Fortune Salon (청담보살) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Next Entertaínment World presents
The Píctures wíth a Víew Productíon
Executíve Producers CHOl Jae-won, JUNG Myung-soo
Producers LEE Seo-yul, PARK Chun-bae
Productíon Planníng LEE Kang-bok
Specíal Guest Appearance by KlM Soo-mí
Producer SHIN Eun-ho
fortune Salon
lM Chang-jung
Dírected by KlM Jín-young
Not only that...
The bastard got me pregnant and ran off!
Don't even think about not having the baby.
- What? - It's over with him.
Then why should l have the baby?
lt's a boy.
He'll grow up to be a good, devoted son.
lfyou don't have the baby, you could die.
Aren't you an actress, HYUN Young? Hello!
Yes, hi.
l'm a big fan.
What is it you'd like to know?
We break up?
Next card.
His birthday is May 10th, 1982.
Do l have to tell you that, too?
Of course you do! Hury up, girl!
lt's Boom. Shakiru Boom.
Real name's LEE Min-ho.
That brother's got a girl.
Yes, that's me.
Actor B is Boom. Actress A is me.
No, that brother came by with another girl a few days ago.
What? He brought a girl? Boom did?
That bastard!
How can he do that to me?
ARer evemhing l did to turn the loser
into a man with class!
Not again!
How does our future look?
l don't believe it.
l don't either.
But it kinda gets to me.
She says we're not meant to be, too.
Then will you break up with me?
Oh, honey. Please don't cy.
Watch what you say!
You think you can say anything you want cuz you're a shim shaman?
We're closing.
The gods are angy! Don't ever come back!
Where's the other $10 bill?
Tae-rang! Tae-rang! Just let it go.
How dare that shaman storm out during a session like that!
Hey, sugar mama!
Sugar mama?
Yeah, sugar mama!
Who dares talk like that these days?
Shamans are intangible cultural assets now!
The fortune telling market is worth 3 billion dollars!
Disrespecting fortune telling. How ignorant!
- Honey... - Are you okay?
- Don't cy, baby. - Lover boy!
Take the old woman and go.
First place! Yes! $1 30,OOO! Yes!
Open up!
Open up right now!
Open up!
l know you're in there!
Who's he kidding!
l can see you up against the wall!
Get up!
Think you can hide like that? Get up, now!
Come out here, now!
What's the use? Just say what you have to say.
When are you going to pay up?
Where's the rent money!
l'll pay! Stop shouting!
Till tomorrow!
lfyou don't pay up, you're moving out! Got it!
Hury up and pee!
lt's been 40 minutes! The others are all done!
Damn! l gotta go badly.
l gotta take a piss. Be right back.
lt's going!
God damn it!
What! That's it?
You gotta be kidding me!
You gotta be kidding me.
The next team's been waiting to do the dope test for 30 minutes.
Give it up and go home.
l was dying to take a piss. l was gone for a sec!
Shit, l gotta pee!
Hold this, Chief. l'll be right back.
Can't you do anything right!
Hey! Get yours, then!
That temper ofyours.
Damn it. People are writing insults and stuff on our web site.
Maybe she lost her touch. Guess l'll be busier.
Stop giving out too many amulets!
Go bust by yourself. Word travels fast in this business.
My amulets have placebo effects.
lt's like taking vitamin C for colds.
l got the urge to punch that shameless face ofyours right now!
Maybe you feel some other strange urge with me?
There's a lot of lust in your fortune.
Are you insane!
- What! - What was that!
Stop right there!
Be careful.
That bastard's really fast.
What's going on!
- Did you see his face? - No.
Don't wory.
He'll live past his seventieth birthday.
But the doctor said it'll be six months at most.
Take my word and deal with your daughter.
He's sick cuz of her.
The revengeful ghost ofthe woman he ran over is on your daughter.
She's here, now! Get away!
Wipe offthe blood! Get away!
But why?
She doesn't want to go alone so she's tying to take him, too!
Hold a mourning ceremony and burn one of her clothes.
Why isn't the line getting any shorter?
lt's time for your medications. Please return to your rooms.
- It's my turn next. - Come back tomorrow.
You didn't take your pills, again?
You took my lipstick, didn't you!
No, ma'am. Take your pills.
You little thief!
Not again. l didn't take it.
That color doesn't suit you.
- Take your pills. - Give it back!
lt's an expensive lipstick!
l don't have it.
You hid it here.
- There's nothing there. - Mom!
Who are you? Why do you keep calling me, mom?
Do you know me?
A little.
There. So prem.
l look like a princess!
l think he's coming.
My husband.
A small, yellow songbird sat at my window this morning.
That's why you're in such a good mood?
Aren't you getting married, Miss?
Want your fortune read?
Did you see the line-up? l'm good.
l'm already set to mary someone Mom told me long ago.
Remember this?
Look at it closely.
lsn't that...
Yes! You remember?
He'll be your husband.
l prayed for 6 months to find that out.
You have to be meet or else you'll both die.
You must meet him before your 28th birthday.
And don't ever lose it.
You'll come again, right?
Of course.
Don't wory. If he's your destiny, he'll show.
There's still a few days leR.
Nothing under that.
My athlete takes good care of himself.
He never drinks or smokes.
Of course. Don't wory.
The first rule to a good scout is to buy a good player to sell off.
