The Breakfast Club (8/8) Movie CLIP - Bender Mocks Claire (1985) HD

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l can't believe l'm actually doing this.
[Applause ] Yea!
All right. That's great! Where'd you learn to do that?
Camp. Seventh grade.
[ Slow Clapping ]
That was great, Claire.
My image ofyou is totally blown.
You're a shit. Don't do that to her. You swore to God you wouldn't laugh.
- Am l laughing? - You fuckin' prick!
What doyou care what l think an_ay?
l don't even count, right?
l could disappear forever and it wouldn't make anydifference.
l mayas well not even exist at this school, remember?
And you... don't like me an_ay.
You know, l have just as many feelings as you do...
and it hurtsjust as much when somebody steps all over them.
[ Bender] God, you're so pathetic.
Don'tyou ever, ever compareyourselfto me, okay?
You got eveything, and l got shit.
fuckin' Rapunzel, right?
School would probably shut down ifyou didn't show up.
Queenie isn't here.
l like those earrings, Claire.
Are those real diamonds, Claire?
l bet theyare. Did you work for the money...
Shutyour mouth! for those earrings?
Or did your daddy buy those foryou?
l bet he bought those foryou.
l bet those were a Christmas gift, right?
You know what l got for Christmas this year?
lt was a bannerfuckingyear at the old Benderfamily. l got a carton ofcigarettes.
The old man grabbed me and said, ''Hey, smoke up,Johnny.''
Okay, so go home and cy toyourdaddy. Don't cy here, okay?
[ Claire SniMing ]
My God, are we gonna be like our parents?
Not me.
lt's unavoidable.
ltjust happens.
[ Claire ] What happens?
When you grow up, your heart dies.
- Who cares? - l care.