City West campus mural by UniSA Art students - University of South Australia

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 08.06.2010


My name's James Dodd and I'm standing here today
in front of this large mural that you can see
and this is the result of a two week intensive summer school
held at UniSA with the School of Art, Architecture and Design.
The process has been a lot about
learning to use new mediums such as
aerosol and also using particularly the stencil medium
and we've talked a little about working at scale
and how we can best manage that.
This is the first time that the Art in Public course
has been run in this format
and artists, participants, students
were invited to enrol and it's an open source class
so anyone can enrol in this case
but there was just a limited class size
so we were limited to around the 23 to 25 mark
and everyone did come with a great deal of enthusiasm
which really helped and during the two week period
everyone put in 100 percent and
as you can see the result here is fantastic.
My first idea was that we should make a
forest or a garden here at City West because
I think we could do with more sort of greenery
and more of an organic feeling around here
so we started with that as our base idea
you can see obvious things like flowers and trees
but for me it was really important to encourage people to
have lots of fun, so you can see some of the trees
here become characters with
arms that are made of wood and then someone else has a little
character that might be a bird here and
the bird's dropping bombs on a little city scene down here
and so all throughout the design process
it's my role to encourage people to
look at each other's ideas and see ways in which they can colaborate
so many of the images that you see here are
created by one or two people, some of them
required three or four people to actually put it on the wall
and then many of the other images that are here have
come about from two or three different ideas from other people.
This project was a huge success. Everyone that was involved
I think had a great time as well as learnt a great deal
and the feedback that we've been receiving from the mural
has been fantastic and so we already
have enough support from the university to run another
course the same in 2011 and notification of that
will come out around October of 2010.