Yes, thank you. Bye.
Thanks for the Kimchi, again!
Stop taking it! There's not enough for us!
You know l can't eat store bought Kimchi!
- Thanks! - That little moocher!
Why'd you suddenly stop like that?
ls he dead?
He's dead, isn't he?
Did l kill him?
ls it really serious?
He must be in a state of shock.
His x-rays show slight cracks in both his wrists.
But apart from some bruises around his pelvis, he should be fine.
We'll hospitalize him and keep and eye on him.
Ms. OH Tae-rang?
What if he never wakes up?
Don't wory. His head's not injured.
Oh, l forgot to give you my card.
Here it is.
Why'd you change your name?
Excuse me?
Your old name was better.
And break up with that woman.
lfyou cheat on someone, your life's doomed.
Did you see the man who hit my car from behind?
Yes, of course.
He's 1000/o at fault for failing to keep a safe distance.
What's his name?
Ah... What was it... KANG something.
Hold on. It's KANG...
- Ho-joon? - Ho-joon.
His family and friends still can't be reached?
Maybe he doesn't have any family.
Not one person is answering the calls.
Let me ty.
Old man
Please don't be shocked, sir.
Your son, Seung-won, is in the hospital now.
So you want me to send hím some money, ríghR
We're tíght as ít ís.
Tell hím not to call eyer agaín!
Evemhing's taken care of. Give him the settlement later.
Please sign here, here, and here.
About what you said...
lt's nothing.
Name - LEE Seung-won
Bírthday - 1978. 5. 16
Don't wory.
lf he's your destiny, he'll show.
Then l hit the man of my destiny?
There really is such a thing as destiny?
l half doubted you guys making a living on telling fortunes.
Cuz it's hard to prove.
But seeing proof like this, got rid of all doubts.
You really are something.
Only the chosen ones can tell profound secrets and fortunes.
Not you.
You're not in the same class as Tae-rang.
This aRernoon...
l saw KANG Ho-joon.
KANG Ho-joon.
The business major from college?
Who's that?
Tae-rang met someone at a blind date in college.
He was so hot.
Tae-rang fell for him hard.
l did not!
So you're reunited with your first crush?
Then what about the man ofyour destiny?
Get married to him. But keep your first crush on the side.
That's the dream marriage.
Not a bad way of life.
l wanted to escape from my destíny.
Nothíng worked out the way l wanted.
As Mom saíd, l could neyer deyelop relatíonshíps wíth other men.
Min-soo! Are you down there?
Oh no! Min-soo!
l'm home.
Mourning garments?
Did someone die?
He just passed away in a car accident.
You knew, didn't you?
Why didn't you stop him! Why'd you let him die!
A shaman can tell someone to take an umbrella before it rains.
But they can't stop the rain from falling.
lt's fate. Fate cannot and should not be changed.
Damn fate. It can be changed!
You were born with it.
lf it could be changed, l wouldn't have become a shaman.
You can hide all you want, but you can't run from destiny.
Why in the world did he go there at that hour?
You must meet hím before your 28th bírthday.
You have to be meet or else you'll both díe.
Hey, HAN Ji-hae!
Are you cying?
Why are you cying?
That bastard!
He said l was the love of his life!
How can he do this to me?
That's nothing! At least he didn't file charges.
We kissed under mutual consent, then l touched her breasts slightly.
But she treated me like a sexual harasser!
That bastard...
But his kiss was out ofthis world.
Kiss? l bet l'm way better.
lfyou're just talking about the techniques. Wanna see?
Get lost.
No feelings attached. Just a kiss to see who's better?
When we leave this room...
Nothing happened.
They're prem Your breasts.
You, too.
You're really blessed down there.
Sometimes there are cars driving down the wrong side.
Yeah, that area has no lights so people drive really rough.
You missed something important. You gotta get hit on holidays.
Yeah! The compensation is much higher then!
So you're the one who got $5,OOO?
lt's an honor, sir.
l got lucky, l guess.
Doesn't he look like a lucky guy?
Yeah. l got hit by people worse offthan me.
l feel like l have to help them out instead.
Drop the act.
l gotta cracks in my bones.
Too bad it didn't happen on a holiday.
Why are you here? We're done settling.
You said l should take moral responsibility, too.
l came to see how well the person l hit is doing.
l guess l don't have to feed you this time.
- Enjoy your meal. - No! Wait!
She always fed me before.
Side dishes, too.
l don't eat radish Kimchi.
The soup.
l don't eat drenched meat. Just the soup.
l feel so sory for your future wife.
Just give me the food.
What time were you born?
Why do you ask? l'm eating! l want the eggs.
What time were you born?
Come on! Give me the food!
Eat it yourself!
At 1 1 o'clock! At night.
The 23rd hour!
Come on. Give me the eggs!
Where are you going?
Thís ís a níghtmare!
No, sir! It can't be right.
No! No!
l'll die an old spinster! l can't mary a guy like that!
No! No way!
l can't hear you!
l can't hear anything!
No! l don't want to!
Hello How may l help you?
Ms. OH Tae-rang?
Will you wait upstairs for a moment?
The aRermath ofthe accident was prem bad.
Don't l look sick?
Doctor says l'm okay,
but something's wrong with my head and heart.
But the law says, Ho-joon...
Ah, you're responsible, too.
That's why l came to take responsibility.
