Assorted gems, 35회 EP35 #02

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Cover the pan, or the oil spatters.
I’m not gonna have rice. I’ll eat salmon and veges only.
You don’t gain weight easily.
Even so, I’d like to eat graciously this morning.
Healthy women who eat well are more attractive than...
...those who just appear gracious.
Goodsoon. Wake up.
Wake up!
Do we have snow?
When did Amber come?
While you’re sleeping. Around 1a.m.
That’s very cute.
Pretty, huh?
Is she still sleeping?
In the bathroom. Why?
You know what?
Coral and Gangji moved to Gangji’s parents’ house.
Then there are two rooms available now.
All right!
To pack my stuff.
We can’t just push in, ok? We’re kicked out.
They won’t slam the door in our face.
Make haste slowly. Let’s move their hearts first.
By building up some credits?
You’re right. That’ll be better.
You can go and do house chores whenever you leave work early.
And you can babysit Prince. Just do whatever you can do.
I can’t live with my Mom any longer.
Same here. I feel hungry all the time cuz of vege dishes.
This is a really good chance we can’t miss.
Don’t worry. I’m not what I used to be.
We can’t live like Orpheus and Eurydice.
Sometimes I just cannot sleep.
Feel lonely without me?
Good morning. I thought you were taking a bath.
What are you whispering about?
Well, it’s about Gangji’s father. He was taken to ER yesterday.
Is he in a critical condition?
How is it?
Just looks like a dot.
Now I realize more that I’m gonna be a father.
I made you distracted from your study.
I’m sorry… in many ways.
Don’t say like that. Just take it easy.
Negative thoughts invite negative things.
That’s not good for prenatal education.
By the way, how should we name the baby?
Good morning.
So cold.
We still have enough.
It’s frozen salmon. Thaw one pack for a meal and fry it in a pan. It’s good for you.
How good?
It prevents dementia and purifies blood. I would have it everyday were it not expensive.
Bring it back and you guys eat.
There are plenty.
Prevents dementia? I need to eat it then.
You’re too healthy to worry about it.
Don’t’ worry. I’ll leave it here. Are you going to spa?
Yes. See you later.
Take care.
How’s Jade these days? Does she sleep well?
Yeah, I think so.
It’s just my presumption but, don’t you think Woobin is interested in Jade?
When he stopped by the other day, he was overly nice to me.
Not like treating his acquaintance’s mother but more than that. I could feel it.
So I thought maybe he’s interested in Jade, but I denied my thought.
But I was convinced when I heard he sent her a huge Christmas present.
Actually, I got that impression too.
He didn’t have to send her those expensive Champaign and salmon besides a cake, right?
You think so too, huh?
And Jade looks happy these days.
Then try to find out what’s in her mind.
But I don’t think she likes an actor.
It’s Woobin, not a mere actor.
Well… it’s possible that love blossomed between the two over this drama.
Yes! She once fell in love with Jedoug while working with him.
Woobin is number one celebrity and he is far better than the penniless guy, right?
Has he called her ever since?
They’re totally finished.
How much do you guess his advertising revenue is?
Must be tremendous.
If only Jade marries Woobin, she’ll have the world before her.
An actor and a drama writer. Aren’t they the perfect match?
Keep an eye on her, ok?
Sorry I didn’t prepare a present for you.
I’ve already received a lot from you.
Let’s study hard until 3 and then go to the movies.


< Are you there?>
Yes. My phone has a poor reception here.
I’ll call you later.
Ok, bye.

Mom, I want steak.

Did I wake you up?
No, I woke up a while ago, feeling relaxed.
You didn’t have to send me the huge present.
It was Christmas Eve.
Somebody works on Christmas Eve.
The camera director told me yesterday he had a good feeling about our drama.
Well. I’d rather not be too anxious.
Are you busy tonight?
Well… I’m free.
Let’s dine out together.
Ok, bye.
Did he ask you out?
Yes. Invited me to dinner.

It’s so cold. How’s Prince?
He just fell asleep.
I see.
What’s the bag for?
This? Your mom asked me to do grocery shopping.
You guys need anything? I’ll do shopping for you.
There are a lot to shop.
Then give me a list. And a bag.
But you don’t know what is good.
I do. I have an eye for grocery. You’ll see.
Also, I’m too clever to buy things at a rip-off price.
Just give me a list.
By the way…
Did you finish the Champaign Woobin sent you yesterday