GeekBeat.TV - The iPad 2 is HERE!

Uploaded by geekbeattv on 02.03.2011

Apple’s much anticipated iPad2 event, I’m loving my bluetooth headset, google voice
on the desktop and a robotic knee! I’m Cali Lewis. Welcome to GeekBeat.TV!
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Steve Jobs took the stage today to show off the iPad 2!! John P and I were live during
the event but I’m going to break it down for you. It is thinner, lighter, and faster.
It has an A5 chip in it to increase speed, but they didn’t lose battery life - that’s
still 10 hours. It has two cameras now - one in front at VGA quality and one in back
at 5 megapixels. With an adapter that also lets you charge, you get HDMI VIDEO out. iOS
4.3 now includes FaceTime, Photobooth, iMovie and GarageBand, as well as the ability to
serve as a hotspot. iMove and Garageband will cost $5 each, and the iPad itself is staying
the same price, starting at $499. It’ll ship on March 11th. More details at
In keeping with the iPad spirit, I’ve uploaded a new review to YouTube about the ePillow
- it’s a pillow for your iPad that allows you to relax while still typing away or watching
movies. For those of you not aware, extra videos - like reviews of products are being
released only on so make sure you subscribe to our channel for
more gadgety goodness throughout the week! Another one I did is the BlueAnt bluetooth
I’ve shown you
robotic arms before, even ones tied into the central nervous system, but now there’s
finally a motorized prosthetic knee with artificial intelligence. It’s called simply, the Power
Knee. As prosthetic limbs go, this one looks kind of big, but it’s the first one, so
there’s only room for woohooing, not complaining! It actually learns the user’s walking style
and adjusts to move as naturally as possible, and it takes less effort to move every step
than a regular prosthetic knee.
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One of our WebBeat.TV bloggers, Ross LaRocco, wrote about BigPhone, a Mac application available
on the Mac App Store. It’s an app that does only one thing - it brings Google Voice to
the desktop. You can get voicemail and text notifications ON the computer, and even open
up the text messaging window (kind of like chat) and send texts FROM your computer. It’s
still lacking in that you can’t listen directly to messages without opening the browser, and
more importantly you can’t make calls. Hopefully that will come soon. It’s $3.99 for now.
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