Do you like baseball?
PARK Yong-taek!
PARK Yong-taek!
PARK Yong-taek!
Ty it.
lt's better than it looks.
A bottle of So-ju, please!
Oh, right. You don't like So-ju.
Would you like something else?
You knew?
You remember me?
Why didn't you say anything?
l thought you didn't recognize me.
Stay calm and rational.
lt's your destiny. You have to follow it.
Then l should stay calm?
Please continue.
l always step out the door with my right foot.
But my leR foot went out first for some reason today.
Sure enough...
l spilled coffee all over my favorite suit at work.
lt's a really expensive suit. l can't get the stain out!
l'm cursed, right? What do l do now?
Then, don't drink coffee on days you step out with your leR first.
What a brilliant solution.
Thank you.
You're always an amazing help.
Look brother. What happens if it's mixed like this?
Multigrain rice.
You see this as food? This is your life.
Your life is all mixed up like this.
First, l'll write you an amulet.
You! Remember me?
l paid $10,OOO for an amulet and an exorcism from you last year.
Oh... hello, sir.
How've you been? Was the exorcism effective?
Sure was.
Thanks to that l went to jail.
Actually, my expertise is not in calling on spirits
but reading fortunes.
When's your birthday?
You lying son of a bitch!
- Sir... - Come here you!
l lost $20,OOO cuz ofyou!
Pay up or you're going to jail!
Let's talk about this outside!
Why! Embarrassed to be seen?
Then l guess you'll wanna pay up, more! Right?
Okay l'll pay you. Promise!
Stop talking and show me the money!
How much is it?
l'll pay you.
lt's quite a bit.
How much?
- 2,OOO? - 20,OOO!
That idiot!
They're prem. Your breasts.
Give me your account number, l'll wire it now.
You have to pay me back with interest!
That hurts!
- Congratulations Joo-young! - Thanks!
Thanks a lot.
lt was fun five years ago.
Now parties like this are kinda lonely.
Should we call Byung-soo over?
l'll call him.
What's with you?
You even lent him $20,OOO, didn't you?
Who? Ji-hae?
l told you there's something bemeen them.
That's a lot of money bemeen a man and a woman without being intimate.
lt's cuz l feel sory for him.
l may be dying for a man...
But not Byung-soo.
Yeah, not him.
No way.
l don't believe this.
The top fortune-teller in the county wants a tarot card reading?
Think of LEE Seung-won and pick three cards.
What is it?
You'll meet someone with age-old ties to you.
Come on! Tell me!
Something happens to form a deep connection with him.
Let's stop it It's nothing.
Poor girl has no luck.
How can that loser be her soulmate?
ARer meeting her first crush again...
Damn destíny.
Why's my soulmate líke that!
Why bring flowers? l can't eat them.
Could've at least brought some milk.
Didn't you hear the doc? l gotta eat stuff good for my bones.
You're being discharged, already?
You're okay, aren't you?
What are you doing?
Showing you the bruises on my pelvis.
Forget it Pull your pants up!
My back is sore from the accident.
You know how important a strong back is for a man?
Ah... Did you have lunch?
Now you're asking me to buy you lunch?
l said l'll buy.
l'm the man.
Over here!
A plate of pork mo bowls or rice
and a soup please.
Cancel the pork. 2 plates of steak!
No! That's expensive.
The pork here is really good.
Let's just eat that.
Just one plate of steak then.
l'm not eating by myself like a pig.
Add another plate of pork, please.
We can't mix different things on the same grill.
lt'll smell.
Then why do people cook pork and kimchi on the same grill?
Just give us 2 plates of steak. Hury it up, please.
The meat's really good. Pork doesn't come close.
What? Are you for real?
So you're saying...
You wanna date me?
Let's just ty it.
Are you serious?
Oh my god!
l got a girlfriend! Eat all you want!
The food's on me!
Order whatever you want.
Why do l have to date you?
Because l like you, Seung-won.
Think you're a princess and can do whatever you want?
l'm not kidding. Let's ty it out.
l'm way too good for you.
This is really unfair!
But let's just ty it.
l don't believe this woman.
What are you doing? l hate sour things.
But this tastes way better with vinegar!
- Ty it! - No! l hate vinegar!
Forget it, then!
By the way.
How old are you?
Man. l never even sat at a table with a woman older than 25 before.
But people tell me l look much younger.
Fine. l'll date you, though you're kinda old.
But don't go around telling people we're dating.
And this is kinda offtopic but...
l have a house that l rented out.
The tenant won't move out, so l'm kinda bemeen homes.
Can l stay with you for about a month?
A fortune-teller? With bells and straw cutters and stuff?
Why? Are you scared?
No, l'm not. You're still human.
So you don't want to date me?
No. That doesn't matter.
Can you read me? What happens to me?
Not good.
You have to be right next to me.
Yeah, right. l can do that much.
Wanna see?
You paid for lunch, so l'll pay for the coffee.
But you don't even have bus fare.
Wait and see.
He's killing you inside, isn't he?
Why'd you take your ring off?
You've been dating for a long time.
How'd you know?
l see a juniper tree in your house about this big.
l live in an apartment.
l mean the juniper trees in your apartment complex.
That tree shouldn't belong near your house.
Looked like they were talking about a cheating bo_riend.
What about the ring?
There was a white ring mark around her finger.
