no other girl like you!
She has come!
Hi, Amrik!
She has come! She has come! Geet has come, aunt!
So what's the plan? - Let's see!
You come inside with me! - No, no! No, Geet!.. I will leave.
Where will you go? - I will be okay! Don't worry!
No! You come inside with me! I can't let you go like this! Come on!
Geet, really I.. I got to go!
Look, my family is here! Don't create a scene in front of them!
You stay here for sometime. I want to talk to you.
Then you can leave! Come on! - Geet!
Hi, mother!
The authorities in the hostel didn't look after my niece well!
She has become so thin! - How are you?
Come! Come! Come on!
Uncle!- Greetings, grandpa!
Who is this guy?
He is my friend, grandpa. - What kind of friend?
Grandpa, that is not so! - What?
I mean.. he is just a friend. - Then why did you bring him home?
Grandpa.. he is the one who has brought me home.
I missed the train at a station in the night.
If he had not been there..
You know. A girl travelling alone is like an open treasure box.
I didn't even know him. We met on the train.
Still he has travelled so far with me.
To Bhatinda! To escort me home safely!
No other kind of friendship?
Because in my age.. in a glimpse I get to know..
.. what is going on between a boy and a girl.
Grandpa, please. You are embarrassing me.
Embarrassing you?
If you had any shame..
Then would you have come home wearing such clothes?
If you can come home wearing such clothes..
then in Mumbai you must be roaming around naked.
What's his name?
Aditya! - Aditya what?
Aditya Kumar!- Yeah!
What work do you do? - I.. am a musician.
Dear, I am indebted to you!
Now you will have to stay here for a week. With us..
So that we can thank you properly - Okay!
May God protect you!
People in Mumbai don't eat much! That is true!
Enough! Enough! Enough! Please! - Please! My stomach will blow apart! Please!
What nonsense! Have you ever heard of somebody's stomach blowing up?
Then what? It's really strong! No... Geet! Geet! Geet! Please save me!
You people didn't give him buttermilk?
He has come to Punjab and nobody gave him buttermilk?
I will get it! - What are you doing?
I have some work with you! Come inside!
You have saved my sister! I can do anything for you!
I made a mistake by saving your sister! Henceforth I won't save anybody's sister!
Son, you go ahead. I will get a night dress for you.
Okay. O God Amrik! I will die!
Nothing will happen! Come on!
You don't understand! My stomach will tear!
You go and check whether the guest room is open or not.
What happened?
There is a problem. - Now what happened?
I had told you that here nobody.. .. knows about Anshuman..
Geet! What are you doing?
Good that you came! Aditya, she is my sister Roop!
Roop, he is Aditya! You have to elope with him!
Geet! Think for a second before you start talking.
And what were you doing inside?
Possessive! Already you are feeling jealous!
Don't worry! We were not doing that!
He is a one woman man! He will be faithful to you!
The room is open! - So take him!
Why are you making him stand here? Go!
Listen. You look there! It's a secret!
Tomorrow morning get up early!
There is an old tractor in the field.. We will meet there!
Why? - Bye! Goodnight!
Wow! Today you are looking very stylish!
You haven't seen anything yet. - Just wait and watch..
That's great! You speak Punjabi so fluently!- That's my style too!
From where did you learn how to speak Punjabi so fluently!
My.. my mom was a Punjabi!
Oh Yes! So why don't you talk in Punjabi?
Just like that! - You should do it, you know.
You woke me up at 5 in the morning for this chit-chat?
No! There is a problem! - What happened?
Manjeet is coming! - Who is this Manjeet now?
Manjeet Mann! They had shifted to Patiala a few years ago!
Grandpa and the rest have fixed my marriage with Manjeet!
And they are coming today to see me! - Hold on! Hold on!
Your opinion won't be taken into consideration?
They will get you married just like that?
Actually there is a twist in the tale. - Go ahead.
These Mann's.. they are our old family friends.
Manjeet and I have been together since childhood.
Everybody said that we will get them.. married when they will grow up!
I would feel nice to hear that I will marry Manjeet.
While playing family, I never let Roop be Manjeet's wife!
When we were 8 years old, Manjeet and I would..
stand on this tractor and hold hands and say that...
we will build our house on those fields. Then I grew up
And I considered this Manjeet episode as a joke!
But yesterday I came to know that my parents have not grown up.
They are serious! Everybody is serious. And now I am in trouble!
So now what? - I am running away!
You always talk of running away! Don't even think of that!
It's really a cheap thing to do!
There is so many risks and other problems involved..
There is no other option!
There are countless options! - Like?
Like.. tell your parents about Anshuman!- They won't agree!
In fact they will trap me here by emotionally blackmailing me!
Bad option!
Look, if you can't explain to your parents ... then forget Anshuman!
Next option!
Don't marry anybody! - Next!
Get Manjeet and Roop married! - Next!
In the court prove that Manjeet is impotent!
He is not impotent! Next!
How do you know? Hang on! Hang on!
How do you know that Manjeet is not impotent?
I know that!
I know that? Did you and he.. - Next!
Did he tell you that? - Next!
Did you see him with somebody? - Next!
Mr. Dhillon! Great to see you.. - All are fools!
Look, how happy they are!
What do they know that I am going to elope!
Don't come too close to me. They will misunderstand.
I am not going to marry here! - All these wrestlers will bash me up!
Endure it for me, beloved!
Let go of my shirt! What are you doing?
This is a nice idea! To stop this marriage!
This is the right option! - You stay away from me! Got it?
Hello! - How are you?
Fine! Long time! - 3 years almost!
After Jaspreet's marriage. - Yes!
And.. how are things in Bombay?
You people too can talk! There is no punishment!
She says to talk!
Aditya! - Yes!
Listen! - Yes!
Come! Come! I will introduce him! - Who is he.
He is Aditya! He is a musician!
You won't remember everybody's name! So meet the main guest.
Manjeet Singh Mann!
Hi, Manjeet! - How are you?
Sit! - No, no!
He is a really nice singer! - I see!
Shouldn't he be singing a song on this happy occasion?
Yes! Why not?
No, no! She is just joking! - No, no! I am serious!
Am I laughing? Look!
Ladies and Gentlemen! My friend Aditya from Mumbai!
He is going to sing a song for you all! - Uncle, no, no! Please! Please!
So I want all of you to keep quiet! - Listen! Please!
Look.. sit down everybody! - Dear! - Yes!
Now you do sing!
Let me also see what Mumbai people can do! - Okay!
Come! Come! Very good! Hey, fellow! Get a chair! Come!
Come! Sit! Sit!- Start!
Why are you all looking at me like this? I will get nervous!
No problem! Look here and there! Here and there!
Don't look at him!
I am starting! You all too please join in! - No problem!
We all too will join in! We are Punjabis!
We need an opportunity to start celebrating.
Okay! Silence! Silence! Settle down! Sit comfortably!
A capricious, bubbly girl. Her mesmerising eyes are like daggers.
And her beauty is lethal.
When her beauty created rampage, the discussion started.
Beat the drum. Beat the drum. - Beat the drum. Beat the drum.
A capricious, bubbly girl. Her mesmerising eyes are so piercing.
And her beauty is lethal. Her deadly beauty is the point of discussion.
Beat the drum. Beat the drum. Beat the drum. Beat the drum.