137 VL Christian & Oliver - (2011-10-14)

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Can you make it around the corner? - Yep! I'm good.
And putting it down! - Putting it down.
My God!
That was the last one!
Lifting it up?
Lifting it up.
Should we remount it right away?
I'd say so.
Don't we need the ring washers?
Yeah, they're inside...
On the table... I'll go in a moment.
Unbelievable! They really put the keys in this...
Sorry, I... Not important.
What about the keys?
Err, they really just put our keys in this big bag. Unlabeled.
What?! All 42?!
84. Every door has two.
I'll just say: special bargain. - Great.
Oh, Olli? Where did you say the ring washers were?
I'm coming. Andi, hold this for a moment.
No rush, guys!
Olli! I've finished the beverages order. Do you want to look it over?
Thanks. I trust you completely.
Good. Then I'm going to take the day's takings and go shopping.
Forget it.
Didn't you sleep well?
Yes, I did. I slept very well, actually. Better than in a long time; just too short.
Do you have a new thing going?
I think someone wants to order something over there.
Or an old thing? Christian?
We just kept night watch together.
Night watch? Do I have to understand this or is that some kind of in-joke between you two?
Andi's new doors weren't delivered and we'd already trashed the old ones in the courtyard.
And you sat in a draft all night? Bad feng shui.
Something must have happened, considering how happy you are about it!
No, nothing happened.
For the first time in a long time, it was just really nice with him again,
Do you believe you still have a chance, after all?
How should I know?
In any case, if there's still something, for example feelings or something, then it's worth fighting for.
Nobody denies that.
Good. Then go for it.
For what?
Oh, come on. I witnessed earlier what went down between you two in the hallway.
Had I not interrupted, it would've come to smoochy-smoochy.
Denying it is futile, by the way. You're talking to an expert.
Expert on what? Smoochy-smoochy between men?
What?! No! Romantic situations. And that was one.
Yeah, okay! Maybe that... ... night brought something up again.
But who says, Andi... Who says that it wasn't a "shower gel situation"?
"Shower gel situation"?
Here. Olli's break-up guidebook.
Here. He's even marked the page.
Who's telling me that the missing doors aren't a pretense to entice me again?!
It says here...
"By bringing over shower gel that he's accidentally taken with him..." ... Doors?!
"one person is seeking to be close to the partner who's looking for distance." ... That's me.
"Shower gel situations often end with sex, but don't ultimately lead to the continuation of the relationship."
Forget the relationship. You can also have sex without one.
And most of the time, it's even better.
Yep, alright. So, see ya later, Hagen.
And? What did he say?
"The appreciation of a coach increases with the success of his horses."
At least he's honest.
Mhm. And he isn't satisfied with the status of our training.
What's Miss Limping Foot doing here?
Kicking your butt with her orthopedic boot if you call her that again!
What do you say about this: I'll take both of your times today, okay?
And make an effort, because it's not clear yet who'll ride the derby.
Well, the faster one, I'd say. And it's really no secret who that is.
Well, your performance isn't that overwhelming, either.
That's due to this inferior hack!
The only inferior thing here is your ability to adapt to him.
Relax! It's Hagen who will make the final call about who's riding. - Yeah.
And he knows that his stud farm depends on a victory.
That's why he'll make this decision with his... head.
And then it looks pretty bad for you. Tough luck, Bambi!
Such a nice colleague! Makes you really enjoy going to work.
Just be faster than her and you'll relieve Hagen of a decision.
Wow! Is that Dana's new record?
Everybody has a bad day some time.
And then there are people where that's the permanent condition.
Do you actually believe any serious jockey would want to be coached by you when you're showing them those times?
Really impressive! You're downright merging with Dionysos when you're sitting on him.
He becomes just as slow as you!
At least he's not trying to throw me off all the time.
He can't do that when you're sitting on him like a bag of cement.
Girls, that's enough!
We're still one team. And either we'll win the derby together or we'll leave it be...
Or we'll just let Dana start and be done with it!