That's a con. Not fortune-telling.
No, it's not a con.
l'm just smart with a keen sense.
So put me to work.
Good marketing is really important.
There are so many fortune-tellers saying...
First, l have to take you there.
l brought someone you have to meet, Mom.
Tell me if he's my destiny.
But l hope he ísn't.
Hello, ma'am.
Where were you all this time! l waited so long!
Why'd you come so late?
But Mom, he's...
Hold me.
Give me a hug.
So you've accepted it?
not as bad as he looks.
Yeah, men can be different from the way they look.
Too bad Sory, l can't.
l don't have anyone else to ask.
l can't let him stay at my house.
l'm sensitive and can't sleep with any beside me.
Yeah, whatever.
Come on. When did Tae-rang ever ask you for a favor?
Just for one month.
l won't take rent while he's there.
You think l'm doing this for the money?
- Two months. - Three.
What a great place! Look at the view!
How much is a place like this?
l detest people meddling in my life.
Let's stay away from private questions.
Sure. l'm starving.
ls this the fridge? Nice homes have fridges like this.
See! l knew it.
Don't touch that. Man, l can't stand the stench!
Can't you smell your feet?
No, not really.
lt reeks! You're stinking up the whole place! Wash up first.
Where's the bedroom?
Aren't you washing that up?
Wash it up with a rag!
That's my bed!
You're saying l have to sleep on the couch?
Then should l, Mister?
But l'm a patient. Let me have the bed for a while.
And let's drop the formalities. l was born in 1918.
- l was born in 1911. - Bro! Got any beer?
Tae-rang hates that hairstyle the most.
lfyou want to look good to her, start by cutting your hair, Mister.
Come on, Iet's drop the formalities.
No! l don't know you, Mister!
So damn anal.
This is where you work?
So what do you do?
lt's kinda of like doing a dope testing.
When the horses come in aRer a game,
we start testing them.
The horses pee into the thing and...
You collect horse urine?
Yes. For the dope test and...
You do the testing yourself?
No, someone else does that.
Then you just collect the urine.
Well we collect it, then give it to the tester.
lf it's yellow, we can tell the testers that much.
l know a lot about horses, too. l've been riding since l was young.
He has beautiful eyes.
What's his name?
- Black Star. - Black Star...
l rode him when l won in the past.
He's too weak, now.
You used to be a jockey?
- Yes. - Why'd you stop?
Cuz l got old, fatter, and stuff.
Now, l just wanna raise a good horse and be a trainer.
lt's okay. l know you can run again.
People may not know, but you know how great you are.
Get back on your feet.
Then wave your tail at the horses trailing behind you.
You hear me?
Ooo, goose bumps. Sounds like lines from a soap opera.
Wanna ty riding a horse?
You're really good.
Who's that?
She's my girlfriend.
That's my girl.
What do you think?
She begged me to date her so l'm testing things out.
Cut the crap and go collect urine.
lt's 5 minutes till the race.
l'm serious.
Come here and say hi to the Chief.
Hon! Go collect the urine!
Pretending she didn't hear me. Damn embarrassing!
KANG Ho-joon
You líye ín Pyung-chang-dong, ríghR
l'm dríyíng by, wanna go ouR
Let's grab some coffee.
l'm not home right now.
Oh, then what are you doíng out thís late?
On a date?
Suddenly makes me jealous.
l'mjokíng. Let's go to another game some tíme.
l'll call you, then.
See you.
Drink till ya drop!
He calls me suddenly and tells me to come out.
But how can l?
Yeah, we're not all like Angelina Jolie.
lt takes us at least 30 minutes for make-up.
An_ays! An ex-bo_riend asking to meet again means...
Means what?
He just wants sex.
What the hell are you saying?
l'm right. Men are all the same.
lt's so unfair.
Why do l have to date a guy like him!
Then ty sleeping with Ho-joon.
You don't have to give Seung-won that too, you know.
She never slept with a man yet?
- Stay out of it. - Like you should talk.
l didn't really get to date anyone.
But the guy doesn't even have a real job.
lt's so damn embarrassing!
You know what we always say to our customers.
Just accept it and move on.
That's for them not me!
l'm leaving.
Tae-rang! Tae-rang!
Aren't you paying?
l'll go with her. You finish up here.
Life really is unfair!
A girlfriend who makes over $100,OOO a year is also a virgin!
lt makes no sense!
That guy hit the jackpot.
l can't believe this is all happening.
Drink up.
lt's empty.
Another bottle, please!
Let's just drink one more bottle.
Bastard! How can you fool around with me like this!
Why didn't you take me home?
Why'd you take my clothes off?
You took it off saying you're hot!
You said you're scared to be alone.
Wanna die?
You're not the only one who doesn't remember last night.
Your clothes may be off, but maybe we didn't do it.
What! We did it three times!
You were counting?
Since things turned out like this...
Wanna start dating?
Tying to scam from paying me back?
No! It's not that! Never!
lt's gotta be a secret.
Stop it.
- You're my girl, now. - Stop it!
l never wear underwear when l go on blind dates.
But for some reason, l wanted to wear it that day.
But for some reason, l wanted to wear it that day.
l went straight into the bathroom and took off my underwear.
But l forgot to do up my zipper.
You think she saw it?
She thinks l'm a freak, right?
