Classroom Interpreter

Uploaded by artate09 on 02.10.2011

Hello I will be your sign language interpreter for the semester
as I'm sure you already know you have a deaf student in your class.
Nice to meet you!
I am so glad that there are people like you to help out the hearing impaired!
We actually prefer the term Deaf.
Why would anyone want to be called death?
I don't like that word.
i will continue to call them hearing-impaired no matter how many
times you correct me.
It looks like you have assigned seats.
The deaf student needs to sit up front so that they have a clear view of the board
and myself.
If I put the death student upfront
then it will be distracting to the other students.
I was planning on him sitting back here so as to not interrupt my teaching.
The other students might be distracted the first day if they have never had an
interpreter in their classes before, but I assure you
they will get used to it and eventually forget I am even here.
All right,
but how will you hand out paperwork and assist the other students if you
are sitting up front?
i am here for the purpose of interpreting for the deaf student.
If i were to pass out papers and assist other students the deaf student might
miss out on important information
i guess i will have to live with that
it's okay
i don't really teach
all my lessons are a fifty minute long videos and the students are to take notes
while they watch the video
this will provide all the information they need for the test.
Again, you had mentioned that you have read the students accommodations so i assume these
videos are captioned?
Why would they need to be captioned?
I thought that's what you are for?
The student cannot watch me
and look at the video at the same time
if all the notes are from the videos then i'd appreciate your help by either
providing the student with notes or selecting another student in the class to take
notes for the deaf student
as it is almost impossible for a deaf person to watch a movie and take notes
at the same time
So you are telling me that you want to stand in front of the class
distract my students with your hand language and provide notes and captions to
my videos,
what will you and the deaf student to be doing this whole time?
with all due respect.
While you lecture i will be actively listening to the lecture, understanding
what I here, breaking it down into parts, finding the main idea/important details
then I will convert it into a totally different language, restructure the
message so it makes sense in the new language, put it out in sign language, and
then monitor what I'm saying to make sure it is making sense
all while keeping the integrity of the original message and continuing to listen
to your lecture as this process repeats over and over again.
Oh. Do you know braille?