Moving On - Ep: 50

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 27.09.2012

Lizzie: So! Allow me to sum up recent events.
Charlotte left town to take a job with Ricky Collins,
then Wickham came to town,
then Bing, Caroline and Darcy left town,
then Wickham and Jane left town, although not together.
And so here I am
still in town,
still don't have a job, still living with my parents.
My name is Lizzie Bennet, and why is everyone moving on but me?
Lizzie: So I guess it's nice to have a break from the emotional turmoil of the last month or so.
Lydia: It is okay, Lizzie. I have spent my entire life preparing for this moment.
I know Jane is your go-to sister, but heartbreak and recovery is my specialty.
Plus I am way better at plotting revenge than her.
Lizzie: Revenge?
Why do I need to plot revenge?
Lydia: What are you, 40? This has been on Twitter for the last ten minutes.
Lizzie: Oh. George made it to Meryton.
Lydia: What? Look. At. His. Tweets.
Lizzie: Makin a splash in Meryton. Hangin with the Meryton Marines.
Feelin very welcome at the side of the pool.
He lost his ability to use a G at the end of a present participle?
Lydia: He is clearly in Meryton with other girls! Swimmer girls!
Lizzie: And?
Lydia: And you’re okay with that?
Lizzie: The difference, dear sister, with George leaving town and Bing leaving town
is that George and I were never exclusive, we were just dating.
Lydia: Casual?
Lizzie Bennet does not do casual.
Lizzie: Yeah, okay, I liked him but, um
he kept disappearing at odd times.
A girl can take a hint.
I mean come on, he started flirting with you in my bedroom when I left you alone for two seconds.
I don’t think George knows the meaning of the word serious.
Lydia: Wait, you don’t…?
You weren’t…?
How do you…?
Lizzie: I edit my own videos now, remember? That involves watching them.
Lydia: Gotta go!
Lizzie: Mmm.
Oh, Lydia. It was really sweet of her to come try to cheer me up.
We do not tap the strategic chocolate reserve in this household lightly.
I think I honestly am fine about the whole George thing, though. I’m not just saying that for the camera.
There's no weeping in these little jump cuts.
None of that. Is that weird?
Should I be more bothered by a guy I was dating talking about partying with other girls on Twitter?
Stlll cool.
Hey, Charlotte.
Oh, you saw. Yeah, um…
No, Jane’s okay.
I mean, she’s not okay, but, um,
she’ll be down there soon enough.
Oh, she’s—she’s staying with our aunt.
Yeah. Um...
I know.
Me, too.
Um, hang on a second.
Okay, Universe, I can take a hint.
Hey Lydia, are you lurking out there?
Lydia: I do not lurk.
Lizzie: You do so!
Lydia: My room is right across the hall. Your voice carries.
Lizzie: Whatever. Want to go to the music festival with me?
Lydia: Why?
Lizzie: Can’t I do something nice for my baby sister?
Besides, I’m leaving town.
Lydia: You’re leaving too?
Lizzie: Just for a little while.
Lydia: Where are you going?
Meryton by any chance?
Lizzie: No. Charlotte invited me to go visit her before school starts, and I’m going to go do it.
Lydia: But I thought you were mad at Charlotte?
Lizzie: Well maybe it's time for me move on.
Lydia: While you’re gone can I run your video blogs?
Lizzie: Make your own videos!
Lydia: I just might!
Lizzie: Just like old times.
See you soon, Charlotte.