(eng sub) Summer Singapore Sauna 夏天新加坡桑拿

Uploaded by twinkieCee on 07.06.2012

Hi everyone~
I originally wanted to film this outside
and I tried, but I thought it was awkward when people walked past and
you couldn't hear what I was saying when the wind blew
so I'm back in this empty room
the wall behind me is so ugly.. :(
I'm back in Singapore!
It's already been several weeks haha
My first impression after coming back was...
(of course)
And it's not a dry heat, it's really humid
So the whole day you feel sticky I can't stand it.
25 degrees (Celsius) in New York is already pretty hot for me
because I've gotten used to the weather there
and now that I'm back, it's almost 32 degrees Celsius everyday, it's ridiculous!
If you've seen my earlier videos, you probably know that I sweat easily
I start getting sweaty whilst getting ready to go out
I haven't even set foot out the door and I'm already
I'm sweating now too, it's so grossssss
Coming back from NY to Singapore, suddenly seeing so many Asians is now slightly odd...
And coming home, a place where I've lived for so long
it's weird because it feels familiar but also unfamiliar at the same time because I haven't been here in a while..
Back when I used to live here I went to an international school
and when I had the chance to interact with Singaporeans
it'd be obvious the moment I opened my mouth that I'm not a local
After coming back from NY, I'm even less of "person from around here"
I just feel like such a foreigner
I've realized that while I'm out people like to glare at me...
a very rude look in their eyes
Like really obviously glaring at you...
It makes me so uncomfortable and I don't know why, what did I do wrong?
What?? Why are you glaring at me for if you want to say something say it!!
Maybe sometimes I over think it
but sometimes you can't ignore it
Aren't you being a bit too obvious, miss?
At first I was very not used to living in New York
but now I've adjusted and it's like another home to me.
this makes me even more confused...
Where the heck is 'home'??
Taiwan isn't, I've never actually lived there,
Hong Kong definitely isn't,
Singapore doesn't feel like it anymore,
I only just started living in NY, it can't be either!
No matter what, it's good to be home
Although I'm slowly... slowly dying from the heat
I'm also going to be an intern (pronunciation difficulties lol) for a month in Taipei. yeah.
So if I don't make another video before I leave,
then....see you in Taiwan! :D