Vete a la Versh - Vete a la versh: Episodio 7 - Zumbido Asesino

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 29.06.2009

Killer Nudge
What are you doing? Chatting?
Watching porn?
Are you chatting and watching porn?
Are you watching porn while cha...
Are you, are you, are you...
are you chatting?
Yes, get away from me.
Oh I see, I see...
It's fine.
Fucking murderer.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Oh I see, fucking great huh?
Did you know that statistically
everytime you "nudge" someone
a Chinese guy dies?
Do you mind stop talking bullshit?
Lick my dick!
I knew this day would come!
I knew it was not a legend!
Damn you "Emessen Messengar"!
Damn you...
and your users!