Caxorros das Curtas - Sobrevivência (Man vs Wild)

Uploaded by CaxorrosCurtas on 25.01.2012

In this Man vs Wild episode, I'm going to the most remote island of the planet,
Madeira. A paradise island, where has the Laurisilva
It has a variety types of plants and a pleasent weather
They sent me to the center of the forest to survive
and face life or death situations
hunting dangereous animals and find my way to populated area.
Here I am, lost
and I have no idea where I am
Now I have to find my way to populated area
My instincts says to go this way, if I go this way
I'm sure I'm going to find... right, this way is the fastest way.
But Pires, isn't this the fastest way?
No, no, I'm pretty sure this is the correct path.
You're the boss.
This way, no need to look back, Straight ahead.
Let's go boys! Be carefull.
When walking in this type of vegetation, I must watch out where to put my feet,
or I get crap in my shoes.
There are animals in this area, I dont know if its carnivores or herbivores
It could be lions, bears. Damn, they didn't told me what kind lives here.
Damn it.
You guys must be carefull
Watch out you 2.
I think its coming in my direction
They're looking this way, but I think they dont see me yet.
They dont see us I mean.
How do you know that there is no bulls here?
Looks like they're mad.
These beats have cool earrings
Let's go, for safety.
Cows, are a peacefull animal, but in greater numbers, they can be violent
I have decided to run, starve, and find food someplace else
looks like were safe.
we got safe from the beasts.
Its almost dark, I need to find some food.... f*ck!
I need to find some food based on proteins and vitamins. Lets go.
Hey guys, over here.
These worms are full with calories
and proteins. A nice delicacy.
Taste like dirt.
I have to pick some to take
Taste bad.
But this is survival
Quiet, I see my snack over there. Its gonna be my second meal of the day
I must be carefull, this living creature is... very, very, very dangerous.
They are chips, and its a crawling herbivore that runs when sees danger
I must take it easy... and kill it.
To eat
Lets go.
Cut the entrails.
Very good.
Very good indeed.
What was missing here was a bottle of water that I am already dying of thirst
The secret about survival, is to climb to the most highest place.
I'm going to climb that hill, and try to see where to go next
To find some signals of population, something like houses... ahhh.
I'm ok, thanks for asking.
Of course you are ok.
Well, we reached an inpasse
has a cliff that keeps us going
I'm going to climb down this way, to reach my destiny
We've reached the top, the view is amazing
Few places on Madeira that has this kind of view.
I'm bleeding, but it was worth it
Now I'm going to see witch way to go
My next move can lead me to population, or to survival.
I see something there, lets go boys.
Yes mom, no, I'm not doing Man vs Wild.
No, I'm doing a BQ with my friends
Dont worry, I'm not doing adventures.
I have to work too!
It cant be like that.
Yes mom, yes...
I'm telling you, damn woman
ok, kisses, bye.
Are you 2 filming me? This is not to put on.
You got powned
Are you hearing that? Looks like a car. Lets go!
We made it! Just believe in me.
I told we reach population... This is the place I told you before...
What place? The beggining...
Dont you remember? Cya Later.
You think? Weird...
You dont know what you say.
I remember the first time you have fallen
Are you saying this is the place that i have fallen?
yes!!! We film that house over there!