- Is it small? - Pardon?
ls it big?
lt's enough to keep my shoulders up in the locker room.
She'll call you. Wait.
Really? Thank you.
What's going on?
l saw his back side. It was definitely a man.
Why does he keep throwing rocks at this place?
- Where? - Your head.
Nope. Doesn't hurt. Must be just the glass.
Get me some antiseptic!
l usually don't get hurt like this.
ls the cut deep?
- There's so much blood. - Shouldn't you go to the hospital?
lt's nothing l won't die.
Who's OH Tae-rang!
Don't do this.
Who's OH Tae-rang?
Was it you?
You said we'd be miserable ifwe got married?
lt's better to break up. Marriage is no joke.
His parents are against it, too. l give up.
Read it again.
See ifwe're really destined not to be together.
l wish l could tell you a lie,
but you mo are complete opposites.
One ofyou will see blood.
lt's a lie. Don't believe her.
lfwe get married and it goes wrong, they'll say it's all my fault.
People make their destines! Why'd you do this!
l had no choice!
She's a famous fortune-teller!
lf she said we'll be okay, l thought your parents would approve!
Let's just drop this!
The hell with destiny.
Why did it let us meet in the first place?
Or keep us from falling in love!
Have a nice day.
The hell with destiny.
Why did it let us meet in the first place?
Or keep up from falling in love!
Cheer up.
There are many couples like that.
Let's shake off the bad spirits, today.
Let's go for drinks.
- Who's buying? - No need for you to come.
Hey, where's Seung-won?
l haven't seen him in a while.
Where to? Sushi? Chicken wings?
l'm not in the mood. See you, tomorrow.
- Hey! - Tae-rang!
Then who's going to pay?
Guess you're paying, today.
l'm out. See ya, tomorrow.
- Let's go. - l feel like ribs.
Callíng, LEE Seung-won
Caller, KANG Ho-joon
Are you really okay?
l saw it on the news but never thought l'd get hit.
l'm so sory.
Why would you be?
Wann ty something new, today?
l'll go buy something to eat.
Where are you?
l'm watching a movie.
You're at the theaters?
The movie's about to start.
Excuse me! Can you turn your lights off?
Aren't you at the movíe theaters?
lt's a drive-in theater.
Wow. I've never been to one orthose berore.
Should've taken me. Who'd you go wíth?
We should've gone some place farther than here in Yangje.
l knew ít! Byung-soo's there, too?
Yan\code(01f5)je Dríye-ín?
l'll call you later.
Who was that?
A friend.
l spent a fortune to cheer her up.
She is at the drive-in theater.
Your seat belt.
Watch comfortably.
Thank you.
Damn! l leR the flowers! Stupid. Where's your head!
8928! It's the right car.
Why's she with a man?
She lied to me? l don't believe this!
Come out ofthere.
You lied to me. Come out, now!
Step out, now!
Who are you?
Stay out of it, will ya!
Come out, now!
What are you doing!
l know her well.
l need to talk to her. So please just go.
l don't believe this!
lt's so mind boggling, l don't even know what to say!
You asked me to date you first!
Then you go off and cheat on me with another guy!
Who was that slimmyjerk?
Tell me! Who is he!
He looked way older than me.
He's younger than you.
You got some nerve.
This isn't right!
l'm not asking for an apology.
But shouldn't you at least feel bad!
lt's a long stoy.
But it's not what you think.
l was naive for believing you never had a man all your life.
And also stupid for believing you wanted to date me!
Women these days are so scay.
They fool around, then pretend to be saints when they get married.
That's you!
Stop it.
This is the last draw!
lfyou do it again, l'll!
You'll what?
Are you going somewhere? Why are you packing?
l go to pray on the first day of evey month.
l'll come with you.
How can you go up a mountain at night? Aren't you scared?
l guess there's a first time for evemhing.
Give me your sac. It looks heavy.
lt's okay. It's not heavy.
Tae-rang! Tae-rang! Ghosts!
Do l look like Tae-rang to you?
Oh, please. Don't be such a chicken.
They're all people who came up to pray.
Hury up!
How embarrassing.
l fainted, but she just keeps going.
Wait up!
There are so many shamans in our county.
They all pray so hard.
Then why's our county still divided?
That woman, the ghost.
What's she spraying eveywhere?
She's possessed by a spirit. Don't mind her.
Why isn't she spraying me?
She's scared because you have strong energy.
By the sound ofyour screams back there, you must be strong.
Right. l get that a lot.
lt's cold. Turn offthe air conditioner.
Some agent gave me his card. Will l become a celebrity?
A celebrity?
ln China, people born on the year ofthe horse are called fiey horses.
A star in the sky.
This means you should be an actress.
You're the fiey horse. A sex god!
A sex god!
Shouldn't we get Seung-won a giR or something?
He worked so hard on our on-line service and this event.
We got so many more customers since he came. He's a lucky charm.
Tae-rang and Seung-won are a match made in heaven!
That's why you should neverjudge a book by its cover.
l knew he was special from the beginning.
He's prem good.
Even a TV reporter is coming, tomorrow.
Hello, eveyone! This is 'Twenty Questions'.
Let's get to the bottom ofthings with our guest today.
We're at the top fortune-telling shop in the city.
lt's the most popular fortune salon among young people these days.
Hi. l must say you're really beautiful for a fortune-teller.
