Hello World - C# Windows Form Application - Visual Studio 2010

Uploaded by ImTheBestJack on 21.11.2011

This video is going to show you how to create a simple Hello World application in C# using Visual Studio 2010
Once Visual Studio is open goto New Project
Choose Visual C# and Windows Form Application
You can use the section below to name the Application "Hello World"
and also choose the location of where the project is going to be saved, click OK to create the project.
Project already exists as this location as I have created one before.
The application is now being created, once complete you will be presented with a blank form.
Now double click someone in the form to open up Code View
This will take us the the "Form_Load" function, which is run when the form is opened.
In here we want to create a MessageBox so we type "MessageBox.Show ("Hello World");"
If there are any errors within the code they will be shown in the 'Error List' at the bottom of the screen.
Then click the play button at the top of the screen (F5) to complie and run the application
As you can see a message box displaying 'Hello World" shows.