"Hotspot" - The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter - Episode 8

Uploaded by machinima on 15.10.2012

Welcome back to the Battle Zone.
We're playing a tricky new multi-player mode today called Hot Spot.
The two lunatics under the streetlight over there
Syndicate, SlyFox
are gonna be judging along with myself, based on speed and efficiency.
Watching the gameplay, right guys?
Welcome back to the Battle Zone, gentlemen.
You survived your fourth live fire challenge, UAV shooting spree.
Spike, how did you even fire an A-70 one time?
Let's take a look and see how it went down here.
He gave you that one, boy.
Go. Yeah!
Yes! One-shot kill right there.
All right, now I understand.
I apologize for doubting you and your teammate. Good work.
We're gonna look at the results right now.
Man... Yeah, that's right, what's up?
All I'm hearing is crying. You guys all know what this means.
Red Team gets five minutes in the AND War Room.
Talking strategy, hands on the game early, and they get to see all you guys play first.
You guys ready?
All right, let's do this.
Judging criteria based on communication, game mastery, and completion time.
You ready for your Hot Spot Battle Zone?
So weird how they always do the keyboard.
I'm not a keyboard guy or a mouse guy.
Until we get back to the consoles, I'm not gonna be comfortable.
Someone's been camping right there.
Ok, expert killer, gang member.
You're getting shot from behind.
Got it right there, dude.
They're all over. They're all over.
I know a lot of people are watching right now, and they're like, man, these guys are really getting killed.
But it's not over until it's over.
Shoot that guy.
No no, scope in. Scope in. Scope in.
Yeah, if you're getting shot, just try to move back.
I saw him, that was my fault. Yeah, I saw him.
Why is he not using his sight? It's just a click away.
You're joking. So if he goes to right click, he'll zoom in?
I don't know, this technology is off the walls.
That's impossible.
How do we Arm Bomb, dude?
Hold E, Hold E, Hold E.
E? E.
E? Yeah.
It said hold E.
I can't... You gotta, like, say that louder, dude.
Louder? Yeah.
Nice try, you guys.
So, what did you find good about that? Nothing!
You know what they say, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.
So judges, what was your verdict?
All right, H3cz, Steven
Rush to the objective and plant bomb. Plant bomb.
Like, I didn't even know how to plant the bomb.
Now take cover, aim down sights, remember that.
Switch to your gun. Switch to your gun. Nice, nice, nice.
Nice, Steven. Way to swap the guns.
That's two kills, baby.
Gameplay already, he just dominated.
Switch over to the grenade launcher.
Grenade launch.
He's been using everything.
That would be flash points.
H3cz knew what he was doing.
You did good, man. You did @#% real good.
To continue to win, we gotta take it one challenge at a time.
All right, here we go.
All right, we're gonna be going with this Canadian JTF2 class right here.
Go in straight for this bomb, and we want to get this planted.
No, all right, we're probably defending. Your back is to the enemies.
Oh, nice job, nice job! Keep shooting! Nice job. Good kill.
He's such a @#% motivational speaker.
Oh, nice job with the crouch. Nice job with the crouch.
He is telling me step by step what I need to do to become a better player.
Oh, nice job! Good kill. +300. Good stuff. Hey, really nice kill.
Switching from a controller now to a mouse, you know, I'm killing guys.
Yeah, that's a perfect spot, perfect spot.
Nice grenade, nice use of grenade.
That's a good choice of weapon, actually.
Nice job.
All right, all right. Hey. Listen, nice shot. That's fine, that's fine. Really nice job, all right?
We are in a really good spot to still take home the win.
They should not count us out, and I know they're not counting us out.
Red Team, let's get you a little closer to that $50k. AMD War Room, let's do it.
All right, Fireteam Red, welcome to your inaugural visit to the AMD War Room.
You're gonna be playing on this beast
Cased in this nice little ammo box that Corsair gave us, but focus on this.
Five minutes, get it done.
Let's start off by picking the heavy armor class.
What we gotta work on is our mouse movement.
It's a little jerky.
Yeah so, just, what you've been doing is going like this.
You wanna move it back, left, right, very slowly.
And you can easily be able to control of where you're aiming.
Ok, I get the mouse, but I don't understand all these damn buttons. It's too confusing.
W's gonna be forward, S to go back. A left, D right.
What about reload and grenade and all that stuff?
Yeah, so, like, think of it like the first letter of the word.
So R would be to Reload, G for Grenade.
And then 1 and 2 is gonna switch your weapons from primary to secondary.
Shift will be Sprint. And then Control will be crouch and prone.
If we can get that down, I think we have a pretty good shot at being in the top two.
Let's see if that AMD War Room gets you closer to that $50k. Are you ready?
Just like we worked on, slow steady movements with the mouse.
Go to this bomb right here. Right here. Hold E. Hold E.
All right, we're good. Now back off.
No, you didn't hold it down. Hold it, hold it, hold it.
You said back off, dude.
It's coming up behind you. You gotta wait till he really plants it.
You told me to back off.
When you hold it and he actually is done planting it, these bars come across, they say "Planting."
I kinda directed him to move away from the bomb.
He listened to what I had to say on that one, and he let go of the button, and it cost us the bomb.
These guys are on your left, so you gotta really run.
I can't hear anything, dude. I can't hear you talk.
Ok, there we go. Now you can.
Well, that just got awkward.
That got super awkward super quick.
You're gonna aim down the sight. He's coming right at you, he's coming right at you.
Aim, aim, aim. Try aiming.
No, that's your teammate, that's your teammate. Turn around.
Oh, how is your communication doing, Sly, is it doing great?
I don't know what the @#% I'm shooting.
He gets frustrated really easily.
Gameplay wise, they actually hit the bomb site three times.
Whereas Green, they didn't even get to touch it once.
They're dead, but they could have blown it.
I think if we just keep trying our asses off, that we could eventually take the throne.
Yeah, don't count us out. We could be from worst to first.
It's going to get worse.
Let's talk communication. Blue Team, utter annihilation.
I think H3cz is doing a good job by watching the mini map.
Red Team. It was a miscommunication with the bomb planting.
He backed off the bomb too early. And he got angry.
I thought John was gonna eat Spike.
Game mastery. Syndicate, what do you got?
As you can probably see, I wrote a lot for Blue. The first team to use grenade launcher.
Uh, n00b tubing a helicopter. Oh my god!
Yellow had a hard time on this one. This just sort of speaks to the advantage of playing later.
Green Team. They know how to play the multi-player.
You know, he ran straight to the bomb point because he knew where it was.
He clearly learned from being over here. Where to go, what to do.
So, I think we've got our scores, yeah?
All right, good job on today's Battle Zone, gentlemen.
Hot Spot was a little bit trickier game type.
I think you guys fielded it pretty well, though.
Let's see how you guys did.
Congratulations, Blue Team. You continue to stretch your lead.
Let's see what tale the overall score tells, though.
Wow. Blue, you have a sizable lead on the rest of the field right here. Congratulations.
Red, Yellow, even Green: You guys are not out of the running.
We got a few tricks up our sleeve here on The Controller.
Blue, don't get to comfy. You haven't won that $50k just yet.
We'll see you next time. Until then, Fireteams, you're dismissed.
Next time, on The Controller
Our shooter is blindfolded.
I almost kicked him in the face.
All right, let me take this. You did it again, Tommy. You have @#% up again.