So? Can you see your future, too?
Then l'd be a god.
We can't tell our futures. We're just mediaries.
- How nice. - Cut!
Our viewers want to hear the truth.
You get what l mean?
Let's take it again!
Here's a sizzling question.
l have actress LEE Young-mi's and my dates of birth.
How do we match up as a couple?
Reading other people's fates is no joke.
Cut! That's not the answer we wanted!
Ask her again.
Hold on a sec.
l'm really busy. l got other things lined up.
You know this is different from news or documentaries.
Please cooperate with us.
Wait! What are you saying?
We'll blur her face on screen ifyou want.
Let's forget the whole thing. This isn't what l expected.
What's with you?
Let's do it again.
No. Please just go.
What! The shaman thinks she's so hot!
Let's get out of here! It's not worth it.
Then guess what'll happen to me next.
Then l'll apologize.
You get beaten and bruised! You son of a bitch!
Why'd you do that? Can't you control your temper?
How can l just let him go? l could've killed him!
What did l do wrong?
lt was refreshing.
Your fortune isn't bad.
Lighten up a bit, it'll get better.
You looked into my fortune?
Checked out our marital compatibility?
You like me that much?
Don't get ahead ofyourself.
Don't get ahead of me! Wait for me!
How's my fortune? l'm dying to know!
Tell me! l'll buy you lunch!
No! l'll even go out on a date with you!
How does tomorrow sound?
Stop it.
Let's just hold hands.
lt's so beautiful.
l know a better place than here.
l really wanna go there some day.
Where's that?
Mongolians don't go down roads other people have crossed.
That's why there are roads with 100 lanes!
Cool, isn't it?
And the nomadic people go wherever and whenever they want.
l think it's a place oftrue freedom.
Sounds like lines from a soap opera.
Tae-rang? Why are you so hard hearted?
- You're breaking the mood. - What mood.
Let's go.
- Go where? - Aren't we going back?
We will in time.
Our date's not over.
You wanna just go back?
There's no traffic on a weekday.
Let's stay the night.
lt's dangerous to drive at night and l drank a lot.
l didn't have any drinks.
Why can't you understand me?
You may think l'm just a man you're destined to meet.
But to me, you're different.
A spark of love grew within me since the first time l saw you.
Right then, l knew this humble man already belongs to thee.
That's hilarious! Soap opera lines, again?
You're giving me goose bumps.
Let's just go back. That doesn't suit you.
Yup. It gave me goosebumps, too. Shit, l can't act.
'Thee'? Am l nuts? What an idot!
l'd be squirming, too.
So my friends and l had a pooing contest.
The first one started making it in the shape of small sausages.
How did he do it?
He sat down like this...
And pushed, then stopped. Pushed, then stopped.
Then they came out like little sausages.
You're lying.
lt's true, granny! Why would l lie?
He says it's true. Believe it, old woman.
Can you massage my shoulders, hon?
lt hurts right here.
How'd you know l'm good at massaging little lady?
- Turn around, please. - Okay.
My shoulders hurt, too. Massage me, too!
You'll all get your turn. Please wait.
Our little lady needs her back massaged, too.
That feels great.
She used to not eat and just Iook out the window.
- You're the best, hon! - l've never seen her so happy.
That's not easy to do. He seems like a great man.
Nothing's for sure yet.
Why meet our parents, already?
Who does that these days?
Let's just stop and rest somewhere. There are great motels around.
Let's stop an_here.
But l already belong to thee.
Enough with that, already!
Do l turn leR here?
Will you please stop that!
Have some food, Mom.
l just picked this from the field.
l knew it when l answered the phone.
l could feel it.
So prem.
He's got prem high standards. Not like me.
We eat this well then we'll starve for a fe!w days.
What do you mean? We always eat like this.
Seung-won was so smart when he was young.
He'd come home from school and wash his own soiled pants.
That's not helping him.
Seung-won's not exactly the type women fall for.
And there's Deok, too.
You said she's perFect for him!
Are you crazy?
Hury up and eat.
You're staying the night, right?
- Yes. - No.
Are you gonna leave me like this?
l recognize you that you are my girl.
No, l have to say...
Ty it again...
What are you doing in here?
- Aren't you going to sleep? - Let's go to sleep.
Here? Are you crazy?
lt's the only spare room we have.
Oh, come on.
l have no intent to give you any candy.
And l don't want to eat any candy!
Then why'd you bring prem pajamas like that?
lt's a good thing we got to sleep over.
lfyou cross this line, you're dead!
You watched way too many movies.
A man and a woman go into a motel
and draw a line like that.
Then spend the night together.
lt's always the woman who jumps the man, first.
Go to sleep.
So cute!
He was way prettier than the girlies.
But he had strong balls.
Look at his first birthday picture. He's fit to be a general.
Why do you look like that?
Looks like you've been up the whole night. Both ofyou.
They're young.
lt's nothing like that, Dad!
Go catch a chicken and cook it for them before they go.
First, there's some place you mo have to go first.
You mo are a great match.
You'll be happy for life and have many kids.
Thank you!
Then what's a good date for them to get married?
Date of birth.
My son was born on December 16th, 1918.
lsn't Seung-won's birthday on May 16th?
No, he was born in the winter.
lt was snowing hard that day.
Then why does it say his birthday's in May?
