Homemade Pizza Making Tools from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Uploaded by kalamazoogourmet on 04.05.2011

>> Speaker: This is the artisan fire pizza oven
and today I'm going to show you some of the great tools we offer for using with it
while cooking a neapolitan style margarita pizza.
The first important tool to have is a brass, push broom style cleaning brush
this is great for taking care of your ceramic cooking deck
you just brush any burnt debris down into the slot at the opening here,
there's a clean-out pan right underneath. There's also a stainless steel scraper on
the back that's good for getting rid of any stubborn
baked on debris. The second tool, and the most important tool
of all is the perforated pizza peel.
You assemble the pizza, slide it onto here, and use this to transfer into the oven.
It's made out of aluminum to keep it light. And the perforated nature of it allows the
flower to drop through and allows the pizza to slide more evenly.
The third took we're going to use today is the long handled peel.
It's got a nice sliding arm, which is great for
checking the bottom of your dough and rotating the pizza
which we'll get to in just a little bit. For those of you who are not familiar with
the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, this is a gas fired unit.
It has two burners in it, the large open flame at the back is controlled by this knob here,
and the burner underneath the cooking deck is controlled by this knob here.
The great thing is that allows you to balance the cooking temperate top and bottom,
to your liking for your style of pizza. For neapolitan style pizza like we're doing
today we want a very intense heat, so I have the back burner on high,
however I've got the bottom burner on low because I don't want an overly crispy crust
on this pizza, I want it to be chewy and bready.
We're after a very quick cooking time of about three minutes on this pizza,
and there's nothing on here but some ground up san marzano tomatoes, little salt,
and some fresh water buffaloes mozzarella. Water buffaloes mozzarella is a little creamier
than cow's milk mozzarella, and it melts a little better too.
Here we see, we just rotate the pizza, the oven is a more intense heat at the back.
What we want to do is get our toppings melted through
and blister the crust around the perimeter. As you see the crust is rising into bubbles,
we want the top of each of those bubbles ideally, to get rather dark,
to caramelize the little bit of sugars that are in the dough.
Our cheese has already melted through, and the color of our crust is coming along
nicely. In fact it's coming nicely enough that I'm
going to use another great tool, and that is a perforated aluminum pizza screen.
And I'm just going to slide this underneath the pizza,
to slow down the cooking from underneath. We're able to conduct a lot of heat with this
ceramic cooking deck, so having this pizza screen is very handy.
And it's not cheating. You'll see some of the top neapolitan style
pizza chefs using it in their wood burning ovens as well.
The nice thing about the ceramic cooking deck is that it's actually a hollow core material.
So as you find you need to adjust from pizza to pizza
you can adjust the temperature. For example on this one,
I could even turn it off before the next pizza and that ceramic deck is going to response
to the temperature change within about five minutes.
It responds very quickly for heating up as well,
if I wanted to cook this pizza more quickly I could crank it up higher
and get a good response out of it. We're going to just keep rotating the pizza
to get it nicely colored all the way around again working the hottest part of the fire.
Keep it centered on the screen there.
Alright looks like we've got about 30 seconds to go.
One more little spin here, then we'll pull it out and add some nice fresh
basil to the top.
So the brass cleaning brush, the large assembly spatula or peel for sliding it in,
and the small peel that I'm using here for rotating
are really great to have with this oven. Some of these tools are hard to find so we've
brought them together for you. There you can see the blistered crust we're
looking for, nicely melted cheese,
luscious fresh tomatoes, real bright flavor. A little basil on top,
and we're ready to enjoy our pizza.