Colour French Acrylic Nail with Painted Daisies Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

Uploaded by naiouk on 18.02.2012

We're going to do a basic colour French with some daisies on top this one.
I'm going to do a little bit of cover pink just to hide the client's natural smile line.
Then I'm using an orange to make the smile line.
Then a peachy-pink glitter right on the free edge.
Then we're going to cap this whole nail in pink acrylic.
Wait for that nail to set a little bit then pinch it.
Place your pinching tool on and leave it there for a few minutes,
take your pinching tool off and then this nail's ready to file. 
Smooth the nail down with your white block
and then this nail is ready for some one-stroke daisies.
So, I'm going into my white and a little bit into my yellow,
blending it on my skin,
keeping your brush nice and upright,
just place the brush down.
Go on to your detailer,
just put some little, yellow dots in the middle.
Wait for that paint to dry and this nail's ready for a gel top coat.
Get your client to pop her finger into the lamp for two minutes.
Just a little bit of cuticle oil to finish this nail off
and thats that nail done.