The shaman told him to register it like that for him to have good fortune.
Some good fortune!
But it's going good now, ain't it?
ls the chicken place across the street still there?
Wanna have lunch there?
- Sure. - She likes chicken?
Of course she does.
Tae-rang! Where are you going!
She dumped him?
See? Nothing ever works out for him.
LEE Seung-won
Open up! Tae-rang! Please!
Open the door!
Talk and sleep with 'em all you want...
But ifthings go wrong, you become complete strangers.
Wanna know something?
l slept with Ji-hae, mice.
So we decided to date each other.
But l saw her get in another man's car
and go on a date, yesterday.
Then it's over. That's it for a man and a woman.
l don't get it. Why's she doing this to me?
She's rich and prem.
Why should Tae-rang be with you?
Then why did a woman like that approach me in the first place?
l told her no at first, but she begged me to date her.
- There was a misunderstanding. - What misunderstanding?
She mistook you for her soulmate cuz ofyour fake birthday.
What does that have to do with anything?
That's really important to Tae-rang.
So she's avoiding me
cuz my birthday's different from her destined man?
- Yup. - That's it?
Damn right.
Still don't get it?
That's totally insane.
What are you doing?
These men were all born at 1 1 p.m. on May 16th, 1918.
Take your pick.
So what do you think?
There must be thousands like them in the world!
Excuse me!
l was born at 11 in the morning.
Why didn't you tell me before?
You never said it was at night.
Should've been more precise.
l was born in the morning, too.
Be quiet!
You think this is funny?
l opened up to you cuz l thought you were the one.
Wanna hear the truth?
l always felt ashamed of myself being with you.
You know how hard l tried to look good to you?
See! My clothes! My hairstyle! l changed evemhing!
My birthday being different is that important?
So what if it's not May 16th!
lt's important! To me, it is.
But we still got along well.
lf l knew from the beginning, l wouldn't have liked you.
Though you weren't my type, l gave it a ty.
You're not the man of my dreams, but l thought you were the one.
So l thought l could change, then maybe l'll like you.
But you're not the one, Seung-won.
l may not be the man ofyour destiny...
But you could be the woman... l fall in love with.
lt's over.
Line up l'll pay you.
Ty talking to her again when she comes.
She says we're not meant to be. It's not going to change anything.
You're leaving?
Not right away.
Where are you going?
To Mongolia.
l think l'll be able to break free from this there.
Take care.
You, too.
l'll get that bastard and kill him!
Wait! Stop right there!
l'll never report you! Stop! Stop!
Are you okay?
Call 911!
l'm fine. It's okay.
- You're not hurt? - No.
Don't call 91 1 .
Then l'll kill you!
Why do you keep breaking windows!
Here, let me.
Go on.
l loved this girl named Jae-eun.
She said Jae-eun and l'll break up
and she'll date someone else in a month.
So she found another man?
Yes. Within 28 days.
Then she said Jae-eun will mary him within 2 months.
So did she? In mo months?
- In three months? - In three weeks.
Destiny is something that's formed by being born on a certain day?
She said ifJae-eun gets married,
don't vent the anger somewhere else...
And just break windows at her shop.
Stop cying and drink up.
What a stoy...
l'm so sory.
Why'd you put vinegar on it!
lt tastes better that way, sir.
Some people don't like sour things.
Oh, you don't like sour things?
l'm sory. l didn't know.
What? How'd you get in here?
l paid $50 to open the lock.
You think you can do whatever you want?
Don't wory, l'll pay you!
Get out of my apartment.
Touch me.
You think l'm a joke?
There. Now what?
You bastard.
lt was supposed to be just sex,
but who said you can tame my body?
l can't date other men cuz ofyou!
Take it back!
Take it back!
You're not the only one!
l can't do it on my own anymore.
lt's all your fault.
A happy marriage? True love?
That's for textbooks.
We mary a dream and love our fantasies.
You're bound to wake up from dreams
and fantasies have limitations.
Then why do it?
Cuz it's boring.
What's there in life besides marriage and love?
So don't be so cruel.
lt was real for him.
Shouldn't you say something to him?
You basically fooled around with him, then dumped him.
You beg him to date you, then you drop him cuz his birthday's wrong.
You think this is a joke?
No. But for people who don't believe it could be.
Drink up!
By the way...
Since when did you mo get together?
KANG Ho-joon
Ty it.
Hold on a sec.
What do you mean?
Stop it.
l'd better get going.
l don't believe this.
lsn't it time you stopped acting like you're innocent?
You came to my house. Doesn't that mean you want it, too?
You're such a bastard.
What? Bastard?
You're nothing but a shaman!
You bastard!
That's right, l'm a bastard!
This bastard's going to get you!
Hold on, Mister.
You'll be okay.
l may not be the man ofyour destiny...
But you could be the woman... l fall in love with.
How long you going for?
Not sure.
You sure you're okay?
l'm sory for being so stupid.
You're the only one who made it to Seoul from our town!
You'll find a good job some day.
lt's just not time yet.
You're destined to be a great man.
A man's gotta stand up tall.
Spread your shoulders!
Remember, Dad's always behind ya!
Dad? Give me a hug?
Got any money, Dad?
l'm kinda short on cash.
Why are you so mo-faced!
Fortune-telling is nothing big.
People come cuz they need someone to listen.
l have a feeling you came cuz of a man.