Can't she just slide into a crevice?
That's not intended for you.
That lousy?
I need to know how Theresa has fared.
I'll probably never get as fast again as before my accident. It's a mental thing.
There are still a few days until the closing of entries.
Hagen will never let me ride this way. I'm out!
Dana, you can't give up now.
Let's just face the truth. Theresa might be a mean little sna...
... nice colleague ...
...but I've probably never had a chance against her.
Yes, you have! But you know what your problem is?!
You don't believe in yourself.
Even if! It doesn't matter now.
I've completely ruined my career with this fall.
Christian Mann?
Yo, here!
Thank you.
Thanks. - Till next time!
"With this, we're sending your saddle back to you.
We can rule out a material defect, without a doubt, as the cause of the fall of your rider.
At the breaking point, one can find clear evidence...
... of a deliberate manipulation."
That bitch!
Dana's saddle got sabotaged. The saddle girth was cut into!
Yeah, and?!
I only know one person who would do something like that. And, most of all, who’d benefit from it.
And? Who? Do you have proof?
I saw you with the saddle shortly before the accident.
I cleaned it.
How far are you willing to go, huh?!
Do you even realize that you would've almost broken Dana's neck?!
But she only has an injured ligament, so cool off!
So you admit it.
I told her from the beginning not to mess with me.
If Hagen learns about this, you'll lose your job; I swear to you!
Hagen needs me! And, by the way, so do you!
Otherwise he can forget about the victory, and the racing team is history; and your career as coach anyway!
Hey! Everything okay with you?
Sure. Right, Christian?
Everything’s fine.
For now!
These shitty new doors! - Hey!
Done with work already? - No, I'm on a break.
But it looks like I'll spend it in the hallway. - Oh.
The bag with the new keys is still on the table. One moment.
Don't you have to be at Helena's trial?
Yes, in a bit. As a witness.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
I... I don't want to pull you into this as well.
If I can do anything for you... We're still married.
It's about Dana's accident.
It wasn't an accident! I've just found out. Theresa cut into the saddle girth!
What?! Christian, you need to file a charge! Does Hagen know about this?!
What's your problem? Is there still something going on between you two?
Olli, that was never anything serious, okay?
It's about the racing team.
We need to win the derby, otherwise we can close shop. But without a jockey...
What about Dana?
She has talent but no experience!
The thing with Hagen and her accident have been a major setback for her. She's completely blocked.
Okay, if you tell Hagen, he'll fire Theresa. And without Theresa, you'll lose the derby.
And you'll lose your job; Dana will lose her job; Hagen the stud farm. - Yeah.
Believe me, I would be the first to kick Theresa off the stud farm! But I can't!
Suggestion: keep your mouth shut for now.
And then? - Well, then you'll try to get Dana fit.
And what if she can't cut it?
Then Theresa will ride and hopefully win.
And I'll bust her afterwards. - Mhm.
But if Dana will make it after all...
...I'll bust her beforehand.
And then Philipp ran onto the street. I called out to him again.
Did he mind the traffic?
No, he didn't. He just ran onto the road.
But he must've realized it was me because he stopped and turned around, and ...
... then the car was suddenly there ...
... and fully caught him.
Philipp was just lying there... in his blood.
Didn't move.
I was completely beside myself, but I still remember that...
... that the car was just sitting there for a while. Nobody got out.
And then it drove away, with screeching tires.
Could you maybe hurry up a bit?!
Sorry, I thought we were done for today.
We've only just begun! - Is something the matter?
Dana, you want to ride the derby and I want you to ride the derby!
But at the moment, you're just second fastest, so we're gonna train!
My ankle... - Is not the problem!
Hagen got you super expensive, special boots for that.
Your problem, Dana, is up here! You don't believe in yourself anymore.
Wait a minute...! - Winning starts in your head!
And that's why I'm actually wasting my time here.
Hello?! What do you think you're doing?!
Dana, go home! Put your feet up!
I believe in myself!
You do?
Then get up on the horse and finally show me what you can do!