La Yekthar Show: Episode 6 برنامج لا يكثر: الحلقة السادسة

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Hello! Saudi Airlines?
Hi, I'm Fahad Albutairi. Recognize the name?
No? Ok.
I want to book a flight to Riyadh to shoot an episode for La Yekthar.
Oh. How about Thursday?
How about Friday?
Eat hay? [i.e. "Shut the **** up"]
Hello! So...
Still no seats available?
Fahad Albutairi
Those on Facebook, do you know Farmville?
It's this game, where you build a farm and raise animals and stuff.
And we, of course, have lots of "sheep," so we're experts at this game. [Sheep: A guy whose goal in life is to chase girls.]
In the UK, they have real-life Farmville.
You go and get a farm and grow this and that.
I recommend Saudi Airlines invest their 5 billion riyals of "other expenses"
in one of these UK farms.
It'll bring down the cost of "tebin" (hay).
Assalamu Alaikum.
Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatu Allah...
Hey, hey, that's mine! What are you doing?
My booking is waitlisted.
Oh ok.
Here, this is better.
Speaking of the UK...
They just recently had the Royal Wedding of "William and Kate."
On Friday, no "Blessed Friday" text message, people missing prayer.
For what?
Do you take her? "I do." Do you take him? "Are you kidding? Hell yeah!"
Problem is...
Every girl watching this wedding now wants one just like it.
"I want a wedding like that," "William is really cute,"
"What's his brother's name?"
His name is "in your dreams."
This wedding opened doors that were once closed.
Now every bride-to-be wants to ride with her dad in a Bentley.
With panoramic roof.
I can barely afford a rented Lexus.
You know what? One little girl agrees with me.
No, not this one.
The other one.
You mean to tell me...
That all of those who watched understood what they said?
Now the Royal Wedding was in the UK and in English.
And the percentage of female students who failed English
at the University of you-know-who
is 70-80%? How did you get everything?
Not to mention the "protests."
No, no, I know. You guys were too busy learning Korean.
For those who don't know...
Girls over here are currently crazy about K-Pop.
Teenage girls are especially crazy about them.
And they obsessively post their news everywhere.
What about the Saudi football player in South Korea
Naji Majrashi
We haven't heard anything about him...
Is he alive? Is he dead? Is he eating hay?
No one knows.
But you know what, the guy did us all a favor...
He spread out culture there.
What really breaks my heart is the other Saudi guy...
They deported him to Nigeria "by mistake."
Poor guy is suffering from a health problem
And he can't talk.
Anyway, they couldn't figure out his story...
so they threw him in jail for 10 days.
His family looked all over for him and finally found him in Nigeria.
And I would like to take this opportunity
To demand an official statement and an official apology...
Guys Behind the Camera
Ali Kalthami Alaa Yoosef
Scribbles by
Ibraheem Alkhairallah Fahad Albutairi
Collection of Stories by
Mazroua Al-Mazroua Heba Albutairi
Special Thanks to
Mohammed Al-Dokhey Husam Al-Sayed Todd Nims
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