That's right.
l'm an unlucky woman...
My fate is too hard to accept.
lf it's that hard, don't accept it.
But to do that, you have to become stronger.
Believe in love.
There's nothing stronger than that.
A pseudo fortune-teller like me can't charge you any fees.
That's my umbrella.
You need that the most right now.
Yes! Rain like cats and dogs!
The weather report is bringing me good money!
Yes! It worked again!
l'm sory, l'm happy and you're not.
Your father was here.
Seung-won came by?
He says he can't come anymore, and that he loves you a lot.
He says he tried to be rational and follow destiny...
But he's not happy.
Don't come anymore.
Jinxes are all made by people.
You were born with good fortune.
Don't wory and just believe in yourself.
While you doubt and hesitate,
you can lose your chance at happiness.
You don't believe me?
No. l believe.
Thank you! Thank you!
But l don't have to pay you for this right?
Take care.
Please attend the weddíng thís Sunday - LEE Seung-won
Ow, my legs!
Why's it so far?
How can he get married so soon aRer the break up?
You think he was cheating on her?
The bride and groom must die to their lives prior to this moment.
They'll leave their parents and promise to be born anew.
Just as their parents did before them...
they pledge to love each other, have children, and live happily.
Will the bride and groom turn around and face the guests.
Soo-jung! Soo-jung!
Don't do this! This is crazy!
l don't know what love is anymore.
l'll show you.
l'll prove my love is stronger than destiny!
You leR your handkerchief...
lt's not enough l ended up like this?
You want me to die?
- Soo-jung... - Let go of me! l told you!
We can't be together! Just let me go!
Will you mary me?
Thanks to him we were able to love each other even more.
lf it wasn't for Seung-won, we probably wouldn't be here now.
Why didn't he come?
He said he wanted to invite someone,
but she wouldn't want to see him.
He said to give you this instead.
Aren't you relíeved thís ísn't my weddíng?
l'm relíeyed, too, that ít's not my weddíng.
l'm sory, Tae-rang.
for beíng born on that day, and for meetíng you.
And for stíll loyíng you.
Where do we go now?
- Though l'm not sure what destíny ís... - Get out, l'm driving.
And though l'm not wíth you now, l'm sure of one thíng...
My heart already belongs to thee.
Take care, Tae-rang.
Slow down! l feel like throwing up!
Seung-won's phone's not in service.
Slow down! You said he's not the one!
Shut up!
He doesn't even have a real job!
What's wrong with collecting urine?
That's hard to do!
Are you all okay in there?
Get out!
Look what you did!
l'm sory, sir. We were in a rush.
My car! It's totally wrecked!
This damn thing!
l'll pay for evemhing.
You think money will solve evemhing?
Don't let her go.
What are you talking about!
Her husband died a few years ago and she has one child.
Though it took a while, you mo were meant to be together.
She's a really famous fortune-teller.
What happened! What's all this!
- Hey, Miss! - Where's Seung-won?
He just leR for the airport.
A ma'am? What should l do?
Then first, you have to help me.
Why's there so much traffic at this hour?
lt's so hot.
Ah, ma'am?
Forget it. It's all over.
Look! It's a horse!
l came to ask you something!
What is it?
lfyou're with me but you're not my destined man, you'll be cursed.
You'll get hurt!
You'll get hurt too ifyou be with me!
ls that okay with you?
Not being with you will make me even more miserable!
You know l got guts and am always up for adventures!
All l need is you by my side.
Mister! Stop the bus!
Stop the bus!
How can you just leave cuz l tell you to?
Wait! l won't die because l'm with you, right?
l'll protect you.
Rather than waítíng for destíny, turn your man ínto your soulmate.
Curíous about your destín_
Your destíny ís already yours!
Korea Hospítal You're always getting hurt.
lt makes me so mad.
lt's not cuz of destiny! Don't wory!
Are you sure you're okay?
lt's just a crack in the arm.
You're no Superman!
Why'd you go aRer the pickpocket!
Thanks to that, l got to Courageous Citizen's Award.
Let's take a month's vacation on that.
Hello, there.
- Oh, hi! - Hi.
You got lucky. It could've been worse.
l'm fine.
Come back here!
l'll get that. Thank you.
Just sign here, right?
Ah, what time were you born?
What time were you born?
1 1 o'clock at night.
Enough with that destiny crap!
So what? You'll start dating him?
- It was just a question! - You forgot to sign!
Sign, please!
l was dating a man who's much younger.
But this fortune-teller said l should break up with him.
l almost ruined my life! He turned out to be gay.
She's really good. Always gets things right.
And you can even pay with your credit card!
You can save up points, too.
A free session for evey 10,OOO points!
She's amazing!
l gave birth like she said.
Then our montly revenue doubled!
What are you doing aRer this?
Come by. Ms. Lee? Give them my card!
l was so sad. But l broke up like she told me to.
She says l'll meet someone nice and get married in 2010! Yes!
Fortune Salon! l came cuz it's famous,
but made the wrong choice.
Get the wrong reading and you can end up in jail.
How did he know that my bo_riend was cheating?
And they're so good to their customers here.
Not many shops give discounts to celebrities, now.
But they do here!
To stop your man from cheating on you, come get an amulet.
lt really works!
The women drop away like flies.
l'm so happy. Definitely go see them.